What the hell is this Sh... Joey Heindle in ProSieben-Show on Larissa Marolt

fight in the Boxing ring, pain, shocks in the "screaming room", the bird spider is on the "glass coffin". Nana, the children-friendly games, as it simulates

What the hell is this Sh... Joey Heindle in ProSieben-Show on Larissa Marolt

fight in the Boxing ring, pain, shocks in the "screaming room", the bird spider is on the "glass coffin". Nana, the children-friendly games, as it simulates the Location in the "children's Paradise"? Yes, you are. In The Case Of "The! Heart! Shock! Show" (ProSieben) is everything half as wild, and also Dr. pulse "fit in" and his sick sisters, as well as Moderator Steven Gätjen Yes, the celebrity-candidate happens nothing. But still: So much in the face how this time, the candidates have to get never!

ProSieben / Jens Hartmann Teleschau

"Team Frank" with captain Frank Rosin (TV chef), Jasmine "floral" Wagner (singer) and Martin Klempnow (Comedian) balgte in the third show edition "Team Joey" with former jungle king Joey Heindle, of the also jungle experienced Ex-GNTM-candidate Larissa Marolt and Comedian Özcan Cosar to be the grandest of all the TV trophies - the "pulse Cup". And this time they had to endure quite a lot.

ProSieben / Jens Hartmann Teleschau Özcan leidetim "screaming room": "this Is a Exorzimus?"

Initially, all fought on lost Front. As a "Builder" failed due to both Teams lack of communication. "We had a strategy," said Frank Rosin, and Steven etched Gätjen: "And fantastic that you brought nothing at all." On the opposite side in such great Chaos reigned that builders Joey, not a single wood Heindle stacked blocks - in three minutes!

The opponents exchanged but. In the "screaming room" were the two assistants of the "Dr. pulse". The "sick sisters" chasing the blowing apparatus is wired-combatants Özcan Cosar ("Is this an exorcism?") and Frank Rosin power surges through the body, both jaulten and colleagues (Larissa Marolt: "see, I can be the head!") half of pity had.

At the "glass coffin" drummed only Basketball and Flamenco shoes on the faces of the glass panes around Eingeschlosenen, then Scotsman in a Kilt, and finally, a bird crawling spider. Since Larissa's pulse, then went just on 153.

ProSieben / Jens Hartmann Teleschau Frank Rosin in the Ring to beat up! "I got shot in the mouth!"

for the First time properly the jaws fully, then gabs, Christina Hammer. She is the youngest German world Boxing champion of all time, and made her name in the Ring against the four-man pictures all the glory. "The skin Yes, indeed," cried Joey Heindle, who was also military - like stunned, because: "I don't hit women!" Özcan Cosar sold his skin to be more expensive, he was of Christina as a "very aggressive" and as the best sparring partner praised. Martin Klempnow ("An honor, to get you one in the face!") thanked by the opponent.

Frank Rosin rowed back. "I would like to get from you, the Ar... spanked!", he had tinted in the first place. Then, as his desire was true, he acknowledged the defeat: "once again, officially: I got shot in the mouth!" Team mate Jasmin Wagner also knows why: "raisin, you hit like a girl!"

ProSieben / Jens Hartmann tele look at The Stars, the snout have full - with cake!

If there is no opponent for him yourself. Joey and Larissa were in their own Teasm find. "What are you doing?", squealed Larissa their captain after a botched ball juggling to. "The are you doing!", keifte Joey back, "What are you doing for a Sch...e?" No wonder, that the pulse was high and this game was lost.

And then they all had really sick! Because, at the conclusion of the preliminary round, there were in the "Pie fight" catapult-cake in the face! Floral couldn't get enough of the Lckerei, only Larissa Marolt was spared. Joey wanted to be clever and gave way to the sweet freight and ruined the Sweater. "I bought degree new!", he whined. "That wasn't in the contract!" At All, Joey. Is unintentionally often and smarter than you think. "You think you like: Horny games - and then the pulse is coming!" he brought the game motto, and also the weakness on the point. Who wins a game, is not here a long time winner. Team Joey happened "" on this night, at least once.

ProSieben / Jens Hartmann tele-show final: Frank Rosin destroys Joey Heindle!

just the preliminary round games are taken but unimportant. Okay, there are per won game ten heart beats for the prolongation in the final competing team captain and Frank Rosin it is time they are 70, at Joey's only 20. But decisive for the war, the Bonus is not. After the expiration of all heartbeats, with the Finale, the under water türmchenbau to "Atlantis", according to the established pillars, namely, 3:3. In the jump-off popelte Frank Rosin then - only after slow-motion decision, the heart-stopping finale was (!) decided together - his pillar of a second faster.

The "great Sepktakel" (Steven Gätjen) had found a winner. But then quickly back down with the pulse, and - next week - on to the last round!

ProSieben / Jens Hartmann tele show

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