SpaceX: Elon Musk shoots today, manned rocket into space - now live in the Video Stream | world

Elon Musk will help the American space travel on the jumps. Tonight the first flight of a manned SpaceX rocket takes place in the space to the ISS. But The weat

SpaceX: Elon Musk shoots today, manned rocket into space - now live in the Video Stream | world

Elon Musk will help the American space travel on the jumps. Tonight the first flight of a manned SpaceX rocket takes place in the space to the ISS. But The weather situation is tricky.

Wednesday evening SpaceX , the first manned rocket a private company for the ISS . The " Falcon 9 " starts at the historic site - scheduled arrival time: 19 hours later. The trip to Orbit as planned? The weather forecast offers room for doubt.

Update from 27. May, 19: 42: The NASA holds despite the uncertainty on the weather on the first manned flight of a rocket, the private company SpaceX to the International space station, ISS . Jim bride Stine, chief of the space Agency, on Wednesday noon (local time) for the time being, the "green light" for the historic Mission. The weather should deteriorate in the coming hours, could be moved to the rocket launch , however, is still on Saturday.

The two space-driver's Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken should soon reach the start ramp. The hatch to your space capsule is scheduled to be two hours prior to the scheduled Start closed.

About the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral raged in the Morning, a Thunderstorm, and the U.S. hurricane center warned of a tropical storm formed further North off the coast of the state of South Carolina .

SpaceX: Mission "Demo 2" is on the way in the direction of the ISS

origin article 27. May:

On Wednesday evening, a serious milestone for the American space travel and could have an impact on the future of the history of mankind. To 22.33 hours (Central European time) is the launch for the first manned rocket from SpaceX - the organization of the hard-to-rich entrepreneur Elon Musk .

As the first private project SpaceX to transport on Wednesday, astronauts to the International space station (ISS). In the space capsule "Crew Dragon" are two of the "old-timers" of American space travel: Douglas Hurley (53) and Robert Behnken (49) . The sensational Mission bears the name " Demo 2 ".

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Targeting 4:33 p.m. EDT today for Falcon 9's launch of Dragon with @NASA astronauts on board. Teams are closely monitoring the launch and downrange weather →

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SpaceX of Elon Musk: the first manned flight into space

For one, would be a successful Mission for the multi-billionaire Musk is a milestone on the way to the implementation of his dream, to carry human beings to Mars. Apart from that, the space travel adventure, the first trip of the USA to the ISS for almost ten years: Because of high costs and after two fatal accidents the program has been discontinued. Since the end of the space Shuttle-Era in 2011, astronauts, the NASA in Soyuz rockets from Russia had to book their places.

Although the space Agency has advised NASA of the projects are already numerous onlookers to space-Mecca, Cape Canaveral (of Florida) traveled in order to follow the spectacle live, if the rocket is " Falcon 9 " takes off in the direction of the ISS.

To Corona to prevent infections, had asked the Nasa space fans, the historic launch of the Falcon 9 rocket with the manned Dragon capsule on the Internet to follow. In contrast, U.S. President Donald Trump wants to follow him personally from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral .

+ On Wednesday evening, the launch of the "Falcon 9" in Cape Canaveral is planned - does the weather?©AFP

The Start of the Mission will be completed at a memorable location: the ramp 39A, the first people broke out once on the moon. 19 hours later, the space capsule, the SpaceX "Falcon-2 is scheduled to dock" at the International space station.

"Falcon 9": SpaceX rocket, Elon Musk, the precursor to Mega-project

SpaceX has already for some time, satellites in the earth orbit: Since 2012, the rocket assumes "Falcon 9" already supply flights to the ISS - but without people. Of the manned flight into space* on Wednesday evening (local time 16.33 PM) is a novelty. But, According to the NASA a 40% probability that the launch has to be postponed due to bad weather is. The next window of time would be on Saturday.

in addition to the organization of Elon Musk also, the US aerospace giant and Airbus competitor Boeing is building space shuttles have been commissioned. The Tesla boss engages with another gigantic project in the orbit of the earth. Astronomers warn of the consequences. In the long term Musk is planning the construction of the " Big Falcon Rocket " - with her he would, one day, a human colony on Mars arise.

SpaceX of Elon Musk: Here's the Mission "Demo-2" live

The Event can also be followed from Germany by live :

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