German Virus-discipline - as we conquer our inner Corona-pig dog

Wolfgang Niedecken has always had a special relationship to the Rolling Stones, and that's why he is wearing in the Corona times, a mask with the famous tongue

German Virus-discipline - as we conquer our inner Corona-pig dog

Wolfgang Niedecken has always had a special relationship to the Rolling Stones, and that's why he is wearing in the Corona times, a mask with the famous tongue Logo of the British Band. Comes really good. But that is already everything, what he can of the pandemic gain. Actually, he wanted this summer to Crete. And next year on tour. Everything on the ice.

"We need to be careful," says the BAP-singer, while he sits on a floating boat-house on the Rhine, quite ascetic in a glass of water. "We were now in Berlin," he says. "And what was going on in the middle of the bars: As if it weren't for Corona! This will not go well. We must remain attentive. We must have patience."

patience. Exactly which many can no longer afford. "We are impatient," says the psychologist, Jürgen Margraf from the Ruhr-University of Bochum. "And if the results are not immediately clear, then let us not be so influenced. We have, of course, in the case of Corona, the Situation that the hazard is not directly visible."

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No fear of Corona: "You have to be feeling on top of the situation"

Since may, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in the face of rising infection numbers still so worried: the feeling of threat has dissipated for many citizens. If Corona is spoken, often as: "And, did you have a case of illness in the family?" "No, personally, I don't know." - "We." This contributes to the fact that the risk is perceived as very abstract, especially since the number of cases, indeed, still much lower than at the peak of the crisis in the spring.

at the Time, the roads themselves were ghostly in the centre of Berlin or Munich table is empty. "At the very beginning it was the great Unknown, because everyone was afraid," explains Margraf. The television brought almost daily harrowing images from the evacuation of Corona-dead in the North of Italy. In the meantime, you can make a holiday in Italy.

the summer has returned to life. In street cafes or beer gardens is often discover no more mask to. It all looks to normal operation. "Today, people are more likely to believe that they can assess the risk better," says the social psychologist Malte Friese of Saarland University. "You have rather the feeling to be master of the situation."

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the duration of the crisis: "it is difficult To remain a long time in the alarm mode,"

In a period of crisis, the human Psyche is not set - sometime you want to relax again. "You can stay hard for a long period of time in an alarm mode," explains Friese. "You have to think of it like a rising mountain. You can give the grandparents less and less that you don't want to see their grandchildren. And so it is with all things, you will have to do without. Subjectively, this is getting serious."

The cost of prevention, which are, so to speak, with me, "explains Margraf comes:". "I'm sweating under the mask, and that is unpleasant. The Benefits might be and, much later, and most likely not me, but someone else."

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in another way, the cost of prevention today more evident than in March or April. Friese: "We see now much clearer: What it actually means, if the cultural life largely comes to a standstill? When people are losing their Jobs or on short-time work go? If friends have financial difficulties? What is on the other side, is today much more aware than at the beginning. Now it's more like a set of scales, and there is also something on the other side."

All of this contributes to the self-discipline wears off. You do not want to apply also as overprotective. And Oh, it is, that a someone to welcome you stretches again to the Hand: Rejects the, then, having regard to the Hygiene-etiquette - or you think: "will be fine"? Especially since it would not be in the majority - so a common attitude - Yes, but not as bad.

Doctors warn of Virus-carelessness: "Many patients will have long-term consequences"

warn, However, exactly this assumption, Doctors. "No matter how now the death rate is, we must expect, therefore, that many Sufferers long-term consequences will be, be it damage to the lungs, whether it be autoimmune diseases, in Asthma," says lung specialist Heinz-Wilhelm Esser in the WDR. "So, this disorder is definitely not to take lightly."

Margraf has just completed a representative study, for the were interviewed in eight countries, each of 1000 people dealing with Corona. "We see that the willingness to abide by the rules, is in the countries are very different. Highest in Germany and lowest in France." There Margraf has just experienced in the holiday, a wine merchant without a mouth-operated protection. It addressed by him, the replied, "I'm a free Frenchman, and I will never wear mask!"

In Germany, the starting position is therefore, in international comparison, still very good. And here Margraf also sees the approach to influence the behavior of people. "Appeals have to be, of course, but that's not enough, because our Blueprint is another. If I want to get people to do sports, then it doesn't work to say: "You must do this, because otherwise you're going to be in 30 years, maybe something Bad get." What helps is to discover the immediate enjoyment of the Sport. You just feel better when you're physically active."

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appeal to the sense of community and Pride in the German-Corona-success

In the present Situation would therefore, in his opinion, the following stand out: "man, we've done that so well here, so much better than in other countries. We don't want to make us broke." It is an appeal to the sense of community and Pride would be Achieved. "Our study shows, in fact, Who feels for the community, the society that is more willing to adhere to the measures. And feels even better."

a prerequisite for this, however, would be their own interests, it is also time to reset. Wolfgang Niedecken (69) yearns to bring about the end of the pandemic. "I suffer, of course," he says, while he watches from the boat house from the trains rattle over the Cologne South bridge in the distance. "We have recorded a beautiful Album and want to play for the people. I always live on the next Tour, I miss the resonance of the audience. But it is important: We need to get out Act out of this interest steered. If I tell you now as someone from the show business "we can do This already. The main thing, we can finally occur back to live", then the reason would be wrong. The will not go."

He takes a deep breath, and then he says: "I know it's a bad word for a Rock 'n' Roller, but I'll say it anyway: We must remain reasonable." According to increasing Numbers in Germany, Söder send "last call to all the people Celebrating in a" PCP To increasing Numbers in Germany, Söder send "last call to all Celebrating"

Date Of Update: 29 July 2020, 12:28

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