Makes me mad: Trumps military withdrawal is driving the mayor, tears in the eyes

Hans-Martin Schertl takes on the big table in his office the rectangular glasses of the nose, apologizes, and wipes with a white handkerchief, tears from the ey

Makes me mad: Trumps military withdrawal is driving the mayor, tears in the eyes

Hans-Martin Schertl takes on the big table in his office the rectangular glasses of the nose, apologizes, and wipes with a white handkerchief, tears from the eyes.

politics is a tough business. Also an emotional. The Schertl know at the latest since yesterday. As U.S. Secretary of defense Mark Esper, the announced that what is feared Schertl for weeks. Namely, the deduction of a portion of the U.S. troops in Germany. It should be almost 12,000 of the 36,000.

Schertl is the mayor of Vilseck, the borders in the South of the US-troop exercise area Grafenwöhr. The Area belongs to the communities of Vilseck and grafenwoehr, covers 233 square kilometers of green hills with mixed forest, 14 miles long, 25 miles wide, military blocking terrain. About 10,000 U.S. soldiers place on the military training service, 5500 of them live in Vilseck. And from Vilseck could be deducted 4500. "The Americans are since 1948 here. It is a Give and Take. They are our friends, there are numerous personal relationships. If you were, then that would be for Vilseck economic meltdown. The decision of Trump makes me angry,“ said Schertl.

Ulf Lüdeke /FOCUS Online Provides the economic basis, according to a U.S. troop withdrawal: Vilsecks mayor Hans-Martin Scherl

mayor stunned over Tramps criminal action

Schertl just don't want to believe that Trump is trying to enforce the deduction now. And that's only because Germany is still clear of the defence expenditure, as agreed by the members of Nato. Unfortunately, the ratio of Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) was "the Best, and now we have to pay for it," said Schertl, sitting in for the free voters community "workers-self-Heimer" in the town hall.

Schertl know, of course, that even high-ranking U.S. military are against this withdrawal of troops. "I know Ben Hodges, the penultimate commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces in Europe, personally. This military training, the military call their 'crown jewels', in the millions of dollars invested. And Hodges was from the beginning against the trigger as he weakens the military's own troops.“

Schertl hopes that the Bavarian state will help the government and also the Federal government, if the trigger really. Nonetheless, he feared "significant economic damage". Because it is clear that it will take time to help to flow.

the influence of The US armed forces in Vilseck is enormous. Belonged to the armed forces of 9000 members of the family, as well as 8500 civilians who worked on the troop exercise area according to the Schertl. The regional craft was completely troops focused on the presence of the U.S., says the mayor.

"Need time to react to trump's muddled decision,"

Even before the doors of the town hall, the mood in the place is down on the day after the announcement pretty. "If the troops will really pull off, then it will be difficult," predicts Alexander Kreuzer, host of "Inn a Hammer". A taste of what it was during the Corona-crisis. "We have traditionally been very many American guests. As the troops exercise, stand four weeks in quarantine, as we have had here is very much place in the economy. Much too much.“ He's just hoping that the trigger takes a very long time, so the place has time "to respond to the turmoil of decisions of Trump“.

Ulf Lüdeke /FOCUS Online Holds the Trump for a "Gaudi-Burschn": Klaus-Dieter Seibold (l.).

Laughing at the regulars ' table: "The Trump is a Gaudi-boy"

Still furious, the guests are at the table directly in front of the counter, the pensioner Klaus-Dieter Seibold with two Known to 12 noon white beer to enjoy. "Stupid people always make the same mistake, smart people always new," says Seibold. Trump, for him, is "a Gaudi-boy", he wishes that he failed in the election in November. Trump was right, when he says that Germany pay only 1.43 percent of gross domestic product in the defense budget. "But the fact that he wants to blackmail Germany with the troop withdrawal, is a mess. Trump makes a mess of everything.“

"If you re-elect him, they need him to withstand,"

is Really pissed off Sonja's head, the shop in front of a Shoe with a well-Known maintains. "The Trump wants us to pop only one with his perfidious art. already went twice bankrupt, no wonder," railed the 58-year-old shipping clerk. They also feared a lot of negative effects for the local economy, particularly the craft. "You try to get in Vilseck a craftsman. All of the Americans on the road“, while the Germans would often wait longer for an appointment.

in the Future, many of these craftsmen could be in Vilseck unemployed, throws in her well-Known.

"Trump is preparing a whole series of sleepless nights,"

And Philipp Spiritopulos that runs right next to the town hall, a Greek Restaurant, is mad at the US President. "The withdrawal of troops is not good for this Region, he makes a mess of everything," says the Greek, who lives already for 30 years in Germany.

don't think Spiritopulos that Donald Trump will be elected in November. "He has simply made too many mistakes. In the United States, Europe, and Russia. I very much hope that the Americans will stay here in Vilseck.“

This hope, the Greek shares with the mayor of Vilseck, which also sets out that the withdrawal of troops in the planned order of magnitude can hardly be done in a couple of months. "But until November," says Hans-Martin Scherl, "is my Trump probably still a whole bunch of sleepless nights".

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Date Of Update: 30 July 2020, 11:26

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