Bicycle helmets against rubber bullets: One American city defies Trumps aggression

It is shortly after 21 o'clock, a crowd of people fills the Chapman Square, a Park that stretches over two street blocks, lined with Ginkgo trees and Park benc

Bicycle helmets against rubber bullets: One American city defies Trumps aggression

It is shortly after 21 o'clock, a crowd of people fills the Chapman Square, a Park that stretches over two street blocks, lined with Ginkgo trees and Park benches. "Should fear us, not we them", says Jeff. With "the" said the slender black man by the police. Jeff is time to come back for a Demonstration against police violence in Portland city center. It would have to be about his thirtieth, says Jeff.

almost two months Ago, the protests in Portland began. Since then, there are daily demonstrations for black victims of police violence in the United States. One of the main demands of the protesters: cuts in the police budget.

so Far this evening, neither the local police nor the special forces,the US President Donald Trump to Portland ordered something to see. However, it is not a question of whether the officials disengagement, but when. And if they give about speakers and the command to leave the place, or, without warning, get started. The direction from which the police and special units, seems to be commonly known. Usually they are in the Interior of the building, says a protester, pointing to the houses across from the Park, two of the court building and the Justice Center, the police station and a prison are housed.

"We need to call to make the police uncomfortable"

While more than a thousand people again and again, "Black Lives Matter," says Jeff, who works as a janitor in a school, from its membership, in the case of ADOS, the political organization of the descendants of American slaves. The ADOS calls for the abolition of the police in their current Form, and in addition, reparations to black Americans whose ancestors were forced into slavery.

The images of police actions to deter many of the residents of Portland to participate in the protests. However, those who go, are now a well-established Team. As a "violent Mob" as the description of the Commissioner of the US homeland security Minister of Chad Wolf - don't see you, however. AFP The Power of state violence prevents many people in Portland from the demonstrations

Volunteers will join lock in the evening, the cross is not around the Park, so that motorists driving in the protest crowd. A corner of white, bearded motorcyclist who glued the letters BLM, for Black Lives Matter, on your machine it is. In another corner two white women who have made the cross-your bikes are. A primary school teacher, the other organized before the pandemic bike tours. "I'm not the type of person who likes to be confronted with tear gas," says the teacher with a Smile. "If the police come, and your night-time announcement that the space is cleared, go, I, like most of the other home." The greater the amount, the longer would the police have to wait. The young woman is right: The police clear the square that night until after midnight.

swim goggles and Bicycle helmets against rubber bullets

The Leave of the place was but sometimes not so easy, because the police blocked the streets and not be reported, Carey, white, and mother of two children, one of whom serves in the army. "We are trapped more or less." And so would begin the scenes that ended fighting in the early hours of the morning in the uneven road. AFP The Power of state violence prevents many people in Portland from the demonstrations

Carey connect is involved since a few days the "wall of mothers": in the Beginning, about 30, in the meantime, hundreds of mothers, mostly white women, the night, Arm in Arm, in front of the protesters, to protect them from the police. "Yesterday, we have not blocked a road. No one has looted, there were no riots, and all of a sudden a vehicle with police came in full battle gear around the corner. You have Glare and noise grenades thrown, and then the tear gas came."

This also explains why many of the protesters look as if they were part of a toy army. In order to protect themselves from the actions of the police, carry in addition to the obligatory mask, Bicycle helmets, swimming goggles, ear plugs, knee, Hand and elbow pads or even self-made signs made of wood or lids of the salad bowls.

United States: Portland is not in the Chaos of

is Better equipped, with gas masks, the members of the Antifa, which mingle with the crowd. The self-stated goal of the anti-fascist group: The activities of Neo-to document the Nazis, and to protect other protesters against right-wing attacks. In Oregon, the decentrally and anonymously operating group has been in place since 2007.

Despite the gasmask endtrage of the Antifa-activists: Portland does not sink Far in the Chaos, as it is to formulate some politicians. The Protest is merely arrived at everyday life. Apart from the daily Demonstration in front of the Justice Center, in Portland, many other actions against police violence and racism, instead of on a weekly, motorcades, poster campaigns, to street corners, art exhibitions, rallies in Parks or Online readings. In the Windows of many shops, theatres, Cafes and yoga studios posters hanging in the Windows, which support the Black-Lives-Matter-movement.

And in the Parks, local residents walk on the edge of peaceful rallies with their children and dogs for a walk. So on this evening: Just one more Block, and your ordered food to pick up Hungry completely unfazed by the noisy Demonstration next door to a Vietnamese Restaurant.

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