The EU injects the Italian patients new hallucinogens to heal instead of him

The large EU-produced the summit, three winners and a loser. We speak first of all of the winners: winner number 1 of the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian is Shor

The EU injects the Italian patients new hallucinogens to heal instead of him

The large EU-produced the summit, three winners and a loser. We speak first of all of the winners: winner number 1 of the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian is Short. With his well-tempered kind, the strength in the thing with a liability in the combined sound, he managed to forge an Alliance of reason. Five economies – the combined gross national product of three times the North Rhine-Westphalia have United to create a powerful political bloc. Media Pioneer

This Alliance, managed to reduce the subsidies from the EU, which are in truth gifts from the planned 500 billion to 390 billion euros. Plus: The annual discount sum for Austria's contribution to the EU Budget was raised from EUR 237 million to EUR 565 million, representing an increase of 138 percent. Thus, Sebastian Kurz, the Economical can be to look at home. Since Bruno Kreisky, no Austrian Chancellor has made on the international stage, such a Bella Figura. The Person

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Europe has injected the Italian patients new hallucinogenic

Media Pioneer winner number 2 is the Italian head of government, Giuseppe Conte. He called on Tuesday morning in a video conference, the decisions as "historic Moment for Italy." Conte has succeeded, for the dysfunctional Italian rule of law to get 208,8 billion instead of the originally planned 172 billion from the reconstruction Fund, of which 81.4 billion in grants and 127,4 billion in loans.

in Addition, he managed the low-countries want veto to fend off right-at the disbursement of the grants. The Italian inability, a modern statehood with a functioning tax administration, is not punished, but rewarded. Europe has administered to the Italian patients, no medicine, but new hallucinogens injected.

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Macron know how to turn money that you don't have, in the Prestige

Media Pioneer winner number 3 is Emmanuel Macron. The man knows how to turn money one does not own, in Prestige. He managed the Chancellor in the evening sun of your term in office bring the French statism almost.

The many French President of the postwar period, the objective pursued, to enforce a EU Finance Ministers as the Overture to a fiscal Union, he moved perceptibly closer. The "European Treasury" with the right to borrow on the international capital market independently, is a reality. And this is also not to be despised – Macron secured from the corona Fund of the EU just under € 40 billion as blank transfer. That's the equivalent of a third of the French expenditure on education. Media Pioneer

game of supply and demand no longer applies as a blessing

Which brings us to the losers of this rescue policy: The idea of the Social market economy has taken more damage. To eliminate the inherent to bring forth the end of power, Innovation, scarcity and create prosperity for the greatest number of people, is no longer estimated, but disputed.

The game of supply and demand applies to the European Establishment, not more than a blessing, but as a suspect. The Savior state, the awakened one, in the Wake of the financial crisis, and pandemic-fighting to a new size shot up, want to feel now. Europe no longer wants to be "competition authorities" (Walter Eucken), and "referee" (Ludwig Erhard), but market-maker and scorer. Media Pioneer

The history loves paradoxes

The European rule of law, ranging from the EU Commission via the European development Bank and the European stability mechanism (ESM) to the ECB, is a permanent system of rule, the striving for domination. Your in the 1.8 trillion Budget (see the chart) visible Ambition is to promote the political unification of the continent, to combat climate change and to make the consequences of a global pandemic is back.

The danger is real that Europe is prepared, and in many ways the opposite of the Desired is achieved: The conservation fiscally untenable situations, the Overexpansion of the state, bureaucratic paralysis, instead of economic Stimulation and, finally, the citizens annoyance by deliberately sparked Inflation.

The history of paradoxes loves. Perhaps of all the Newspapers as "historic" and celebrated entry into the debt Union in Europe to its national crash brings the edge closer than many realize. Or to say it with Erich Kästner: "If one has no fear, he has no imagination." After the EU summit: Reporter Merkel brings unpleasant question in expository FOCUS Online/Wochit After the EU summit: Reporter brings Merkel with the unpleasant question in expository

Updated Date: 22 July 2020, 05:27

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