Erding: Peter hammer things – A Bayer in the black forest | district of Erding

He was there when the FC Erding from the C-class in the district League by maschierte: Peter hammer things. In 2001, he then moved to the black forest. Erdin

Erding: Peter hammer things – A Bayer in the black forest | district of Erding

He was there when the FC Erding from the C-class in the district League by maschierte: Peter hammer things. In 2001, he then moved to the black forest.

Erding – Peter hammer things like it in the XXL pack. As he moved in 2001 from Erding in the black forest, would have been his new club's members with a Tragl beer to debut quite satisfied. And what he suggested? "Best we all go together to Erding, and I'll give you one." From this, a Association had become a trip with 60 people. "If I had just not been such an arse," he says, laughing. Today, hammer things is 45 years old, has participated in matches against VfB Stuttgart, SC Freiburg and Grasshoppers Zurich, and is in his new home long ago a number.

Hans Rasp it all began

he began he could probably not dream, as in the F-Jugend TSV Erding under coaches Hans Rasp and Rainer Hoffmann the Kick. "At 17 I played for the first time in First," he says. Because his passport was not signed, were removed from the TSV at the time points. Otherwise, he will have only the best memories. He may have to play on the side of the Erdinger sizes Anderl butterfly Maier, Ralf Sandner' Richi fire Huber, Wolfgang "Uwe" under Reiner, Hans "Leines" Leininger, Savas Kepic, Karl "Mance" Strohmair and Otto Simon. He was, as Erding by the then C-class (now class A) in the district League by marched. He experienced a Trainer like Ralf Sandner ("He has always believed in me and for me to play."), Rudi Böck ("He put everything on discipline and fitness. Unfortunately, we were there, we don't always agree.“) and Colin White ("the fact That he was a professional at FC Bayern, he can never hang out. But tactically, mentally, and humanly there is no better.“). In 192 games hammer things scored 79 goals for his hometown club.

+ of The young Peter hammer things (R) sings the praises of Coach Guenther Knows: "Tactically, mentally, and humanly there is no Better."©Private

No question about it, hammer things was by and by Erdinger. He has even in his name. But how was the Hamm-Erdinger-a Hamm-a black forest?

the love was "because", he says. Private it was obviously not a bad decision. He is married, has a 14-year-old daughter. Professionally, it was also no deterioration. "I've learned at Siemens, in Munich, the profession as a industrial mechanic and am still active in the metal sector," he says. And from a sporting perspective? It was also a hit.

Even if his new home had only expected to be another cracker. "When I was presented as a newcomer from Munich, and then my first goal in the district League have a shot, in the newspaper ,Bayern import scored the winning goal'. Then it was, Oh, a FC Bayern plays now Winzeln at SV’,“ he says, laughing. "I'm just out of the small Erding." But he made the Bierstadt all of the honour: "When I drank after the first day of practice with felt 40 degrees with a beer in two moves, stared at me like I was an alien."

243 goals in 455 Games

+ His wife Manuela and daughter Svenja hammer things has to be Bayern Fans raised.©Private

Not from another planet, but well worth seeing but it was then his goal tally for his new club. Hammer things has led to the book: "In a total of 455 Games for the First and Second I scored 243 goals. In one season I managed 40 hits.“ As once the great Gerd Müller in the Bundesliga. Hammer things is, by the way Winzeln, a big FC Bayern Fan and has built up for the Red a Base in the black forest – as a fan club President of Bayern Fanclub Black Forest.

by the Way, he made the B-license in the sports school Ruit, as a Trainer, won with his Team to the city championship, then the SV rooms in the youth power to go to the area. "That was a huge chance. I took the B-youth, which played in the Liga against VfB' SC Freiburg, Stuttgarter Kickers and SSV Ulm." At least three Times a week was trained, "and to play the away a trip of a minimum of two hours was quite normal," says hammer things. He likes to think back to a test match against Grasshoppers Zurich. "Once we win, could even be a preparation game against SC Freiburg 4:0. Our goalie stopped everything, and we had four Sunday shots. Also against VfB Stuttgart a 2:2 have managed. But otherwise we got from those already on the bag. If the serious, you have no Chance,“ he says and raves about the cooperation of his club SC Freiburg, against whom he is 0:7 lost. "Our best players have been able to give it a try at SC. So my former player Kai Brünker is about the SC Freiburg now at Sonnenhof large Asbach landed. Serhat Ilhan came to Freiburg to Heidenheim.“

the same time, he also remember the Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona, he looked at the former coach Marcus Sorg. "At the time, Christian Streich was U-19 coach and assistant to Marcus Sorg." After two years of competitive sports hammer things moved back to the Active. Currently, he coached SpVgg suffering rings in the circle League A and kicks self in the AH of the SV Winzeln.

The linguistic communication problems of the past ("do not understand me, and I didn't understand you.") are now largely removed. "I'm still Bavarian. But from time to time, slip me a couple of Swabian expressions," he says, and: "A go!' is called schwäbisch ,A wa', and the jam is not a Gselz' – because I knew at the beginning ,really, what is mine."

His dream: coach at FC Erding

Initially, he had Erding is already very missed, to hammer things. "First of all, of course, good beer. In the black forest brew not too bad, but it does not approach shut up to us.“ The autumn festival had, it was missing initially. In the Large and Whole everything was five sizes smaller, as he knew it from Erding. "But since I'm a very relaxed, sociable and fun guy, was the conversion not a Problem for me. In Winzeln, I was accepted to be excellent.“

Three to four times per year he comes to Erding. This weekend is it again so far. "I'm going to love Erding, always," he says, and adds. "Maybe I'll come back sometime as a coach of FC Erding. That would be my life's dream.“

Dieter Priglmeir

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