By Anti-racism protests in Germany, in the USA, suddenly a role model

Not only look prestigious media like the New York Times, Washington Post, or the public radio broadcaster NPR at the time and often sympathetic to Germany. Espe

By Anti-racism protests in Germany, in the USA, suddenly a role model

Not only look prestigious media like the New York Times, Washington Post, or the public radio broadcaster NPR at the time and often sympathetic to Germany. Especially in the social media activists think that white Americans could learn from the Germans.

“In contrast to America, has been trying to Germany to face its past. One need only look at the history books in the schools,” said Ryan Bates, a lawyer from Texas. The topic of the civil war, the slavery often play only a minor role in the teaching of history of many southern States. In some textbooks the word “slave missing” completely, instead, the talk was of “workers” or “immigrants”. “The Deutsche have set themselves as apart significantly more honest with their history,” finds Bates. As a parents ' Council, he has been the Robert Lee elementary school of his children to rename. Lee was a southern General. “What black students want to enter a building that bears the name of a Slavery advocate? In Germany, there is certainly no Rommel-secondary schools.”

in Front of everyone in the social media applies to Germany as a model

as Bates many liberal voices in the United States currently make comparisons with Germany. Media praise the memorials of German cities to remember victims of the Holocaust, many Americans are impressed. While conservative politicians seek to prevent the demolition of Confederate monuments, argue liberal commentators, in Germany, you'd see generals no statues of Nazi.

Young Americans speak, especially in social media from Germany as a model. “Just as there are flags with the swastika are banned, should we ban the Confederate Flag,” says student Charlotte Silk from New York. “The Flag stands for slavery. But many southerners, you can find perfectly fine.”

From the point of view of many white Americans, it was not in the civil war primarily to abolish slavery, but to autonomy and taxation in the southern States. Therefore, you can be generals of the civil war, even revere as heroes if they fought on the side of the slave holder.

plantations, the gone with the wind as "Tara" from the movie classic "The wind" appearance, stage for tourists proud of the ancient splendor of the white domination. Slave huts, it seems to have not given. This part of the past seemed non-existent, to the "Black Lives Matter"protests have reignited the debate.

Proud of plantation culture

is of concern Because of Corona, many of the plan were closed for days until recently, however, Museum leaders are now, no longer trying to show only the Glamour of the “Southern Belles”. Recently, you want to give the appearance of a slave everyday life for more space. So the "Oak Alley Plantation has begun," in Louisiana, in order to reconstruct former slave huts. Until recently, this topic seemed to be taboo here. Nevertheless, the demolition of the Confederate monuments in the Wake of the "Black Lives Matter" to many Southerners a thorn in the eye, explains the Museum's leader, Chad of Oak Alley: “It's the story of our ancestors. These generals were war heroes. You can't erase or just to the aspect of slavery reduce.”

Among supporters of the Democrats, however, many find it questionable how one is proud of this plantation culture. As a student Silk mind, that, for example, weddings on Southern plantations continues to be highly popular: “brides-to-be feel like Scarlett O'hara. They are posing in white dress on cotton plantations, where slaves were trapped.” American TV stations have dropped “gone with The wind” last week, but the plantations continue to be regarded as the perfect romantic backdrop for festivals, with the mansion of former slave-holder as a lovely photo.

activists have reserved Tickets for Trump-election - and went not down

The question of whether white Americans are the descendants of slaves reparations guilty, was until the death of George Floyd's not a big issue. With the rise of the "Black-Lives-Matter protests", however it is now more explosive than ever. In the election program of many democratic congressional and Senate candidates, the talk is of reparation payments. The democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to emphasizes its open position. Although the vast majority of Americans reject financial reparations, was discussed, the subject never so strongly as now. Black activists and politicians are calling for additional payments for the forced labor of their ancestors, including interest. Again, the left-liberal voices to call Germany's reparations to Holocaust victims as an example.

For Bates goes back to this theme in the teaching of history: “It is significant that many White only Trumps-election-Rally of the massacre in Tulsa, or from the 19th century. June have heard. Unlike in Germany, our school teachers have failed plans.”

in 1921, were slaughtered by armed White an established and successful black middle class in Tulsa, Oklahoma, out. To the creation of the “Black Wall Street massacre,” as it was then: a black Teenager harassed a white woman. 19. June is the official date of the freeing of the slaves. On pressure from the own party, Donald Trump had his planned Rally in the short term from the 19th century. June postponed by one day. African-Americans should be grateful to him, tweeted Trump. In the classroom the date was gone for many, but thanks to its Rally now all the rage.

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