Clinics in the Corona-crisis: Are so overloaded that we need to set priorities

contact restrictions, event bans, the closure of the restaurant: All these measures are intended to help the spread of the Coronavirus curb. On Wednesday, Germa

Clinics in the Corona-crisis: Are so overloaded that we need to set priorities

contact restrictions, event bans, the closure of the restaurant: All these measures are intended to help the spread of the Coronavirus curb. On Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) announced that the current part-Lockdown up to 10. January will be extended. The reason for this is Still the Rate of Corona infections in this country is disturbingly high, even now, there are reports of shortages on the German intensive care units.

So, 24 percent of intensive care beds with Covid in Berlin-19-patients occupied. This is evident from the current report of the Federal state (Stand: 2. December). Also in Hessen, Corona make Infected with 16.9 percent of ICU patients. Nationwide treatment courts are still free. For skilled workers, which can provide the sick, the missing, however: According to the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and emergency medicine (DIVI) there is a lack nurses in this country at 3,000 to 4,500-Intensive.

How dramatic is the Situation in the hospitals is really, explain two nurses and an intensive-care physician in an interview with the "mirror".

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Virus crisis: a nurse speaks of the "catastrophic personal situation"

20 out of 60 employees of your Station to be positive in the Coronavirus tested, reported a 24-Year-old intensive care nurse from Thuringia. She speaks of a "catastrophic personal situation" with serious consequences. "As far as I know, all continue to work, including some that have mild symptoms," she says. You would become infected with the Coronavirus and the public health Department to report that she felt fit enough, not had them in quarantine.

And, although nurses could not comply with the minimum distance to the patient is often, "if we rotate, for example, a patient from the prone position to the supine position". Similar conditions describes the "mirror," a 20-year-old woman, also from Thuringia, who just completed a training to become a health nurse. "One Morning in the Breakfast break, the chief doctor came to the ward and told the staff that we should continue to work, if we are tested positive, but no symptoms had," she says.

New to the seemingly absurd rule is not. Already in mid-November the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU): not announced "If (...) due to Isolation and quarantine measures, as many are, then even here, in the hospital, in the doctor's office, in the care establishment that the power supply will be interrupted, you have to look at what is the second best next to the best possible solution." Then it could be necessary only that contact with persons with daily Tests, and FFP2 masks to work.

Also tested positive nurses should take care of Spahn is that, if necessary, under "special protection measures" continue to be patient.

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adopt intensive nurse is stunned, "Are so overloaded that we need to set priorities,"

That these "safeguards" do not appear to be always respected, writes the 24-Year-old nurse, with the help of the "mirror" language. "I don't understand why my positive tested colleagues do not need to carry on the intensive care unit once FFP2 masks. I feel uncomfortable because I can't estimate how contagious you are," she says. During the first lock downs, there have been a solid Team that have cared for patients at the Corona Station. Rolf Venn Bernd/dpa

"fallen, But in the meantime, the willingness to be constantly on the Station divided, is. That is why we are sent there now, almost all of the alternately hung", - quotes the "mirror" the 24-Year-old. Only shortly before the start of the Shift you'll be informed on what Station you work on each day. How stressful it is going to be the Covid-Station, is a sketch of the young sister, on the basis of an example: "Yesterday, we have supplied a patient for five hours with full protection, his breathing tube was bent and we had to intubate new. After that, I was sweating, soaking wet under my coat."

the care of The Covid-patients At the cost of time, as well as the put on and take Off protective clothing. "We are so overloaded that we need to set priorities: do We compromise, among other things, in the care of the body, because the life is not necessary," says the 24-Year-old. The Sandra Emily Stoll, a senior physician at the clinic for anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine, University hospital of Cologne confirmed.

intensive care physician: "We are in a very exceptional situation,"

you: before Corona there had been a lack of staff, now a nurse for three patients. "In many ways this is a very bad Situation. The sisters have to do without, for example, important handles in the supply, because the medical care is, then prior to the physical", it warns.

Nor could the Corona location, although cope, experts say - but only under a lot of Stress for all parties Involved, i.e. Doctors, nursing and cleaning staff. There is no duration could be state that they were possibly for the entire Winter under such great tension.

intensive care physician make an appeal, therefore, appeal to the population, protection measures to contain the Coronavirus to comply with. "We are in an exceptional situation that we have experienced in the history of intensive care medicine as never before," said Gernot Marx of the German society for anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine. Any group that does not meet currently, in the case of carrying, perhaps, that survived a few more people.

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