Made a small hint: Familiar chats that Harry Royal is planning to Exit the long

Simply the transition into a new life for Prince Harry doesn't seem to be. His longtime girlfriend, British behavioural scientist Jane Goodall, now gives a sma

Made a small hint: Familiar chats that Harry Royal is planning to Exit the long

Simply the transition into a new life for Prince Harry doesn't seem to be. His longtime girlfriend, British behavioural scientist Jane Goodall, now gives a small insight into the world of feeling. You are told to "Radio Times", the Prince to find "his life just a little challenging".

Since his move to North America with Prince Harry in contact, said Jane Goodall, who has become, through its many years of monkey research is world-renowned. The 86-Year-old is regarded as a close Trusted Harry, in turn, is a big Fan of the environmental activist should be. Last summer, he invited and Meghan to their former estate, Frogmore Cottage. There, Goodall had the honor as the first Person, which is not part of the Royal family, the fresh-born Archie in the arms.

Harry made much earlier "Megxit"-hints

And Goodall knows more spicy to report on the "Megxit". So Harry should have her already at an Event last summer, indirectly, the Royal exit indicated before, only months later, the bomb publicly burst. Goodall: "I moved Archie's Hand when he would wave to the Queen and said, I guess he needs to learn". But Harry's answer was revealing: "no, he will not grow up."

in fact, the so-called "Megxit is" especially for Prince Harry is a drastic step. Although he is since 1. April not an official member of the Royal Family, and thus escape from the narrow constraints of the Royal house, but with the new freedom come new problems: How does he find his way in his new home. And how he and Meghan earn money now?

move to the USA

First of all, Harry and Meghan had planned to live with their eleven month old son Archie in Canada. In the meantime, has had a change of heart the Couple for Meghans place of birth Los Angeles. The UK's Royal reporter, Rebecca English of the Daily Mail, the two life, also because of the Coronavirus pandemic, in a closed housing estate.

After the move in the direction of Los Angeles sent US President Donald Trump via Twitter quickly a harsh message to the family: "Now you have to leave Canada in the direction of the USA, but the USA will not pay for your security protection. You have to pay!“

Harry and Meghan have to Pay a lot, if you want to keep your current luxurious standard of living: As the two announced in January their Royal retreat, they declared, among other things, "to want to be financially independent" to be.

Harry and Meghan are in need of money, a lot of money

the security arrangements could be for Harry and Meghan really expensive. Add to a chic wardrobe, regular flights to the United Kingdom, is a beautiful residence that costs several million. The two will need in the future, a lot of money to be able to everything out of their own pocket to pay.

A schedule of the couple is not but risen already: The brand "Sussex Royal", had been used by the Couple for their wedding, not allowed to use it since the "Megxit" – so graciously, the Queen is not. This ban is likely to have mixed Harry and Meghan a particularly fierce blow, because the famous brand would have guaranteed income. The Instagram Account named "Sussex Royal" have you closed in the meantime.

New organization "arch corrugated"

Instead, Harry and Meghan have founded a new non-profit organization. This one is called "arch corrugated" and refers to the name of your son Archie and a Greek word that means "source of action". The British "Telegraph" told the Couple that the new organization "will make something useful".

In the UK, Harry's and Meghans announcement of their new organization had once again made for fierce criticism. Due to the ongoing Corona crisis referred to some votes as the journalist Kathy Gyngell of the date of the message as a "terrible Timing" and "deeply inappropriate".

Meghans Mega-Deal with Disney

Meghan will also be in the film industry. After all, they played for years, a role as a paralegal in the US-American series "Suits" and it's supposed to have in order to become a multi-millionaire brought. One of their latest Jobs at the beginning of April as a speaker at the Disney documentary film "Elephant" for the Streaming channel Disney Plus. was But this Job was only for a good purpose. Your fee went to an organization for the protection of elephants. The reviews were also pretty bad.

Meghan has apparently completed a major Deal with Disney. So you should collect for further speaker Jobs 450.000 Euro Gage pro Film. Further, it means that you schiele on great roles in films of A-League Directors. But so far none of the offers will have their claims passed. Supposedly she wanted a Part in a super hero Blockbuster.

you Could make the "Megxit" undo?

There are many question marks, whether Harry and Meghan can meet your dream of life outside the Golden cage to stay still. For the case that Harry and Meghan come to the realization that life as a "Royal Highness" is not so bad, is open to you, the Queen, a crack in the door. In a year you want to check, whether everything runs in an orderly manner. An Exit from the "Megxit" would therefore theoretically be possible.

In Meghan and Harry are in the USA, even for safety-pay PCP Meghan and Harry to dpa in the USA, even for security

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Updated Date: 21 May 2020, 16:27

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