Two fatal decisions were Trumps, USA, Corona-Disaster slide

The United States registered on Saturday, according to the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore 60.207 new infections within 24 hours. Thus, the total number o

Two fatal decisions were Trumps, USA, Corona-Disaster slide

The United States registered on Saturday, according to the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore 60.207 new infections within 24 hours. Thus, the total number of infections rose in the country to over 3.69 million. Since a few weeks the number of cases of infection is increasing in the United States In the past few days, a new record had been values in the case of the new infections reported the highest increase was registered on Friday with 77.638 infections within 24 hours.

The authorities in the US States of Texas and Arizona have ordered in the face of rising death car numbers cooling. Overall, the number of deaths is 140.103. The number of registered infection cases in the country is the information provided by the Johns Hopkins University, according to meanwhile, in the case of more than 3.69 million.

"We can take you anywhere under the"

The USA are by far the hardest by the pandemic-affected country in the world. Experts believe that the United States never came from the first wave of Infection out. Since a few weeks, the Virus spreads again. Affected especially the Federal States in the South and West as Texas and Arizona.

at the beginning of the week had been reached in Texas, with 129 deaths within 24 hours of a sad record. So far, more than 3700 people in the state have lost their lives due to a Coronavirus infection.

In cities like San Antonio and Corpus Christi, the authorities ordered because of impending lack of space in morgues and crematoria refrigerated trucks, in order to prepare for the worst. "We have nowhere to house them. It sounds terrible, but it's true,“ said the mayor of San Antonio-Ron Nirenberg, on the death of the victims. Get ready for an emergency were refrigerated truck.

How could it come to this? As is the case could so quickly rise to where they were about to fall? The "New York Times" reported now relying on background discussions with several employees of the White house, that the two mistakes of the US government were to be President Donald Trump is decisive. AFP-US President Donald Trump with his two Top experts, Dr. Deborah Birx (rear left) and Dr. Anthony Fauci (right rear)

The optimistic forecast

The first error goes back on overly optimistic assumptions. The Task Force of the White house to the Coronavirus round-the-experts Deborah Birx, and Anthony Fauci supported in their analyses, especially on the much-criticised forecasts of the University of Washington in Seattle. The model showed accordingly, in mid-April that the pandemic is on the decline and the case numbers will go back – as in Italy – in the coming weeks, quickly.

Fauci, known for his performances during the Corona press conferences of the White house, was skeptical of hospitals across the country have drawn in your Report a much more dramatic image. But in the end, is supposed to have Birx enforced. A major Caveat of the model is the decision to ignore the carrier however, the "New York Times": statisticians were in their assumptions, that the Americans will continue to hold to the imposed output, and contact restrictions.

at this time had been conservative to extreme right-wing U.S. media, however, stylized as the contact restrictions and the Wearing of masks to the cultural battle. Trump even fired this cultural battle, in which he initially refused to wear in Public a mask. Rights of demonstrators in democratic Federal States of the US President urged to free their States. In Michigan, heavily armed demonstrators from gaining access to the Capitol.

get Out of the responsibility

The second error is a strategic and political in nature: Thus, the Trump Team had decided-also because of the optimistic forecasts, to transfer the fight against the Coronavirus to the United States. This corresponds to on the one hand, the political Beliefs of Trumps the Republican party as much as possible in the States of focus and from Washington, D.C., would like to pull off – at least as long as the States do what the Republicans want. "Only in Washington, D.C., to think, to have the answer for all of America," said trump's chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, according to the "New York Times" in an internal Meeting.

And on the other hand, the maneuver marked the attempt, the responsibility for fighting the pandemic from the White house to the governors of the States to pass. To developed this purpose, the Trump Team rough guidelines, under which it is safe to exit the Washington-imposed "Lockdown" pay: a fall in the case; a sufficient number of hospital beds; the building of capacity for testing. The White house had been of the view that the States have sufficient resources made available.

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"I'm not kidding"

The guidelines were not binding. Just Republican controlled States like Texas or Arizona lifted their "lock downs" even before you met the conditions – not fires from the President who wanted to quickly bring back the economy to Run, the chances to endanger his re-election in the fall. The consequence is that The Virus, which was not, contrary to the predictions of the Trump team is significantly on the decline, is widespread in States like Texas and Arizona in the wind.

In the fight against the new, larger "wave" are the Federal States are now more or less alone. While the case numbers in the South and southwest of the United States to explode, the voice of Trump at a campaign event in the state of Oklahoma to the systematic Testing of the population "braking" – because otherwise, the case numbers are too high. Trump was just kidding, it said in a statement, the White house the next day. A day later, Trump confirmed to reporters that he had meant his sentence seriously. "I'm not kidding," said Trump. Middle finger scandal in the Thuringian Landtag, now Ramelow submit again to FOCUS Online/Wochit middle finger scandal in the Thuringian Landtag, now Ramelow submit again

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Updated Date: 19 July 2020, 07:26

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