8 Healthy Lifestyle Rules That You Should Stop Following

We read lots of articles daily about how to spend a healthy life. But they are far from reality. In this article, we will discuss the main misconceptions about nutrition

8 Healthy Lifestyle Rules That You Should Stop Following

We read lots of articles daily about how to spend a healthy life. But they are far from reality. In this article, we will discuss the main misconceptions about nutrition, which by no means can be attributed to the category of a healthy lifestyle. It's time to stop following them immediately!

Misconceptions About Healthy Lifestyle

Here are some common misconceptions about a healthy lifestyle which we need to stop following as soon as possible.

1- Drink 1.5-2 Liters Of Water Per Day

The rationale that has been backed up by biology professors is based on how our water balance is built. About 2.5 liters of fluid should enter the body per day, of which about 0.5 liters is the formation of water during metabolism, about 1 liter enters the body with solid food, and only 1 liter of fluid remains in total.

Therefore, if you drink different drinks, then subtract them. And what remains? Little, very little, only 0.5–0.7 liters of water! Note that excess fluid can affect the condition of the skin and worsen its appearance and increase your rounds to the washroom.

2- Addiction Is A Choice

It is faulty logic that addiction is a choice. The reality is that a person may start drinking alcohol or using drugs by choice but leaving them becomes the most difficult part. Then for such severe addictions, the last resort is to get a rehab facility for sobering up. So, do not believe this myth and try not to make substance abuse, a part of your life.

3- Don't Eat After 18:00

The dubious origin of this rule has already become obvious to some, but you will not believe how many people continue to follow it. In reality, only the daily allowance plays a role, and if we go into more correct calculations, then the weekly food intake with the layout for nutrients. Because our body does not care what is on the clock - 18:00 or 18:23.

It has an expense and has an income. Surplus (consumption is more than they need) - you get fat. Deficiency (consumption is less than the need) - you are losing weight. Balance (consumption equals the need) - you maintain your current weight. At the same time, you need to understand that if someday you have a lot of activity, then the body also needs more fuel for an effective life.

4- Eat Less But More Often

This is a completely unfounded fact. For example, an apple snack will give only increase your appetite. The rationale comes from the biochemistry of the process. An apple contains a large number of sugars, followed by the reaction of the pancreas to the intake of glucose - the production of insulin occurs.

But the body does not receive anything else, and, as a result, it will want to eat after a fairly quick period. For the body to be in a normal state, 2-3 normal meals per day are enough for it. So, there is no non-stop production of insulin, which prevents the breakdown of fats.

5- If You Exercise, You Can Eat What You Want

It does not work like this. You need to have a healthy diet, lifestyle, and habits along with regular exercising for staying healthy and fit. If you would skip any one of these, your health will suffer. By doing only intense workouts and not taking enough meals, you are just damaging your health. Therefore, it is better to adopt a balanced way of living.

6- Separate Meals

We were so actively stuffed with eating meals separately, like eating potatoes at one time, after a while eating vegetables, people got the feeling that they need to eat around the clock. It is a scientifically proven fact that the stomach has all the necessary enzymes for a one-time breakdown of incoming food.

Your diet should simply be balanced. A striking example of a balanced meal is a hamburger. If you take good and clean bread, a quality piece of meat, cheese, vegetables and a little sauce, for example, a yogurt, then it will be a great lunch.

7- Excluding Sugar Completely

If you completely exclude every type of sugar from your diet, you are not doing any benefit to your body. Natural sugar which is present in grains and dairy products is necessary for the body. Unlike white sugar, they are beneficial for the body if taken in moderation.

8- Eat More Vegetables And Fruits

Of course, vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, mainly vitamin C. This vitamin remains in fruits and vegetables only with proper transportation and storage. It is already becoming clear that the latter cannot serve as the basis of your diet. For example, all fruits also contain fructose. Unlike glucose, it is synthesized by our body in a slightly different way. As a result, it immediately goes into fat.

Therefore, you can eat no more than three fruits a day to limit the body's intake of fructose. Further, an average tomato weighing 200 grams in calories pulls 30 grams of lightly salted trout, but the latter will be much denser in nutrients (richer in nutrients and useful substances). Therefore, before you eat another vegetable for the day, remember this.

In general, for good intestinal motility, you need to eat green vegetables (500 grams is enough - for example, a salad for lunch and dinner), rich in fiber, or buy fiber in dry form.

Summing Up

In reality, a healthy lifestyle is a caring attitude towards one's own body, based on a neural connection with it. Try to listen to it more often, also love and care for your body. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and get rid of these myths which do not hold any truth. Stay healthy and live long!

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