In jail in Belarus: The brutal truth

"they beat and asked: 'Are we fascists, perhaps?' If batons flog you, you'll clearly does not guarantee answers: 'Yes, you're fascists.'" Andrej, the na

In jail in Belarus: The brutal truth

"they beat and asked: 'Are we fascists, perhaps?' If batons flog you, you'll clearly does not guarantee answers: 'Yes, you're fascists.'" Andrej, the name is actually different, and his real name don't want to call told. "But who are you otherwise," he asks to which address the use of force, which is perceived as a failure, "when it's your job to beat up people, and if you have fun?"

Andrei is one of the nearly 7000 people were arrested in Belarus (white Russia) during the government-critical protests after the presidential election fixed. More than 2000 protesters left the government of Belarus on Thursday. The Deputy Minister of the interior Alexander Barsukow stepped in front of the prison in Okrestina street in Minsk, in front of the journalists and declared: "mistreatment, it was not!" Andrei and two other Inmates are telling the opposite.

With the electric Shocker in the kidney

Pavel Tschudka was on 10. August, at night, in the center of Minsk, was detained. As he had already lain on the ground, he says, had abused the use of forces him with a stun gun in the vicinity of the kidneys. "That leaves no visible traces, but I felt the power surges three to five minutes long. I couldn't even more." His neck and jaw are so tense that he could not speak and one and a half day also could not swallow. To this day, his hands are shaking. For physical abuse, the humiliation Na came: "you like that?" had his tormentor shouted. "Do you want more? Now you can go back to Protesting on the street?"

After that, Pavel was taken to the Okrestina prison. Hundreds of demonstrators had been and he had seen many who were beaten up. Pavel had to endure in the courtyard of the building - in painful positions. "You kneel for two hours, the hands behind the head, with the head on the ground. Or you supports you with hands and head on a wall." About every 20 minutes, the security forces had asked the detainees to go on their knees crawling from one wall to the next, over a distance of 20 to 30 meters.

In the time he was there, was four Times a rescue pre-carriage driving, reported Pavel, the paramedics were not allowed into the building. The prison had been completely crowded: "In a Ten-square-meter cell, 25 people were. Also were minors, were later the first to be released."

beatings, humiliations and fake logs

Andrei was taken in the vicinity of the metro station Pushkinskaya festival, on the evening of the 11. August. In the prisoner transport he had been on the legs, beaten and had to kneel. When he arrived in the Parking lot of the Central police station, he says, "there have been 30 other face down on the Asphalt. Between them on and ran screaming supervisors. We new arrivals had to lay on the floor, we were greeted with batons and then sprayed with water." So he had located about three hours on the ground.

Andrei has hematomas on the legs and bruises on the back. Nevertheless, he says: "I had I a blessing in disguise. I have seen people out of it came, where it went really bad."

The Detainees had to rubber-stamp the interrogation protocols, reports Andrei. You would have to get a pre-made Text submitted to it, the arrested man "was involved in unauthorized actions, has hateful Slogans shouted". Those who refused, the Protocol on the horizon, was led into a side room and, once again, been beaten until he signed. Later, they were in overcrowded cells locked and would not even get water to drink.

The next Morning, was transferred to Andrei to the Okrestina prison, was also has been abused. Two days later, on 13. In August, he was released.

"to die of thirst!"

Mikhail was in a prisoner Transporter with serious injuries, he says. In order to provide, had Doctors been called. A Doctor will have the soldiers yelled at, they were animals. The soldiers los had answered: "All that, get to work!" Mikhail spent a night on the Leninskom-police station in Minsk; also, his name we changed at his request.

Mikhail has not once participated in a Demonstration, he says - he's just been out of the car dragged. "We're caught in a traffic jam. Came to us of people with shields and batons, I think they were from the special unit of the internal troops. The asked us to get out our cell phones to make. You have to check whether the mobile phones photos or Videos of the protests were." Mikhail had a Video that people with white-red-showed the white flag. She was up in 1995 the national flag and is now used by Parts of the Opposition. He was immediately arrested, reported to Mikhail.

"The soldiers who have paid, have advised me to conduct myself quietly. That's not why I was beaten. But the other was beaten up in the prison transport van cruel. Next to me a man who is no longer able to talk to. He just groaned, still quiet, and it seemed as if he could not keep themselves on their feet."

Mikhail was done on the Lininskij-police station; he also reported of abuse, with batons and fists. Among those arrested, he saw four women and a youth. The night he had spent standing in the open, face the wall and handcuffed. Although dizzy was not he was allowed to sit down. To drink, he got nothing, one of the guards said: "Take away them in the water, you will die of thirst!"

As he was released in the Morning free found Mikhail, however, that his arrest was still bleeding lightly, compared to what he has witnessed.

author: Tatyana Nevedomskaya

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Date Of Update: 15 August 2020, 10:26

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