Step-by-step in the direction of the family

the get to know The home still in the distance When Jane and Lars, 2011, at the gun club, first and foremost there is a Platonic connection – a friendship. C

Step-by-step in the direction of the family
the get to know The home still in the distance

When Jane and Lars, 2011, at the gun club, first and foremost there is a Platonic connection – a friendship. Club life offers many opportunities and excursions to get to know better. "So we got us then, but at some point," says Janina. That this meeting is the beginning of a relationship that could lead to wedding and house, this is something that the young Couple applies, at the time, no thoughts. Then a few years go by and suddenly a common future opens up in front of the two is there. The marriage creates the final binding and as a Team, the two Ur-Bremen harmonize magnificently. So why not a common house think?

So Janina and Lars step-by-step in the direction of the future car. Their common values-the Basis is the desire for a family and a new home, coupled with a growing idea of sustainability in all areas of your life. A concrete offer is what makes the step so tempting, that there is no going Back: Janina and Lars a plot of land to find only 15 minutes from their old apartment, so idylllisch located that they can exchange the amenities of the big city for the peace and freedom of a home on the Land.

Out of town – purely in the Idyll Interhyp

in 2019, the two move into your house – a Nordic anumutendes own home, in the style of a captain's house built. Verklinkert, with two 150-year-old oak trees in front of the front door and look in the direction of the horse paddock. Directly opposite the orstansässige Tractor-Club meets for the screws and celebrate. "Here we no longer hear the planes, but are now being awakened by the rooster", it brings Janina to the point. The need for proximity to nature and an environmentally conscious lifestyle had grown in the two in the past few years. The move from the city to the country means for Janina and Lars now have the Chance to make basic decisions for a lifestyle that allows you the autonomy you want.

But the shift is noticeable and not quite simply: In the first few weeks makes the two especially the peace and quiet to create. "At night, to Wake up without sound backdrop – that was strange," says Janina. But it is precisely this nature around the house, this silence emanates, is now one of the Top arguments for the position. After a short familiarization, the two sleep now better than ever before. "It's a dream to be here in the morning, rabbits and deer." Nature draws close anyway due to the whole living concept, created Janina and Lars here. An air heat pump ensures the right temperature in the house, a water reservoir in the ground that collects rain water for recycling, and the photovoltaic system on the roof already in the planning stage. Hobbyists Lars has developed in the past years, experts in the field of energy efficiency and has audible fun on the way to the almost self-sufficient household.

A house in which the children sustained life Interhyp

"We can see all of our Planet and our society – because I want to lay like the Foundation for a house, in which my children can live," he says. The investment in modern energy technology were the two from the beginning is mandatory. "Better to have useful build and then best for a lifetime to be well placed" - that is, the route of the two builders.

not by the sounds that the two are planning to live in the house the two of us. The children's rooms are already taken mind and serve as a moving box warehouse places. "We wanted to concentrate fully on the project in-house," says Lars with a laugh. "If this is done, we can focus on the next project." The two want to enjoy both home construction as well as for young people, planning and enjoy. If the garden and terrace are created, is at least completed part one successfully. Then the two look – in a good way – again in the future. Step-by-step. So you have made it from the start.

Date Of Update: 30 July 2020, 06:26