FC Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig in the Premier class - with the Bundesliga club hoping to luck of the draw

the FC Bayern threatened with FC Barcelona to hammer opponents in the quarter-finals Eintracht Frankfurt in Europa League, VfL Wolfsburg meet the due

FC Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig in the Premier class - with the Bundesliga club hoping to luck of the draw
  • FC Bayern threatened with FC Barcelona to hammer opponents in the quarter-finals
  • Eintracht Frankfurt in Europa League, VfL Wolfsburg meet
  • the duel with Inter for Bayer Leverkusen in the EL quarter-final possible

CL-quarter final / fixtures (12.-15.8. 2020):

Real Madrid/Manchester City - Olympique Lyon-Juventus Turin

RB Leipzig - Atletico Madrid

SSC Napoli/FC Barcelona - FC Bayern/Chelsea FC

Atalanta-Bergamo - Paris Saint-Germain

CL-semi-final / fixtures:

Leipzig/Atletico - Bergamo/PSG (18./19.8. 2020)

Bayern/Chelsea/Barca/Naples - Real/ManCity/Juve/Lyon (18./19.8. 2020)

CL-Finale (23.8. 2020)

Champions League draw in the Ticker-log:

12.38 PM: If Bayern in the Champions League was supposed to enforce the quarter-final against FC Barcelona or Napoli, is already the next possible Hammer with Real Madrid or Manchester City. It will be a rocky road to the final, if the giants want to get this season under coach Hansi Flick the Triple.

12.31 PM: Thus, we get a German duel in the round of the best Eight in the Premier class between FC Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig. This can occur, probably in the Finale. But Barca is a Hammer! The Triple dream of the FC Bayern seems to wiggle a little, because Barcelona with Superstar Lionel Messi is still a heavy house number in European football.

12.30 PM: In the fourth Champions League match Atalanta Bergamo and Napoli meet.

12.27 PM: This is a real cracker! FC Bayern League quarter-finals, the FC Barcelona awaits the Champions-if the Catalans win against SSC Naples. The first leg between Barca and Napoli ended in a 1:1. FC Bayern won the first leg against Chelsea with 3:0.

12.26 PM: RB Leipzig plays against Atletico! FC Bayern gets to do it with the FC Barcelona or Naples.

12.24 PM: As the first ball is Real/drawn ManCity. After That, Lyon/Juventus.

12.23 PM: Eight-ball with four names of quarter-finalists and the remaining four pairs are drawn.

12.22 PM: Paulo Sousa speaks about his Champions League experiences. But for now, let's go'.

12.17 PM: it's exciting! The ceremonial, the kind words and salutations is almost over. Now "Losfee" and two-time Champions League-winner Paulo Sousa - who has also played for BVB comes in. He will pull the balls.

12.12 PM: For the FC Bayern is on a brand Ambassador Giovane Elber added: "We hope that we can get in the Champions League quarter-final with an attractive opponent." Let's see if the Double-winner in the Premier class get caught when the in Munich to prevail against Chelsea.

12.09 PM: The Switch to Madrid will not work in the first attempt. The technology is on strike or Emilio Butragueño has pressed the wrong button. The sports Director of Real Madrid is not heard. Not a Problem, then continue with Manchester City.

12.06 PM: The Video-Interviews start in Turin, Pavel Nedved and Giorgio Chiellini are switched on: "It was not easy due to Corona, but we have tried to make the Best of it. I've spent a lot of time with the family. But now I'm glad it goes with the football," said Chiellini.

12.05 PM: Before the CL starts to draw, there are still Interviews with the representatives of the clubs. Previously is shown, how the players have held during the Corona break in the own four walls fit. Robert Lewandwoski is also there.

12.03 PM: In a further Trailer is still looked back on the history of the Champions League season, which was interrupted by the violent Corona pandemic.

12.01 PM: Everything is prepared at the beginning of the event, the Trailer for the Champions League played the national anthem. The presenter speaks in front of almost empty stands in Nyon in the cameras. Beside him, the silver Champions League trophy. The object of desire.

12.00 PM: let's go! The draw for the Champions League (12: 00) and the Europa League (13.00) runs in Nyon in Switzerland.

11.50 am: In a few minutes, let's go! FOCUS Online is for you in the Live Ticker here. Here, you missed nothing.

11.15 am: RB Leipzig is already in the quarter-finals. But it is also a Double-winner, FC Bayern München plan after the 3:0 away success at Chelsea FC for the next round.

Starting at 13.00 hrs, continue with the Europa League. Here are from the German point of view Bayer Leverkusen, Eintracht Frankfurt and VfL Wolfsburg represented. Both cups will be played in August in a final tournament of the best eight Teams: the Champions League in Portugal, the Europa League in North Rhine-Westphalia.


EL quarter final / fixtures:

Wolfsburg/Donetsk - Frankfurt/Basel

LASK/ManUnited - Istanbul/Copenhagen

Inter - /Getafe - Rangers/Leverkusen

Olympiacos/Wolverhampton - Sevilla/Roma

Europa League Draw in the Ticker-log:

13:29 PM: That's all for today. the thank you for Your interest. any further News, results and reports can be found on our sports page. Beautiful Friday!

13.25 PM: In the quarter-finals could come to a duel between the VfL Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt . the Bayer Leverkusen could meet in the round of the best Eight on Inter Milan.

13.23 PM: Inter/Getafe against Rangers/Leverkusen.

13.20 PM: Wolfsburg/Donetsk against Frankfurt/Basel.

13.17 PM: Thomas Helmer will be the "Losfee". , The former BVB and Bayern players is equal to that of the first balls.

at 13:14: let's go! a Total of 16 clubs are still in the race.

13.00: Continue with the Europa League draw. As earlier in the Champions League will be presented once all the Teams. In addition, there are Video Interviews with the sport, the heads of the clubs.

12.45 PM: In a quarter of an hour's with the Europa-League-draw more. the FOCUS Online is, of course, live. In the pot with Bayer Leverkusen, Eintracht Frankfurt and VfL Wolfsburg three German Teams.

quarter - final and semi-final draw in Switzerland

11.00 a.m.: Hello and welcome to the Live Ticker at FOCUS Online. The Champions League returns. In Nyon, Switzerland the quarter - final and semi-finals will be drawn. There are some peculiarities. The conditions of the still-participating teams could not be more different. the

Champions League: does the decision in the Corona-crisis

quarter-finals (12.-15. August) Semi-Finals (18.-19. August) and final (23. August) only in Lisbon. The most Important thing: There is no Back-and-back-game-regulation - the winner will be determined in 90 minutes.

in addition, It is exposed to the countries protection already in the quarter-finals. Accordingly, the FC Bayern could meet, if the Munich to qualify in a knock-out quarter-finals on RB Leipzig.

More: Champions League - All the news ahead of the draw: K. o. quarter-final between Bayern and Leipzig

Pep destroyed in Bavaria Triple-a dream in the Champions League, PCP Pep destroyed in Bavaria Triple-a dream in the Champions League

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