Racism is a serious Problem, Eskens allegations against the police are offensive

The criticism of the recent Statements by Saskia esque not on ebbs. "In Germany there is a latent racism in the ranks of the security forces, which have to be

Racism is a serious Problem, Eskens allegations against the police are offensive

The criticism of the recent Statements by Saskia esque not on ebbs. "In Germany there is a latent racism in the ranks of the security forces, which have to be detected through measures of Internal governance and fighting", said the SPD Co-Chairman of the Newspapers of the Funke media group.

If today the acting head of the Federal anti-discrimination Agency, Bernhard Franke, informs that the requests for Advice to discrimination has increased because of the ethnic origin in the previous year by nearly ten percent, then that indicates a Problem that needs to be taken seriously. And when Franke says, it would be "naive", if one would hide the police in the debate on racism from the outset, where the findings in the total population, yet so clear, it sounds as logical as trivial.

Esprit de corps may be strengthened

it Was confirmed Eskens warning today? So simple the thing is. Because the main problem at Eskens of Expression is that it shows a possible failure. She had even mentioned that, in their opinion, the vast majority of policemen in this country racism is very critical. However, only your package's core was not a statement, but it is mainly the dramatic context and timing were wrong.

If in the USA, the 46-year-old George Floyd by the wanton violence of a police officer and nine minutes long, Blind and choking with the knee from a past life, it is more than questionable, in the context of the "latent "racism" in the police in Germany should be noted.

All the information on the case of George Floyd in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

esque warns of falsely understood Esprit de corps, could have, but by your General statement just. And: you did your Comments just a day after in Berlin, 28 police officers were injured in an operation in the case of demonstrations, and the leaves of every fine feeling of miss. The men and women are risking their health for the security of the country.

esque gets Contra party friends

So esque gets these days for its brash announcement not only Contra of Union politician, such as Baden-württemberg's Minister of the interior Thomas Strobl (CDU), but also party friends. "A special structural Problem of racism, I don't see the police," said Federal Minister of justice, Christine Lambrecht (SPD) of the "New osnabrück newspaper". Also of the SPD, asked the interior Minister of lower Saxony, Thuringia and Berlin distinguishes themselves from their own Chairman. Berlin's interior Senator Andreas hostage told the mirror: "those Who criticise the police, latent racism, discredits the work of thousands of righteous servants."

Britta Pedersen/dpa-Central picture/dpa At the Demonstration at the weekend in Berlin, the police officers had a part to heavy use.

The discussion on the situation in the case of the police interfering with the debate about discrimination as a whole. So were registered by the anti-discrimination body of the Federation in the past year, 3580 cases in which people sought help because they are marginalized because of their skin color, their age, their gender, a disability, or their (alleged) origin or at a disadvantage felt. This represents an increase of 3.6 percent. Every third case had to do with racist attributions, or discrimination because of ethnic origin. The Numbers in this area have doubled, according to Franke since 2015, more than from 545 to 1176.

no more and no less than a shock, to Pay with limited information

The Figures of the anti-discrimination are worrying, you are not alone indicate but a maximum of as evidence: "Our Advice Franke throw light on the Occurrence of discrimination in Germany", said today. He also spoke of a "noise exclusion". Thus, the significant increase in Numbers could also be a hint that people perceive more of their rights than a few years ago.

Fixed: As a person with "foreign" names or "foreign" appearance, it is often difficult in Germany. The former integration Commissioner of the Federal government, Aydan Özoguz (SPD) has made a meaningful experience. As she was interested in a house, it was awarded to the vendor "unfortunately". When her husband inquired with the simple German name Neumann to have been the object, as if by a miracle yet to be.

"No wogs welcome"

Franke reported today at the presentation of the report of significantly nastier cases of discrimination: "Go back to Syria and build Your country" or "No wogs desirable to" belong to the Standard pattern of the announcements to the address of migrants — or people who are identified as migrants.

take note, with the head-shaking, more make? The acting head of the authority, Franke, think it would be fatal, simply proceed with the agenda. He calls for more powers for the house, so that the statistics of his house — all the years – to put consequences of the acts. He insists that the anti-discrimination authority only to advise, but also is allowed to complain.

Reuters/Robert Michael/dpa-Central picture/dpa Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) put down at the memorial site for the NSU victims of a Rose.

Merkel's old promise

the Federal government is Also the theme has on the screen. Right-wing extremism and racism are even a matter for the boss. In March, a separate Cabinet Committee was founded. At the end of may, the Minister brought together the interior and the Minister for the first Time, up to the fall you want to submit results.

The events for the new body? The murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke (CDU) about a year ago, the anti-Semite are motivated attack on the synagogue in Halle, and the racist murders in Hanau, Germany, in February of this year, the most famous, and most dramatic incidents of the recent past.

And then there's a promise. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has said the families of the ten victims of the extreme right-wing NSU, they will do everything not to be, that these events will not repeat. Part of it is also to have a watchful eye on possible developments in the security authorities. Minneapolis discussed the abolition of the police PCP Minneapolis discussed the abolition of the police ECB: First Inflation, then a new monetary order is coming - what to FOCUS Online governing means for savers: First Inflation, then a new monetary order is coming - what the saver is called

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