Living crisis coming to a head: exchanges could alleviate the Problem – but there's a catch

The housing crisis in Germany for years has been in the headlines. According to the German tenants ' Association, about one Million homes, especially in the la

Living crisis coming to a head: exchanges could alleviate the Problem – but there's a catch

The housing crisis in Germany for years has been in the headlines. According to the German tenants ' Association, about one Million homes, especially in the large cities, conurbations and University cities, are missing in this country. However, the new housing construction is stagnant.

A study on a large residential reserve to the attention of, could relieve the tight housing market in Germany, at least in part. According to her, millions of square feet of living space would be free, when alone and moving willing-to-be seniors would have to change their to that have become large apartments and houses in favour of smaller, age-appropriate flats.

Every second German would be even willing to do so. The representative YouGov survey of 2095 German citizens on behalf of the housing developer's Pantera comes to the result that 53 of the Germans would give up their to substantial living space for a suitably attractive offer. At the same time three-quarters of Germans (73 percent) are aware of older people today alone in houses or apartments that you have before, with several inhabited.

"and If older people in Germany get adequate offers to move to smaller apartments, To can -, - or tags in vacant houses or apartments alone, in cities like Hamburg or Berlin around a Million square meters of new housing will arise. The relatively greatest Potential have, according to our bill of Heilbronn, Heidelberg, Bremen and Saarbrücken“, says Michael Ries, chief Executive of the property developer Pantera. But can you really implement? "Prospects" in FOCUS Online

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Rents are in the past few years

apartment exchanges, such as increased faith in the idea. Anyone looking for a new apartment can have its own setting, called the request size and price for the new home, and waits for the System with a potential exchange partner brings together. According to the "Handelsblatt" was the number of Ads on beginning in 2019, at around 3500, in the year 2018, approximately 350,000 people visited the page.

However, the model of has a crucial hook. In particular, the elderly – who are, according to the Pantera study on a residential and quiet reserve – often have old leases. Your rent may be increased in the last few years, but by far not as strong as in the case of new rentals on the private housing market. If you move, you would have to engage in the rule, the square calculated is significantly lower in the bag. Probably for less living room even more than before to pay. Attractive this is not.

Munich want digital housing swap start

large cities such as Munich want to take the rudder, therefore, now in Hand. The city has its own digital home exchange stock exchange to set up. The exchange will initially be aimed at the privately financed stock of the municipal housing company GWG and GEWOFAG. It's more than 840 large family homes with four or more rooms, which are not bound as social housing. Another 1400 homes in the MLA (as of the end of 2019). But also tenants on the private housing market should be able to at the digital home exchange stock exchange to participate.

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seniors, once again, a change involved, the city also think of something: the urban housing is not designed to guarantee companies that the new rent exceeds the old. The move should be supported financially, as well as reconstruction measures in order to make the smaller apartments accesible.

the Lord mayor Dieter Reiter is confident that this project will be well received. By the end of 2019, at the presentation of the concept, he said: "I am delighted that this project can now be hopefully implemented soon. In view of the shortage of Space in our city, we cannot rely solely on new construction, but must also support that the existing housing is used at its best.“ But still, the platform is only in the planning and not online.

In Berlin there are digital filesharing already

Next one is in Berlin. David Eberhart, a spokesman for the BBU Association of Berlin-Brandenburg housing companies because of his experience: "The idea of HomeLink home exchange is good, but there is no mass movement". The housing industry Association represents public, cooperative, private and parochial housing companies in Berlin and Brandenburg. Under its roof, well 1.1 million apartments in Berlin and Brandenburg are managed.

The BBU to deal for years with the idea of the apartment exchange, in 2018, a digital platform for the six state-owned Berlin apartment companies went to the Start. However, the success of the digital exchange remained ever since "manageable", as the BBU-the speaker regrets - even though the tenant invest in a home exchange in the old lease of the exchange partner.

so Far, 7000 tenants have created on the digital exchange platform, a profile, 3700 apartment offers are currently published. Of the 51.200 procedures, which have been excited since September 2018, only 300 housing swap initiated. So far are swap completed today, 100 Apartment.

The BBU, you want to concept against the housing to hold

reasons why it fails in Eberharts eyes for several. Thus, 4,4 Ads of tenants would come to a screen that searches for a smaller apartment, who want to have a larger place to Stay. "A classic 'Mismatch' level," says Eberhart to FOCUS Online. The primary objective that older people who don't need a large apartment more, log on to the exchange, had not worked out. And many seniors, which would decide their apartment to give up, would not looking for a new apartment. "Instead, you pull around into Assisted Living, or so-called Service Apartments," said Eberhart more. This is not to say, of a Swap you need.

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again and again, you have set to Offline communications to promote the project. So you didn't often get the note that the elderly have part of an Internet connection in your apartment. "Even over the phone you can ask your dealer for advice," says Eberhart more. But that would hardly have brought something. The emotional side, it adds Eberhart says: "In the apartment are. As you can understand, that you don't want to leave his apartment.“

Nevertheless, you want to note when the BBU to the concept. Because in spite of great obstacles flat might the shortage of housing in many big cities trade, at least partially, alleviate and families and residential communities with small tag measures into a larger apartment. The world is better than your bad news - FOCUS Online provides you every Friday with the best stories from the field perspectives. Subscribe here for free Newsletter:

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