CDU-woman ratio: not to heave border moronic women to Post

DOMRADIO.DE: The CDU structure and bylaws Commission has adopted a women's quota of 50 percent, the level to be achieved by 2025. The women cannot do it alone

CDU-woman ratio: not to heave border moronic women to Post

DOMRADIO.DE: The CDU structure and bylaws Commission has adopted a women's quota of 50 percent, the level to be achieved by 2025. The women cannot do it alone in the CDU leadership positions?

Claudia Lücking-Michel (former Vice-Chairman. Chairman of the women's group of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag and Deputy Chairman. Chairman of the ZdK): That single women can do it, makes the CDU just. Thus, structural imbalances are not corrected for a long time. Women can do much alone, you can compensate with a lot of competence and commitment, a lot of things. But in the case of structural imbalances and injustices, it will need structural improvements.

DOMRADIO.DE: Of this woman's ratio should only be deviated from if there is not enough applicants to run inside. Only 26 percent of CDU members are women. It could therefore be difficult to find enough women interested in political office?

Lücking-Michel: The party's share has a lot to little women, and know that you have to offer to women but also really good chances to make it to the party and work in the party, you find attractive. With the hope, of course, that this is now soon the mass imprisonment of young, decide on a committed, competent women in the CDU and to engage there.

the chicken and the Egg: I don't think so, if you make it clear that women are welcome and we want to do something for you, are the same, some woman somewhere else. Until then, we have the Problem that when the total imbalance among the applicants will have to differ and say that there are far too few women among the possible candidates.

DOMRADIO.DE: That is, with the existing members of the structure, a 50-percent control is not feasible?

Lücking-Michel: Which will be implemented in reality, difficult and would lead in many situations to a large disadvantage of many men. Nevertheless, This is a must-do and the other not. Now clear and hope that this and other measures are also necessary, the proportion of women increases.

DOMRADIO.DE: Conservative groups like the Young Union, and the Council for the economy are the ratio compared to more reserved. How can it take you?

"not about to heave border moronic women on any Items

Lücking-Michel: " The debates we have been long in the party. In some Places we were not able to take you so far. The hope is to really make it clear that we need the women. We need to set signals that they are welcome, and you are also real opportunities. We must finally get away from the debate: quote: a woman or a competent woman?

not to offer It comes, to heave border moronic women to any Post, but rather the rule, much better qualified, and often very dedicated women structurally in this world of men a Chance. I think also the Council for the economy and, hopefully, at some point, the Young Union will be convinced, because otherwise, the imbalance is getting bigger and we are more in proportion of men who shape the image to the outside, and thereby a party to work for women is becoming more and more unattractive.

DOMRADIO.DE: The Church, in contrast to the CDU, has adopted a quota system already. A half years ago, the Catholic Church itself has committed to occupy by 2023, 30 percent of the line offices with women. The bishops want to ensure. How can you find that?

Lücking-Michel: , In principle, very good. Since we are already decisive steps. You worry in many Places also. I think an excellent example is the women-Mentoring-program of the Hildegardis Association is implementing the orders of the bishops ' conference. But the devil is in the Detail: What are the management tasks? I mean, there are assigned many tasks in the Church. Good young talent is sought. But, it must be noted, women are excluded from many tasks in the Church, and of the crucial management tasks from the outset, because these priests are subject to change.

and management tasks are not quasi-awarded habitual to priests, although it would be theologically necessary. As we need to, both in terms of the settings and attitudes, what are the tasks for the women to come at all into consideration, our horizons expand and the basic question approach, the Reservation of ordination for Central management tasks. We can either change the entry requirement to the consecration, or we need to think about this connection of Power and consecration in a whole different way.

DOMRADIO.DE: How big do you estimate the danger that women, if higher Offices, only the men and the consecrated men to remain reserved, and turn away from the Church and elsewhere to engage?

Lücking-Michel: Which is huge. You need to be a psychic because one looks, listens, and discusses with young, dedicated women, and with women, which will be opened on the basis of their competence elsewhere doors. To be quite honest, to a certain extent I can understand much of what the women are saying that they will be rejected and not taken seriously, and therefore go somewhere else.

On the question, I did not like that it sounds a bit like the especially career-addicted women who are looking elsewhere then your luck would be. Instead, it is women that say quite clearly that this is a Church image and understanding that you don't want to support. Not because they have no chances in it, but because you will not find in such a Church the basic messages of the gospel. In the FOCUS Online/Wochit In the

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