Marseille : behind the victory of the left, the fog - The Point

They have not resisted to the pleasure of screaming out their joy in front of the town hall, this Sunday. For the supporters of the Spring in marseille, the vic

Marseille : behind the victory of the left, the fog - The Point

They have not resisted to the pleasure of screaming out their joy in front of the town hall, this Sunday. For the supporters of the Spring in marseille, the victory seemed clear : even with 38% of the vote, the muse of the gathering of the left is far outweighed by the candidate LR Martine Vassal, who collects 30 % of the vote. But the counts continued late into the night. If the Spring marseille wins well in the four areas, the loot is not sufficient to reach the absolute majority.

The left recognizes, in effect, 42 elected against 39 for the list of the candidate LR Martine Vassal. "It is a relative victory for us, has come to recognize, Michèle Rubirola, but a defeat for the right, which is not able to govern the city. "An analysis that does not share obviously not interested :" This evening, I have not lost. Tonight, there is no majority in Marseille. Tonight, there is no mayor in Marseille ", said Martine Vassal.

The right loses four sectors

It is now necessary to wait for the third round, the election of the mayor by the aldermen elected, to see more clearly. But the blast to the right is real, since it loses several bastions : the 1st and 2nd sectors, which go respectively to the hands of the Rebellious Sophie Camard (alternate to Jean-Luc Mélenchon) and the socialist Benedict Payan, the 3rd sector, stronghold of senator Bruno Gilles, who has maintained his candidacy against Martine Vassal, and which was won hands down by Michèle Rubirola : "What swung the election, it is the stubbornness of a candidate without scale ", criticized the candidate for LR to its former ally. But it has also lost one of the fortresses that are best kept from the right marseillaise : the 6th and 8th arrondissements, Jean-Claude Gaudin has always won in the first round and that Martine Vassal, the head of the list in this sector, has just lost against Olivia Fortin, entrepreneur and a novice in politics.

Adoubée by Jean-Claude Gaudin, the one who was the first woman to be elected head of the department and who is also the metropolis started yet favorite of this election, despite the divisions in his own camp, and the threat of a breakthrough of the national Gathering. Irony of the democratic game : the RN has lost her only town hall of sector and it is the left that is ahead of the right. However, on the evening of the first round, only 1 812 votes separated Martine Vassal of Michèle Rubirola. Everything was still possible. But the campaign for the second round was marked by the opening of an investigation of the judicial police on suspicion of fraud with the proxies within the team the candidate LR.

The low participation rate, barely higher than in the first round despite the challenge (35,25 % against 32,76 %), is without doubt one of the consequences. The candidate LR has been fine waved the cloth from the " red peril ", suggesting that Michèle Rubirola was only the false nose of Mélenchon, it has apparently not succeeded in mobilizing enough voters, even if it retains the 5th and 6th sectors, and won the 7th against the RN Stéphane Ravier. "These are the last signs of living from a system that Marseille have rejected it," says Michèle Rubirola. A system in which Martine Vassal is " the heiress ", according to its detractors. In fact, the candidate never really been able to overcome the balance-sheet of Jean-Claude Gaudin which propelled her into politics and that, there are still a few days left, appears at his side.

Martine Vassal pays the years Gaudin

A balance sheet at the half-hearted and increasingly criticized during the last term. In January, the Marseillais, interviewed by La Provence, were 57% of the judge "mediocre or poor" and only 3% regarded his work as " excellent ". The sign of real wear on the power to the one who has, of course, modernized the second city of France, transforming the Old Port, by developing the tourism and the international influence, including key units such as the Mucem or the stadium Orange Velodrome. But these actions have not helped to reduce the fractures between the districts of the south-off and north neighborhoods serving low-income, blighted by traffic, lack of public transport and poor schools and housing. The result of a political election favoring the sectors gaudinistes according to the mayors of these districts, a lack of support from the State according to the right, definitely poor management. The end of 2019, the regional Chamber of accounts noted in two reports, " the absence of a clear strategy ", "the defects of co-ordination" and " spending little stewards of public funds ". In the viewfinder of judges including : the management of 12 000 municipal officers, mostly encartés the trade union Force ouvrière, which imposes 25 years to a grid of wages higher than the national average, with – over the period of the investigation – a working time lower than the statutory period.

above all, the balance sheet of the years Gaudin will remain marred the drama of the rue d'aubagne. On November 5, 2018, the collapse of two buildings in the district of Noailles, in the city centre, eight dead. The disaster acts as a revealing of malfunctions of the services of the city. Tongues loosen, one discovers the names of several elected from among the merchants of sleep. The figures are overwhelming : 100 000 Marseillais live in dwellings unworthy. It is the shock caused by this tragedy which pushes many residents to mount a collective, firstly, to assist the city to respond to the urgency of the relocation of some 3,000 people evacuated, and then to organize the states-general, where will be born the Spring of marseille, at the end of heated debates on the involvement in the campaign, civic or not.

A majority find

It will take several months before it is to overcome its divisions and find the right candidate. The ticket proposed by Sophie Camard and Benedict Payan are too cleaving, it is Michèle Rubirola which is finally designated to the general surprise. At 63 years old, the one who has never dreamed of being mayor comes to beat old wolves of the policy marseillaise. High in the popular area of the Impeller, the daughter of a father, a communist employee to the social Security and from a mother to the Urssaf, Michèle Rubirola undertakes from his medical studies on the Larzac plateau. But it is the duel Chirac-Le Pen in 2002, which spurs him to engage in the Green. Its balance sheet in an elected position is, however, quite lean : assistant in the 2nd and 3rd of 2008 to 2014, and then advisor to county for 2015, it fails twice in legislative elections (2007 and 2012). Doctor very involved with the more precarious, she wants priority to address the needs of the city. He must first convince the eleven elected representatives of the lists of the minority follow. It is hard to see Bruno Gilles and Stéphane Ravier give him their votes. That will negotiate the senator Samia Ghali, who remained at the head of its sector, to bring him the support of its eight elected ? Response in a few days after, no doubt, of intense negotiations as the only Marseille has the secret.

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