Test: sun cream for children examines Popular brands fall through | consumer

Öko-Test has tested sun cream for children. Some popular brands fail. Including L'oreal. A drugstore own brand convinced. In the Test : Öko-Test* sun crea

Test: sun cream for children examines Popular brands fall through | consumer

Öko-Test has tested sun cream for children. Some popular brands fail. Including L'oreal. A drugstore own brand convinced.

In the Test : Öko-Test* sun cream for children under the magnifying glass. Only two varieties of sunscreen get the best grade. The popular brand L'oreal by falls in the Test - Dm-own-brand convinced.

Kassel - Currently the temperatures rise and the sun comes out. For many, a reason to enjoy the warm summer weather outside. Appropriately, the Eco has been tested-Test sun cream for children and babies travelling.

Especially sensitive skin of children needs a special sunscreen . Öko-Test can recommended by your Test over half of the products - the two were even rated with the best grade "very good". Criticism there is a sun cream for children with hormonally active UV-Filters.

sun cream for children in the Test - a High light protection factor is important

dermatologists recommend a high sun protection factor during intense hours of sun Outdoors on unclothed skin for children . Your skin is particularly thin and strong UV exposure or sun volumes increase the risk of skin cancer.

a Total of organic 21 sun creams for babies and children with a sun protection factor of 50 or 50+. These have been specially developed for sensitive children's skin and are not as "sensitive" or "fragrance-free" marked.

+ sun cream for children in the Öko-Test: Many of the products can convince©Sina Schuldt/dpa

In the Test: Sun cream for children - Many products

More than half of the sunscreen products for children cut in Test with "good" or "very well convince". They are characterized by a high sun protection without harmful substances.

Including many products with chemical UV Filters and natural cosmetics with mineral UV protection. As "water-resistant" or "very water resistant" have been referred to all varieties in the Test. In addition, each tested sunscreen without perfume. The test winner :

Ladival children's sun protection milk 50+ without perfume of Stada Sun Dance Kids sun milk 50 fragrance of Dm

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sun cream for children in the Öko-Test: Dangerous UV-Filter included

However, the use of eight manufacturers of sunscreen for children UV-Filter in their products, which are not part of the skin on the sensitive children. These are the substances Octocrylene, and Homosalate.

you can get into the bloodstream and the endocrine system are suspected to interfere. Meanwhile, the EU a rating of even these new substances. These creams for children to fall in organic by:

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dermo-Pediatrics 50+ Lotion Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Sensitive Expert+ SPF 50+ from L'oreal

In the Test: Liquid plastic in sun cream for children impacted the environment

The Test revealed that around three-quarters of the sunscreen for children plastic compounds, such as silicone or Acrylate contain. Through bathing in the sea or lake, the polymers over the water released into the environment. There, they can be difficult to reduce.

This is a surprising result: even Though your protection is based on mineral UV-based Filtering, has none of the certified natural cosmetic creams for children cut with a "very good". Editor Heike Baier of organic explains that sunscreen with mineral-based UV Filters according to current knowledge, the better choice are. At best it should be, however, if the children avoid the midday sun completely.

sunscreen in the Test: The counts in UV-protection for children

The magazine "Öko-Test" turns out, three to five teaspoons of sunscreen are required for children have sufficient sun protection. In addition, it should be moisturized after bathing regularly, even in the case of water-resistant cream.

in Addition, a light protection factor is recommended by at least 30. A maximum of 60 percent of the specified protection time should be exhausted, then the following applies: get Out of the sun.

Further products in the Eco-Test

Öko-Test has tested different bottled water. Some brands fall through smoothly. Also Apollinaris Medium. Gerolsteiner confident.

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By Karolin Schaefer

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