Fortnite: Season 3 for the third time postponed - when does it start? | Games

The Start of the "Fortnite" Season 3, Chapter 2, has been delayed for a third time. When does it start? Season 2 of "Fortnite" not ended as planned on 30

Fortnite: Season 3 for the third time postponed - when does it start? | Games

The Start of the "Fortnite" Season 3, Chapter 2, has been delayed for a third time. When does it start?

Season 2 of "Fortnite" not ended as planned on 30. April. Instead, it gives one more week extension. Fans, however, are little impressed by the decision

a it has been a pleasure, the others were disappointed, Epic Games has extended the current Season of "Fortnite Chapter 2"* equal to several weeks. The second Season after the "big Bang" in October 2019 you should actually up to the 30. April 2020 to run.

"Fortnite" Season 3 again

" Fortnite moved, "the player had the 4. June already thick in the calendar marked, as at this day Season 3 of Chapter 2 should start. But Epic Games makes a stroke through this bill. On the official website, the developers have cancelled the Start a third time . Reason for the protests, which are currently millions of people in the USA go to the streets to set a sign against racism and police violence. Epic Games wants to give its employees a break so they can care for their families, it says on the website.

when is the new launch date?

Season 3 delayed to another Time. After the Start on the 4. June moved, then click the 11. June has been postponed, is now 17. June as a start date for Season 3 of Chapter 2 of "Fortnite" planned. Originally, the current season should be already on the 30. April ends.

Epic Games would like to meanwhile shorten the waiting time with a unique Live Event with the name of "The device". This should actually 6. June take place, it has now been moved however, to the 15. June.

message from the 21. May 2020: "Fortnite" - Epic Games launches Season 3 of Chapter 2 in the beginning of June

But it went into overtime. As the developer said, is to 2. Season of "Fortnite Chapter 2" only at the 4. June 2020. Meanwhile, Epic Games has announced on the official website of the Start of Season 3, officially the 4. June is confirmed . The Update to Season 3 cause the Server will be offline for several hours. The Downtime is being expected to be on 4. June 10 o'clock start.

What are the new contents of the Battle Royale game holds in Season 3, is not clear. Because for some time now, Epic Games is not a lot of information more and more new content. Players should prefer to find out for yourself, what are the changes in "Fortnite".

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"Fortnite"-Fans of Epic Games slowly annoyed

On Twitter, more and more "Fortnite"player to Express their displeasure about Epic's communication policy . Updates for the Battle Royale mode in the past few months, no Patch Notes, and more. Players had to find out for yourself what has changed. On the one hand, this is not a good way to keep the game interesting, on the other hand, Fans are particularly excited, if you know only by accident, that what has changed.

Infobox "Fortnite"

publication :

26. September 2017 (Battle Royale)

platforms :

PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, and (soon PS5, Xbox Series, X)

Genre :

Free2Play Battle Royale

developer :

Epic Games / People Can Fly

Publisher :

Epic Games

The Community is also that Epic Games does not share any information about the future of "Fortnite" . A Twitter user puts it: "Really? When will you guys with the massive lack of Communication to deal with, guys? This is again a Non-statement. What does the future hold? I know we are all shaken by the current events, but your means at the Moment seriously?"

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"Fortnite" was already in the first Season of the extension

A Data Miner suspected already at the beginning of April that Epic Games would extend the current Season of "Fortnite". However, he went out at that time of around two weeks. It is also not the first Time that the developer is a Season to run longer than planned.

Already, the first Season of "Fortnite Chapter 2" went into overtime. In October 2019, launched in the season supposed to end in December 2019. The conclusion there was then but not until the end of February. The current second Season of "Fortnite" has been running since the age of 20. February and should be at 30. April your find.

to thrust during which makes use of a new Multiplayer Shooter on the way, "Fortnite" from the throne. "Valorant*" - a mixture of "CS:GO" and Overwatch - is in a beta phase, many players and streamers.

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