From Hundred to Zero: hosts in St. Wolfgang, the fear of a new Corona-shock to catch up

The sky shimmers in Royal blue, white clouds shred of picturesque spots him on the mountain tops on the southern shore of the Wolfgangsee. A storybook summer's

From Hundred to Zero: hosts in St. Wolfgang, the fear of a new Corona-shock to catch up

The sky shimmers in Royal blue, white clouds shred of picturesque spots him on the mountain tops on the southern shore of the Wolfgangsee. A storybook summer's day in upper Austria, it couldn't be better. And yet something seems to be wrong in the with tourists popular place: the streets seem empty, the shops are swept, empty, Parking spaces are occupied only sparsely.

at the Latest since the Saturday of the summer holidays-a blessing crooked again in the famous resort. After a number of Corona cases among employees of Hotels and restaurants had appeared, were now tested 53 people positive. In the majority of it is students in the summer holidays, a compulsory internship in Hotels or Restaurants. Two Bars were closed, because there are two groups of students were celebrated.

"observe Hygiene, then it can't happen"

Max and Bianca, (don't want to read your name in the media), are one of the few passers-by on Monday morning on the main street in St. Wolfgang look. He has a respiratory protection mask in Hand, his girlfriend has taken off already, you are on the way to the car. However, at departure, due to the Corona outbreak, the Couple from Thuringia thinks. "We arrived yesterday, a cancellation came up for us," says Max. "We have not because of the new Hotspots. We have just eaten in a Restaurant where an employee was tested last week, positive. But we adhere to the regulations, to wear in the Hotel and shops, breathing masks, and pay attention to hand hygiene. Then nothing can happen.“

Ulf Lüdeke / FOCUS Online René with a well-Known: "After the Lockdown from Zero to a Hundred, now a Hundred to Zero".

"sales of a Hundred to Zero, according to the new Corona-outbreak"

A few yards further on René sitting in front of the Burger-the Diner "Rock'n ' Roll", in which he works. The food, despite the lunch hour, empty, facial expression: annoyed. "We opened in mid-June. At the time, it went from Zero to 100, that was pure madness, especially tourists from Germany and Austria! Today, however, it is reversed for the first Time – from 100 to Zero. Today we have had not a single guest,“ says the 33-Year-old.

the Corona-pandemic severely delayed start to the season had been, in economic terms, good catching up. However, if further Corona occur, then it could be critical with the Rest of the season, fears, René. "What happened to the student interns, it can happen anywhere. I would make no charge.“ The two Bars in which you have celebrated, will remain as a precaution for two weeks. And if the 400 or corona tests on Sunday were the same as those of Saturday, when only nine out of 628 Tested a infection were detected, then, might calm down the Situation again soon, in hopes of René.

cancellations at some Hotels, up to 60 percent

The Hans Wieser, tourism-in-chief of St. Wolfgang hopes. "Although there are some Hotels, which have between 50 and 60 percent of the guests have cancelled. But others are affected hardly any cancellations. Of a wave I would not speak.“

Wieser expects now with a drop in turnover for Hotels and gastronomy. But how hard the impact to a "spectacular start to the season despite Corona" largely depend on the upcoming test results. "We are confident that there is a clearly defined Cluster. All the victims are in quarantine. If the Test from the Sunday shows also the low case, then I hope that our traders will quickly recover from this shock.“

Ulf Lüdeke / FOCUS Online Hopes on low new case numbers to the next Corona-Tests: tourism-in-chief Hans Wiesner.

Some Hotels are, despite new outbreak well

busy is That to do this, hope you can see the Hotel "Cortisen am see". In the house, although none of the current corona have been demonstrated cases. However, the investment of Roland Ballner is located directly between another Hotel and a Pizzeria, the employees have been positively tested. And yet, the sea garden is full of house guests can relax and enjoy the July sun. Of 64 beds currently, 53 were occupied, so Ballner. "Only one guest is in advance leave, he had to pay the Rest of his time, of course."

One of the guests confirmed that he had taken care of at any time. "My wife and I found it very good, as we were informed by the Chef. He has told us also that his staff before the new outbreak of weekly voluntary Tests. Therefore, we have extended today also the same again a week“, says Wolfgang Lang from Vienna.

Ulf Lüdeke / FOCUS Online Wolfgang Lang believes that it is "in the Vienna U-Bahn more dangerous than in St. Wolfgang.

Hotel-in-chief still in Open communication, relaxed: "it is important in a critical Moment,"

Hotel-in-chief Ballner relaxed there. "While jerked at the Hotel, the consumption of disinfecting agents in the guest area in the level, the higher the sensitivity, we notice. But the guests keep on the mask of duty, which was introduced in upper Austria two weeks ago again. And this is, I think, along with a transparent communication is crucial in such a critical Moment.“

But, if further Tests in fact, new cases should occur, then it must, of course, be on tougher measures thought, so Ballner. "No one can afford this thing to play that down. Where there is infection, it must be made clearly known, and in case of doubt, as well as a Hotel for a couple of weeks to be made. But this is not yet the case.“

Ulf Lüdeke / FOCUS Online Roland Ballner is hoped that the new corona tests to be able to relax in St. Wolfgang.

Ballner is angry but self-indulgent, that many Austrian media closing on Saturday incorrectly from the Hotel, and even a curfew had been reported. "This Is Bullshit. The Restaurants and Bars are allowed to let 23 PM no new guests in the house. These wrong messages hold now since the weekend, in particular the thousands of day-trippers to come to St. Wolfgang. That's why the streets look out there so empty.“

Ballner says clearly that he would close his Hotel, in the extreme case. But now, it was only once, the new test results to be seen. "At the moment, nothing is lost here. On the contrary, The people know that because of cancellations, free places are. That's why Austrians in the hotel to call especially because you know that suddenly there is free capacity.“

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Date Of Update: 27 July 2020, 23:26

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