Municipal Arles : Patrick de Carolis boasts rupture in the face of the left - the Point

The Arlésiens do they want a profound change in governance ? Back in his home town of Bouches-du-Rhone, the former president of France Televisions Patrick de Ca

Municipal Arles : Patrick de Carolis boasts rupture in the face of the left - the Point

The Arlésiens do they want a profound change in governance ? Back in his home town of Bouches-du-Rhone, the former president of France Televisions Patrick de Carolis, is in any case convinced. As the outgoing mayor, Hervé Schiavetti, yields to the hand after three mandatures. Although having finished at the head of the first round of the municipal elections (26,41 %), the founder (with Patrick Charles) of the television program, " roots and wings has yet to achieve his outcome of the 15 march last. In a duel, he finds in front of him and the communist Nicolas Koukas (21,16 %), a member of the left-wing majority for nearly 20 years. Also advise county, the elected official is preparing for the transition. In the period between the two rounds, he convinced the citizens ' list and the ecologist to join him.

taking Advantage of the end of a reign, Patrick de Carolis is involved so for the first time in a political battle. "My career is behind me. I have not seen it evolve Arles as I had hoped. The social floor is sagging. The city is paupérise, " says the current director of the museum Marmottan-Monet in Paris to justify his commitment. Here, the unemployment rate amounted to 12 % and the average per capita income is estimated at € 1 500.

"A great economic recovery plan"

Then, Patrick de Carolis wants to "make it attractive for the city to retain the entrepreneurs and attract investors," intends to break "with a medical desert" that would install and account set up "a virtuous cycle" to boost the roman city. Despite all the excitement of culture and tourism (The Meetings photographic, the Luma foundation, the seats of several publishers or the music festival Les Suds...), the former journalist is planning to use his book addresses especially for a large economic stimulus plan ".

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According to him, " you can't live on a model, which is based on three months of summer ". Intentions evil experienced by his opponents who see him as a candidate "parachuted" that " has not set foot in Arles for the last 60 years ". And Nicolas Koukas inveighing : "vote Carolis, this is not a vote for an Arlesian, but for a Parisian ! "

The RN and LR collapse, to the benefit of Carolis ?

According to our information, Patrick de Carolis is mobilized to obtain the investiture of The Republic on (LREM). It has been disavowed for the benefit of the member Monica Michel (4,93 %). It has even received the support of Act, the right constructive, the party chaired by Franck Riester. "I accepted it, because, in Arles, it does not turn the back to the minister of Culture," he says. But I swear, I have never sought the label of the move presidential. This is a fake news ! "

It is thought to have operated a large gathering with people supplementary in parties or simply to be engaged in the life of the city. "I want to wear a rupture," he says to the Point. Yet, behind the rhetoric of façade, the former professional of the press is in the process of re-enable the cleavage left-right. "He does not wish to assume, but he is a conservative with a list built in this direction ", commented one of his close friends. Among its colistiers, one finds a former executive of the national Front, as well as several people who have sat on the sides of the last mayor of the right, Jean-Pierre Camoin (1983-1995). Now, Patrick de Carolis lives in the rue des Arènes in a property that has long belonged to the former municipal official of the RPR. Should he see a form of the award ?

"Put the house in Arles in order"

Since the launch of his campaign, Patrick de Carolis said he had to " put the house Arles in order ". The candidate also relates speech very focused on security issues and economic. "Before you receive a guest in your home, you do the housework ", she defends it today. Like its competitors, it promises to increase the number of municipal policemen. But it goes even further by proposing a brigade-canine to canine and a cell of a citizenship dedicated to the public peace.

On Twitter, the ex-journalist multiplies the protrusions against his opponent in the second round. He denounces an alliance with environmentalists who " promises to be a barrier to taking appropriate measures to stem the insecurity creeping ". Last Saturday, he was quick to react to a fact various, in the neighborhood of the Barriol, at the time the information remained fragmentary. The opportunity to tackle Nicolas Koukas and "his friends of the left radicalized," which, during the previous municipal council, withdrew a resolution on the acquisition of new cameras to complement the network of video surveillance.

And the strategy could prove effective. Six years ago, the FN had achieved 24 % in the first round of municipal and placed six elected. Subsequently, the party of Marine Le Pen was chained to the high scores (40% for regional, 28 % in the presidential elections, 32% in the European...) This time, the candidate RN is completely collapsed (8,50 %). For its part, the candidate for The Republicans is also collapsed compared to 2014. With 15,32 %, Cyril Juglaret followed the request of the president of the Paca region, Renaud Muselier, and withdrew from the race for mayor. In the circle of Patrick de Carolis, there is no doubt that the candidate has absorbed the voices of the right and of the extreme right.

The cannonball Bygmalion

The part looks tight. At left, David Grzyb has also taken him out of the game. Entangled in quarrels of individuals, the colistiers of the two candidates stayed on the sidelines will disperse to make the campaign of the two finalists. In addition, it is not always easy to devote himself to "a groundswell for change" when the police record of Patrick de Carolis goes back regularly to the surface.

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Until the 29th of June, the candidate will drag like a millstone round the neck of his conviction for favoritism in the case Bygmalion, which had revealed the dangerous liaisons. In countries of Arles, its critics do not fail to remind him, extract from the judgement in support. "I paid for this error. I do not hide it. I have no shame ", sweeps coldly Patrick de Carolis. Only one thing is certain : in three weeks, Arlésiens will have a new mayor.

Date Of Update: 08 June 2020, 08:33