VW electric car, a Diesel Golf or diesel: What's in the lease cheaper

There is reason for optimism in the case of Volkswagen: The new electric car ID3 could be the hoped-for bestseller. About half of the 30,000 units of limited-ed

VW electric car, a Diesel Golf or diesel: What's in the lease cheaper

There is reason for optimism in the case of Volkswagen: The new electric car ID3 could be the hoped-for bestseller. About half of the 30,000 units of limited-edition 1st-Edition vehicles we've sold, "although major markets such as the Netherlands and the UK are only now beginning with the pre-sale," said a VW spokesperson for the specialist magazine, "Kfz-Betrieb". In the Netherlands, received in the first three days, about 3000 orders from the manufacturer. VW has cars for both private individuals as well as service-driver for the Stromer in the eye.

electric car Leasing: How is the VW ID3 is reflected?

in Spite of the Tesla's success can also build the VW on some of the "Early adopters" who want to try with the ID3 of the electrical world. But in the end, many car buyers are simply cool calculator and ask yourself: is it Worth it for me at all? With 9000 Euro electric premium and road tax Befreiuung of the state - or the taxpayer - the buyer of an E-car from said at least a substantial part of the purchase price and the running costs. But enough so that the ID3 is a better deal than a Diesel or gasoline engine? Vokswagen VW ID.3 Pro Performance

The Leasing platform Vehiculum made for FOCUS Online a detailed statement of costs, and two models of the ID3 with a comparable diesel Golf and a Diesel Golf compared. The costs for two different models (ID have been.3 Pro Performance, driving report, see here , and the Pro Performance Family), each with a comparable Golf, the current-Generation, gasoline (1.5 TSI) or diesel engine (2.0 TDI) to. Vehiculum electric car Leasing: cost comparison of the VW Id3 with a Golf as gasoline and Diesel

Golf against Stromer: Diesel is much more expensive, gasoline is relatively close to it

The ID3 tag is in the monthly lease rate of 257 Euro environmental bonus is factored in. At first glance, the car is not cheaper than a gasoline engine with comparable equipment (the leasing rate of 255 Euro), but still significantly cheaper than the Diesel (317 Euro). The biggest cost advantage for Diesel with tax and insurance. With 509 euros monthly cost of the Diesel comes off significantly worse than the Stromer (370 euros), but the petrol engine with 395 euros, is also good. The model ID3 Family, the lease rate is significantly higher, so that the bottom line is that the gasoline engine has a slight cost advantage in the case of pure leasing costs (427 instead of 458 Euro). Manufacturer cost comparison of Leasing: VW ID3 against gasoline and Diesel

electricity is cheaper than gasoline consumption, however, varies greatly

Not included in the table because of use, and other factors, the consumption. It is assumed that for the same route and driving the way the electricity is cheaper than gas; in particular, when the power is fueled at home. So would the cost for a kilowatt-hour price of currently around 30 cents and a consumption (factory data) of 15.4 KWh on 100 kilometres in the ID3 € 4.62. 100 kilometres in the gasoline (price per litre EUR 1.22, fuel consumption according to factory specification 4.8 liters / 100 km) would have to 5.86 euros. 100 km in the Diesel-Golf (price per litre to 1.03 euros, fuel consumption according to factory specification 3.7 liters) would, however, only 3.8 euros - less than the electric car. "Buslutscher", or efficiency, is a miracle? For some, electric cars 120 km/h are too fast for PCP "Buslutscher", or efficiency, is a miracle? For some, electric cars 120 km/h are too fast

in short: This account of the ideal takes on both gasoline / Diesel as well as for the Stromer state, that is to say, he refers, for reasons of comparability to the factory specifications and the current Fuel and electricity prices. Note you have to the width of the potential fluctuation:

  • for Both burners, as well as the electricity in the consumption considerably upwards or downwards . It depends on the individual driving style, the more equipment (tire size, more weight, additional consumers), as well as the electric car, other factors (e.g., significantly increased the consumption of more than 100 km/h, in spite of the heat pump a little more fuel consumption at low external temperatures).
  • The gas, the current low fuel, contrary to prices, but are subjected to strong fluctuations. In addition, Starting in 2021, adopted by the Federal government CO2-tax on petrol is to make it gradually more expensive.
  • The electric car, in turn, the load losses represent a considerable additional cost factor, as once again the ADAC has found .
residual value-uncertainty remains

Likewise, it is uncertain the rest are the value prospects of the compared cars. Seems to be a risk, would like to keep the VW as small as possible: "is not provided for The Acquisition of the vehicle after the expiry of the lease on the part of VW. Instead, the vehicles will be given for the time being, once again, to the lease", the Leasing experts of Vehiculum.


It remains to be noted that, In the case of the pure travel costs of Diesel and gasoline hit surprisingly well. Due to the very high current in Germany, the is a cost advantage of E-cars costs in the case of the pure "cost of tank" a lot of small than in other countries (such as France, Sweden or the Netherlands). The Stromer in the case of fixed costs, nevertheless the nose in the front, is mainly due to the various state support measures. Especially the maintenance costs, often to the benefit of the Stromer in the field led Argument, in the first years, however, no big difference. The bottom line is that the ID3 is quite able to become a real people's stromer. However, in the future, the better Option to stay, depending on the indivduellem usage profile gasoline and Diesel may. Because of the high efficiency of modern gasoline engines and the disadvantage of Diesels in the Vehicle tax, the arguments for the diesel are weaker than in the past. Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid - which is better? The great duel FOCUS Online/Wochit Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid - which is better? The great duel

So has Vehiculum purchase expected

The actual cost in the car and use is also addressed in the budgeted fixed costs according to many individually very different factors. For their calculation, the Leasing experts, the following assumptions:

  • The equipment and engines of the vehicles have not been widely adapted as far as possible, however, individual features (e.g. automatic transmission) were all the vehicles selectable.
  • For all services, the collection of the vehicle was selected at the dealer.
  • The costs for maintenance and wear costs for the burners, on the Basis of the ADAC car-computer selected. When ID3 was chosen, as this is not listed in the computer, the cost for the Lease&Care package M.
  • All of the lease offers apply to a term of 48 months and an annual mileage of 10,000 miles . Electrical China-Volvo: Why Audi and BMW in front of the Polestar 2 FOCUS Online Electric China-Volvo: must tremble Why Audi and BMW in front of the Polestar 2

The cost of insurance come from the insurance calculator the Alliance and are based on the following characteristics:

  • a 35-year-old Person must tremble, Birthday 27.07.1985

  • residence Berlin 10999

  • driver's license since 2003

  • No previous insurance

  • the 10,000 – 15,000 km annual driving performance

  • liability, Partial and fully comprehensive

  • No additional driver

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