Analysis | The use of terrorism will close the margin

the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, expect a hard task for the legislature, to judge by the spectacle offered in this debate of investiture. The right-w

Analysis | The use of terrorism will close the margin

the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, expect a hard task for the legislature, to judge by the spectacle offered in this debate of investiture. The right-wing, radicalized, have used Congress as a sounding box, including the insult and clamour, in its strategy of harassment and demolition of the Government, which presumably will come out of the vote Tuesday. If the Saturday is the rights focus the debate on the Catalan question to accuse Pedro Sanchez of “breaking Spain”, the Sunday resurrected to ETA, when more than eight years ago that ended the terrorism.

Paul Married, in a brief intervention, unforeseen from the seat, made a use painful of the victims of terrorism, their own worst Aznar, autoerigiéndose their spokesperson to accuse Sanchez of not having defended in his reply to the spokesman for Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurua, whose mere presence at the lectern originated the rejection express the benches of the right. The answer is given by some victims on social networks, like Mary Jauregui and Pedro Elespe, the sons of socialists, murdered by ETA, which reminded to Married that the terrorist group had already disappeared and that her parents would be happy that Spain govern the left.

Aizpurua had used his involvement as a spokesman for Bildu to enforce against Sanchez abstention, which will contribute to his election as president. A reference to the “authoritarian discourse of the head of State” after the incidents of the 1-Or caused the outbreak in the benches of the right, with insults to Aizpurua and proclamations vocingleras “patriotic”, as well as the request of being Married to the president of Congress required to Aizpurua rectify. “It has been the most nauseating of the heirs of ETA”, he said Married.

Batet refused, claiming, with good reason, that the freedom of expression protected by the spokesman for Bildu, which defended the classical postulates of the pro-independence basque without engaging in apology of terrorism. Not quoted ETA. Were the rights which the cited to attack Sanchez because Bildu will provide the Government with their abstention.

The right-wing, confirmed on Sunday that the use of terrorism will be a crucial part of its policy of harassment and demolition to the Government of Sánchez. But it is a field of opposition each time more narrow. More and more associations and victims of ETA who rebel by their use. Bildu is legal by court decision, because in its statutes, which rejects violence. It was in 2011, the same year in which ETA announced the termination of the terrorism at the end of the Zapatero Government. In the more than eight years that have elapsed there has been no attacks, or blackmail, terrorist, or kale borroka. It was a final clean, with no political concessions and recognized by the ETA, as he liked to emphasize to Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, then Interior minister.

in Addition, the political agreements of the democratic parties against ETA –the Ajuria Enea in 1988 and For the Liberties of 2000– signed by the right –the first AP and the second by the PP–, tried to the disappearance of terrorism and the emergence of the nationalist left as a party to defend himself legally their ideas of independence. Is what was achieved in 2011. The abertzale left was not outlawed until 2003 by the Law on Parties for his proven complicity with terrorism etarra. But, no terrorism, no sense to keep it in the illegality, even more so when its constitution rejecting violence. So judged by the courts. But the PP, then in opposition, not assumed because during the Zapatero Government made terrorism one of its weapons of political attack.

however, when Mariano Rajoy agreed to the presidency of the Government has not promoted the illegalization of Bildu (then Amaiur). Rajoy kept Bildu in the legality. But Paul Married, with the PP in the opposition, has become used to terrorism and to the victims against the socialist Government.

Bildu has a lack in the very serious, which is the absence of self-criticism for their past complicity with the terrorism etarra. Is the demand all the democratic parties in the Basque country and in Spain as outstanding debt with the society, particularly their victims. There are many who do not want to repeat the absence of the consensus of condemnation of the franco regime. Aizpurua missed this Sunday, this question. But it should not be an excuse for their lawful presence to be used to attack the opposite.

The PP is very vulnerable in this matter. In the debate of investiture, Sanchez has been put forward examples of various types of negotiations and agreements of the PP with Bildu. Javier Maroto, being mayor of Vitoria, negotiated with Bildu. UPN, the party member of the PP in Navarra, has agreed several times in its history, with Bildu. In the Parliament and in the Councils basques the same thing happens. It is a common occurrence with a legal party. The rule of the PP is that they can do it and others make “treason” when they do.

Even more. José María Aznar, as president of the Government, not only sent his representatives to speak and negotiate with Batasuna. Also did it with the ETA in 1999, in Switzerland, with the support of the PSOE in the opposition. When the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero tried it in 2006, the PP is opposed radically. Now that the PP, with Married, is in the opposition, turns to fall in the temptation to use terrorism to attack the Government, when it should be a State matter, and, therefore, relegated to the fringes of the political struggle, even more so when terrorism has disappeared. So noted by the Covenant for the Freedoms of 2000, signed by the PP of Aznar.

Updated Date: 06 January 2020, 09:00

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