Job-study: So brazenly lie to the Germans in the workplace and in vocational | career

honesty is the best policy? The many German, what relates to the Job of seeing, apparently, is different. A survey provides amazing results. honesty is the bes

Job-study: So brazenly lie to the Germans in the workplace and in vocational | career

honesty is the best policy? The many German, what relates to the Job of seeing, apparently, is different. A survey provides amazing results.

honesty is the best policy? The many Germans see in the Job, apparently, different. According to a survey, more than half of the employees flunkert in the work.

lies in the work? According to the survey, are not uncommon

How much honesty can withstand the working life? This question is the employer review platform Glassdoor with a representative survey among professional investigated is. YouGov Deutschland interviewed for 1.054 German professionals to your behavior and dealing with truth in the workplace . The result: 45 percent of the working lie in Job , to come well over the rounds.

one in five workers in Germany is adjusted at work

Can show professionals your real face in Job* ? More than one in five working people (22 per cent) tend not to. Thus, the proportion of those who do not behave according to the survey, at job* authentic. 32 percent of the respondents would even show never feelings in the work. These survey results give a fairly sober picture of the world of work. This basic inventory seems to be dealing with the truth in the Job* to knock down. How much room remains for refreshing honesty in the Job?

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honesty is the best policy? Not in the profession

In the context of the survey, the participants were asked about two different types of lies: " Little white lies " made casually and serve the euphemism ("I'm on it!"), whereas " big lies " intentional and facts are grossly distorted ("I won the big customers!"). The occasional use of little white lies in the sense described above, 45 percent of the respondents to plead guilty, on a regular basis this Form is employed in 28 percent of the German profession in use. While 51 percent of the men believe that small lies in life simply to the occupation include. Only 45 percent see the for female respondents so.

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Gross lie to the rarity in the workplace

now, turn in the work lied , until the bar? May not. In the case of lie grosser the most professional show restrained . Only eight percent of the working set, occasionally "big lie" to themselves in their professional lives to enforce. Only six percent do so frequently. Basically, men (eight per cent) than women (four per cent) tend to twist the truth on a regular basis. For 90 percent of the women surveyed deliberate lie in the work life to search for nothing, but also 80 percent of men share this view.

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lies in the work - the reasons are different

what are the reasons much will lie in the work ? 27 percent of German workers reported here that they have lied before to hide errors and failures. 21 percent have already once told you the truth because you suspect that the Head* or Chef does not accept dissenting opinion. Twelve percent of respondents did this in order to avoid penalties and sanctions.

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friends and family are more likely to occur lied to the superiors

may be employee* and line managers at job are still comparatively well treated. The respondents lies in the tendency to see more of your friends and family as their own Boss or Chef . While 38 per cent have already your life partner or your life partner lied to, to only give 15 percent, to have it in your superior try. Also, the hierarchy influence: Particularly honest you are, in fact, compared to the or the own CEO. Only five percent of German workers have lied in this relationship already.

"The fact that many professionals manage from time to time with a white lie , is not critical. It is difficult when you work in a company where you need it, perhaps because error and failures will not be tolerated and sanctions," says Felix Altmann, labour market expert at Glassdoor. "It should be talked around that an open dealing with mistakes can ensure that persons in employment have more courageous and more creative. Who adjust on-the-job and constantly lies you need, you should consider whether you or he's still right."

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