Depending on the relationship length: How much Sex is normal, say scientists

Each Pair of quite a while together, know this: unlike at the beginning of the relationship you no longer have to offer to every opportunity to have Sex. The De

Depending on the relationship length: How much Sex is normal, say scientists

Each Pair of quite a while together, know this: unlike at the beginning of the relationship you no longer have to offer to every opportunity to have Sex. The Desire for the Partner leaves, the proverbial butterflies are gone.

many of the nagging questions creep in then: Is it normal that I feel attracted to him/her? It's other couples too? He/she loves me at all? How much Sex is normal? Science provides some answers, which summarized the U.S. Portal Business Insider. You are: Yes, Yes, probably, and it depends on the duration of the relationship.

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The the normal Sex-over the course of a relationship:

Sex: at the beginning of the relationship

it is Clear, everyone knows the time in which one is newly in love. Since you still have butterflies in my stomach and can barely keep their hands off each other. In the professional world has established itself for this period, the English term "Limerence", which can be "fierce love" is translated. This period is usually 18 to 24 months and will not be enhanced if the partners are still living together.

Because each encounter is new and exciting. How often couples in this Phase to have Sex, of course, depends on your life circumstances, but daily Schaefer hour is quite normal. Interesting finding of the research: How often couples in this initial phase, to have Sex, says nothing about how it goes later on.

Sex: In an established relationship

According to the above-described Phase, the Craving can be. This is scientifically proven and nothing about the love that two partners feel about each other from said first of all. It becomes problematic only when with a Partner, the sexual Desire is greater than in the other. Then the emotions build up, for a relationship to be harmful can.

Various studies have shown that couples in this period, usually between once per week to six times per month, Sex. And in this area, the couples were as happy and stable. Small shifts up or down have no influence on the satisfaction in the relationship - only if you bring the bed to a significantly less than once per week, to Wobble, it is critical. Because then at least one of the two is mostly dissatisfied (which you can recognize that your Partner's cheating on you, read here).

Sex: Married with children

Every married man knows that it is no longer so easy to let it rip, once children are in the house. Not claim much attention, the spouses for each other have so much time. The question, "how Much Sex is now normal?", in this Phase, the most frequently.

Here it is according to a investigation, it is important that the spouse of your Situation and are aware of and clear about to speak, when, and how you find the time for caresses. The more open the communication about to take place, the happier the couples are. If both of them have only gotten used to the new routines, then 45 percent of the surveyed couples have a once a week Sex, with a further 30 per cent up to twice per week. (Also read: Sex with the Ex - four strong counter-arguments)

are Not afraid of statistics

of Course, there may be a theme such as Sex in the relationship, no generally valid Figures, according to which a partnership has to work. Each Couple must find the right way. Time means more Sex, sometimes less. It is only important that both partners are in agreement and happy with the Situation.

in Total, have indicated in a survey at least 16 percent of all couples have no Sex and so well. And all that would like to have more Sex with your Partner, suggests Sex therapist Michael Aaron in Business Insider: "Try something New. You take off for a weekend in a hotel room, if need be. Even a small Change can bring new momentum in the relationship."

This article was written by Mathias Ottmann

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