No progress on EU trade Pact with London | politics

what to do after a Brexit? Four months after the British exit the EU stand in the negotiations on the future of relations prevails still. The No-Deal 2.0 now?

No progress on EU trade Pact with London | politics

what to do after a Brexit? Four months after the British exit the EU stand in the negotiations on the future of relations prevails still. The No-Deal 2.0 now?

Brussels/London (dpa) - Again, nothing. Even after the fourth round of Negotiations since the Brexit for the European Union and the United Kingdom are mainly agreed on one point: It does not move forward on the path to a trade and partnership Pact.

So it is proclaimed on Friday, the EU negotiator, Michel Barnier and his British colleague David Frost. Not only the Federation of German industries (BDI) is horrified and warns of the risk of a hard break at the end of the year. But will be the subject of further negotiations and a lot is possible.

Like three Times previously for the UK to exit the EU by the end of January - always on a Friday at the end of each round of Negotiations stand Barnier serious and strictly in the press room of the European Commission, and again he had the same message. "It is my responsibility to tell the truth," said the Frenchman. "There was this week no significant progress." And he added: "We can't go on like that forever."

a transitional stage after the Brexit is Yes, but by the end of this year, especially the trade must be newly regulated, otherwise, customs duties and barriers threaten. But a contract is not in sight.

Re-Barnier UK accused of in October 2019 agreed principles for the proposed agreement to depart, also for the EU, the most important point: the same conditions of competition, so the same Standards in the case of tax, state aid, environmental and social requirements. The at the time, and mutually accepted Political Declaration in all languages is available, said the 69-Year-old sarcastically. "Even in English." From negotiating circles in London it was dry, you have a "different understanding" of how the word was true to the Political Declaration to be transmitted in a Treaty text.

a Total of Barnier had more than acidified and prophesied: "We are approaching the Moment of truth." But he does not want to give up, he mentioned further rounds of negotiations in June, July, August, September. Clarified at a summit of the two sides later this month, presumably with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the EU great-grandson, Charles Michel. to

The British chief negotiator Frost expressed in comparison to Barnier's rather undramatic. "The progress remains limited," he had written. But he also wants to continue the talks, "intensified and accelerated". That it does not advance slides Frost on the Negotiate via Video. "We are approaching the limits of what can be achieved through the Format of formal rounds from afar," said the Briton. But Frost, it's also about Content: He had recently complained that he feels the EU mandate of Barnier as tight as it is.

London, it seems, is hoping that Johnson can smash you with its charm the Gordian knot. This should be done in the summer, possibly already at the planned summit. Under no circumstances should the negotiations drag on until the autumn, before a breakthrough will visible, was negotiating circles in London. "This is a Situation we cannot allow." The economic need earlier certainty about how it will go after the end of the transition phase.

Always clear seems also to be emerging is that the British have screwed up their ambitions for an agreement with Brussels down. On the introduction of customs duties, for example, in the case of agricultural products, can you speak, BelTA learned from negotiating circles in London. Has long been speculated the UK could be solved by the European food standards to allow for a free-trade agreement with the United States.

In Brussels, brings back all the frustration. The Green members of the European Parliament Anna Cavazzini accuses Johnson a "blackmail strategy". The CSU MEP Markus Ferber said: "If the United Kingdom doesn't conform to his stubborn negotiating position slowly, will come to no agreement." And the SPD-Brexit-expert Bernd Lange threatened, a relationship without a contract, would also be "not of the world".

The German economy is, however, a real risk that they would have to cope with after the pandemic to the end of the year is still a setback. The Brexit expert Fabian Zuleeg from the European Policy Centre in Brussels, sees it, "If we do not see a rapid Change in the negotiating tactics that we need to fear a "Cliff-Edge"scenario."

but There is also another interpretation: An agreement is not excluded, said the German Ambassador to the EU, Michael Clauß this week. He ensures that the Brexit is again top of the agenda during the German Council presidency between July and December. You assume that there is no extension of the deadline, and then the summer swing to come in the negotiations, said Clauss. Possible, a kind of hull agreement on some of the key questions would be until October probably.

Also but the stumbling blocks would have to be removed. This also includes the question of how much the EU is, next to the dispute over the equality of Competition fishing in the future in British waters may not catch. Far apart, it is the point, whether in the case of disputes both sides may ultimately have a say in the European court of justice, a word and whether it should be a great deal or a lot of small.

Date Of Update: 07 June 2020, 18:34