For weeks I've been stuck in the queue: Corona is not fit as an excuse for the Service desert

Corona has shaken up our lives totally to each other. Many people fear for their existence, afraid to be sick, or perhaps have even lost a loved one to the Viru

For weeks I've been stuck in the queue: Corona is not fit as an excuse for the Service desert

Corona has shaken up our lives totally to each other. Many people fear for their existence, afraid to be sick, or perhaps have even lost a loved one to the Virus. Admittedly, when you look at the whole extent of the corona of a crisis before our eyes, is what I'm complaining, a little banal. Nevertheless, I must speak with you, love the Service desert Germany!

What do you me-and millions of customers are doing, I gradually to the pointer. It sounds like the excuse of my children, if something has been broken and my Demands in unison reply: "I did it!" The same happens to me, when I'm on the phone in the queue, or after three months of processing time finally a reply e-mail get: "you have to understand – it is due to the Corona", as it was called.

of Trouble in the queue: debt-to-Corona

is always at the beginning of the crisis in March, I was able to understand very well that, for example, Eventim still had no answer to my question, what happens now with my concert tickets. I also had full understanding for the Hotel in Stuttgart, was not able to tell me what happened with my booking, I had to cancel due to the Corona. Had I paid the Nights in advance. It was exactly the same with the Airline of my booked holiday flights or the lady in the call centre of Deutsche Bahn. No one knew exactly what was going on, what to do, how do I get my money back. Debt, however, was always quite clear - Corona.

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Well, of course, for Airlines, hotel operators, concert promoters, cinema owners, it is an absolute nightmare, what has happened in the last few months. Of course, you can your Call Center now that five million requests felt every day, do not hurry to expand. I'm waiting loop like a quarter of an hour into the wait, because I know that other people are affected and in need of help.

We all have furnished us with Corona, so why not the companies?

But we all have us set up in less than 5 months a state of emergency with the new Corona-reality. We have learned to live, at least with the Virus and our daily lives accordingly changed. We have, of course, mask, abandon kiss and hug when we meet friends, and care for and teach our children, in many cases, still at home.

all The more surprising to me, why is it large companies, and companies still have not managed, your customers have at least begun to provide the Service as before the crisis - and instead the Corona excuse on any occasion use.

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I recently is with great pleasure that the delivery of an online retailer where I ordered the goods had expected. The greater my disappointment when I opened the package, and a completely different article contained therein. On demand from the dealer the Corona arrived promptly-excuse. To my question, what would have to do a reversed article with Corona was the answer: "Are all overloaded, too few people, too many orders."

Social Distancing is more important - customers

may appear to be contact but in the eyes of some as a trifle. Finally, it is to cope with a global pandemic, which affects millions of people. But Seriously: It can't be that every small failure now, the Corona club is swung.

It is also surprising that the small Bank branch remains in the corner even after the lifting of the lock downs are still closed for a long time. I'm still not sure whether here, too, Corona is just the excuse to make the uneconomic branch quietly shut down.

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When I called last week in the case of the German pension insurance, in order to arrange a personal appointment, it was said: "do not Go because of Corona". It rush not and that I should report myself in a few months, it said. The lady explained to me very politely that she was required to clarify all the things on the phone, and appointments only in emergency situations to identify. When I made it to the complexity of my request carefully and, once again, to schedule a consultation appointment bat to hit the mood quickly and the conversation was ended after a few sentences, for me, unsuccessful.

Yes, it's true: Social Distancing is important and right. Also I am trying to move is strictly necessary appointments, or to attend via telephone or video conference. But some things just just to clarify face-to-face. Against the Background that Corona will be with us for probably the next few years, should firms and companies are able to find slow ways to be your customers despite the distance of bid close.

No Whining, no excuses: Germany's keepers, we should be a model

take Exactly the industry has in an admirable and admittedly stressful way, the care managed: forces. I think it's great how you are in a nursing home my father with Corona treated. They and their families were affected by Corona and the consequences. For children of parents in system-related Occupations although there were Notbetreuungen, but nevertheless, they too had to cope with the whole school home with the kids alone. And no one has whined or grumbled. You just did your Job and tried to organize the Best for the residents and relatives.

I think that other industries can take an example. Corona has all of us still - but the Corona's excuse is not fit for any small or large faux pas. If we do that, we whine to us, also those in respect of fair, which would have legitimate reasons to. Passionate speech: Meghan says all the things she was not allowed to as the Royal FOCUS Online/Wochit Passionate speech: Meghan says all the things you could not as a Royal

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