Geneva Salon 2020 is cancelled

on Wednesday night there had been an official announcement that the Geneva Salon in 2020 should take place in spite of the growing Corona Virus. As a result, th

Geneva Salon 2020 is cancelled

on Wednesday night there had been an official announcement that the Geneva Salon in 2020 should take place in spite of the growing Corona Virus. As a result, the criticism of the trade fair, the operator was only going to get bigger. More and more companies and Managers refused to travel in the next week at the Palexpo exhibition centre near Geneva airport. At the latest, as a much later, to be held in Geneva watch fair has been cancelled at the same place, was sealed for the Geneva Salon.

Geneva Salon is the first mass peasant city

leave Behind the Scenes had agreed to the major car manufacturers already, the fair is also to stay away from and to announce on Friday at noon, even the cancellation of the own trade fair activities. Already on Thursday, the first employee from the area of exhibition stand construction and public Relations had started to leave Geneva to a possible quarantine to prevent. Geneva motor show

With the cancellation of the fair of Geneva came to the car manufacturers just before. Based in Switzerland in the current epidemic law, which prohibits large-scale events with more than 1000 visitors, according to a decision of the Swiss Federal Council. First of all, according to a statement by interior Minister Alain all Events Berset, of which up to 15. March affected – and thus also of the Geneva auto salon.

Switzerland prohibits all large-scale events of up to 15. March

the Geneva Salon decided to late yet to cancel a major event, it surprised no one; only the late time irritated many of those Affected. In the North of Italy are blocked off for days, all regions, Austria, stricter border controls, as well as many other States and also in Germany and Switzerland, scuba diving, more and more people infected with the Corona Virus. press-inform / Seat Cupra Logo Geneva auto salon 2018

First, the car manufacturers had already responded on Wednesday and the reduced staff on the stand, in a first step, to a Minimum. In addition, there were more and more Top Executives to Cancel in terms of their participation. Who should moderate the program on the stages? Also, many of the journalists waved for the big event at the Geneva Salon, which was to have begun for you next Monday / Tuesday. This year, the traditional event celebrates the to your 90. Birthday. From zero to 100 in 2.3 seconds: Cristiano Ronaldo shows his new car FOCUS Online/Glomex From zero to 100 in 2.3 seconds: Cristiano Ronaldo shows his new car

China is an important car fair said ab

The Corona-Virus attacks, also in Europe more and more and so the fear of not visit a large-scale event with an international audience, is quite unfounded. About two weeks ago the "Auto China, has been canceled," in April, and indefinitely postponed. Other major events in China had it; also the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was cancelled. For the car manufacturer, the cancellation of the Geneva auto salon 2020 is probably only a financial issue, because the show itself is constructed at the time of its cancellation is virtually complete. From most of the hotel contracts in the six figures will come out hard; except for the lawyers, to make a cancellation due to force majeure by fencing successfully. With the fair operator there should be no major problems, because the will be see to it that the car manufacturers come in the planned new edition of 2021 ever again.

For the news Show there are solutions

But what of the innovations that would have to be shown in Geneva at the fair itself ( you can find an Overview here)? This is a little surprising the smallest Problem, because most of the innovations have been unveiled in the past two weeks in advance by the media. Now, in Geneva, the flag of the new model must be drawn, are likely to do their reputation in the individual not cancel. Some models that are not yet known, expected to be unveiled next Monday / Tuesday virtually. Individual innovations may be pushed slightly to the rear. No Ticket! Flying car of Airbus changed mobility in a radical FOCUS Online/Wochit No ticket! Flying car of Airbus changed mobility radical

there is the Problem of the car shows with the cancellation of larger and more impressive than ever. Really, the fair is need for communication to the outside nobody. Even if it takes place, will be revealed the news in a different way.

this is the increasingly large criticism of the time conformity of a fair fuel, especially in Europe. The media value of the event is clear and to justify the cost in millions, so hardly more. It's no wonder that many of the big car pulled back brands from such major events already. In Geneva, had already missed nearly 20 brands. Unlikely that this will come at the upcoming auto salon once again. Even more companies will be missing, and other formats.

the Positive aspect is that Many brands will save enormous costs

The winner of the cancellation are easy to call. These are in addition to the public health, the car manufacturer, which had already cancelled, because brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Opel, Ford or Lamborghini have saved costs and have to fight with no losses due to the cancellation. The future of the Geneva Salon is so uncertain than ever. What seems certain is that many car manufacturers will not come in a repeat of the lake of Geneva. Cattle, man, many Tuner present in Geneva its new products

The trade fair, the

The costs of attention and millions of francs for the exhibition, Hotel and catering, threatens trades. Still dark it looks for the new edition in the year 2021, because so many manufacturers do not have a test run, whether the power of participation at all negative impact. The problems of the big auto remove Virus can be measure even without the Corona from year to year, getting bigger and bigger. The exhibition spaces are more expensive than ever, the cost for planning, construction and personnel is huge. The success of the exhibited products is difficult in image and sales calculate. In the boardroom, a new Generation of top managers has also long been Saying that the multi-million dollar expenditure just without any critical questioning by nodding. Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

Updated Date: 21 May 2020, 16:28

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