When lIran sattaque to a false door-american aircraft - The Point

This is a mission to the high risk carried out by the us carrier USS Nimitz in the strait of Hormuz. Entering this narrow arm of the sea, located between Oman a

When lIran sattaque to a false door-american aircraft - The Point

This is a mission to the high risk carried out by the us carrier USS Nimitz in the strait of Hormuz. Entering this narrow arm of the sea, located between Oman and Iran, through which passes one-quarter of world oil exports, the american ship, which carries a fifteen fighter aircraft, F-18, knows itself to be spied upon by the Guardians of the revolution iran. In the month of April, eleven fast patrol boats belonging to the ideological army of the islamic Republic had crossed very close to the american ships patrolling in the area. Since then, Donald Trump has ordered the US Navy to destroy any boat that harcèlerait the american forces in the region.

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Yet, this Wednesday, July 29th, the mission of the aircraft carrier is not going as planned. It is taken for target by a helicopter belonging to the Pasdaran (the Guardians of Persian, ED.), who shoots a missile in his direction. Fast patrol boats the iranian are then deployed around the american vessel that they encircle, and a commando of the revolutionary Guards is hélitreuillé on the deck of the building to take control. Serious, the incident is in fact a military exercise conducted by the islamic Republic in the Persian gulf waters. And the us carrier is just a scale mock-up built by Iran, just like the hunters that he is supposed to carry.

according To State television, iranian, the boat dummy was destroyed by missiles ground-to-sea from the iranian territory. But the images broadcast by the islamic Republic, we see only minor damage on the hull prison of iron of the model. "It is just a barge that serves as the target which has been towed to the area by the Iranians," says the Point Amir*, analyst specializing in military issues in iran and author of the blog IranGeoMil. "This model had already been used by Iran in 2015 during a recent major exercise, before being stored in a port to be repaired in view of this new manoeuvre. "If the u.s. navy has denounced the" irresponsible and dangerous " for Iran, it has, however, clarified that these operations were not disrupted its activity in the region nor interfered with the free flow of trade in the strait of Hormuz.

New ballistic missile

Dubbed " the Prophet Mohammad 14 ", the demonstration of military Guardians of the revolution has been derided on social networks, especially because of the poor quality of the reproduction of the iranian aircraft carrier of the us. But by focusing the media attention, the model has somewhat overshadowed the new military arsenal unveiled on the occasion by the Pasdaran. "Equipment and weapons have been unknown used, such as long-range ballistic missiles capable of striking remote targets floating offensive ", said Tuesday the general Abbas Nilforoushan, quoted by the website of the Guardians Sepahnews.

on Wednesday, a video released by the website of iranian specialized Ima Media has lifted part of the veil around these new equipment : it would be ballistic missiles presented as underground. "One-to-three new ballistic missiles were tested during this military exercise," according to the expert, iranian Amir. "One of them would look like the missile Zolfaqar, 700 miles of range, while the other would be akin to Dezful, who reached for his hand and 1,000 kilometers of range. In contrast, the third would be totally unprecedented. The Iranians have also used it for the first time the rocket artillery, guided Fajr-4 against a ship, and the bomb guided Yasin ", adds the specialist.

For its part, the public television of iran has released on Wednesday the images of the successful launch of four ballistic missile described as underground. In a press release published on Sepahnews, the Guardians of the revolution were hailed " the successful launch of ballistic missiles from the depths of the earth so totally camouflaged ". According to the Pasdaran, it would be a " significant achievement which could pose serious challenges to the intelligence organizations of the enemy ".

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Maligned by the western countries who call for its dismantling, the ballistic program of the islamic Republic is officially of nature, " defensive ", repeat the question of whether the iranian leaders who recall that Iran is still hit by an embargo on purchases of conventional weapons, due to expire this fall. "Our policies are designed to protect the vital interests of our beloved nation are defensive, in the sense that we do not envahirons no country in the world from the beginning, but we are totally offensive in our tactics and our operations," has, however, said Tuesday the general Hossein Salami, the leader of the Guardians of the revolution.

open Conflict

tensions between the United States and Iran are at their worst since the elimination of Qassem Soleimani, the head of the outer branch of the Guardians of the revolution, with a strike drone in the u.s. in January, 3 last to Baghdad. Since then, clashes have increased between the two enemy countries, and approaching each day more and more of an open conflict. Most recent incident, " the approach ", carried out on 23 July by two us fighter against an airliner of the company's iranian Mahan Air which was flying over Syria, resulting in several casualties among the passengers.

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In this context, explosive, difficult not to see in the military exercise of iran a message directly addressed to Washington, while an aircraft carrier is at this very moment in the region. "The message is clear," says an iranian journalist who specializes in defence issues. "When the mock-up of an american vessel is taken to the target, this means that the true aircraft-carrier may also be referred to. "

* Amir is a pseudonym.

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