The trends of CES 2020: what to expect from the biggest technology trade show

The CES has been the stage on which have been presented since 1967, the technological devices more and more innovative each year: from the video recorder (VHS o

The trends of CES 2020: what to expect from the biggest technology trade show

The CES has been the stage on which have been presented since 1967, the technological devices more and more innovative each year: from the video recorder (VHS or Dvd players to high-definition televisions, tablets, or 3D printers. If in 2019 the largest tradeshow of consumer technology in the world was marked by the presentation of a television roller, the first quantum computer, commercial or inventions curious as a car with legs, it is expected that this year, technologies such as 5G, the conduction autonomous or attendees of voice protagonicen the event.

In total, more than 4,500 exhibitors will showcase their new devices between 7 and 10 January in Las Vegas: from tech giants to hundreds of emerging companies. Just like in Barcelona at MWC (mobile world congress), the days leading up to the event large manufacturers such as Samsung or LG have already submitted news.

The CTA (the association of technological companies of the united STATES, organised by the ETUC) expects some 170,000 people from over a hundred countries attend this great fair, in which there will be in addition to more than 300 conference and discussion tables. As a novelty, Apple will return to CES after a 30 year absence. Its director of privacy, Jane Horvath, will participate Tuesday in a round table discussion on privacy, along with other experts in this area, as Erin Egan, on Facebook, or Susan M. Shook, the group of consumer goods Procter & Gamble.

in Addition to this kind of discussions on various challenges posed by the technology in our lives, these will be the major trends that will be presented at the event:

the progress of The 5G

The 2019 was the year of take-off of the 5G. Countries such as Spain, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Italy and the united States began to deploy this technology. At the same time, manufacturers such as LG, Samsung or Xiaomi launched its first smartphones compatible with the 5G. Also began to see the first use cases in sectors such as medicine, the Internet of Things, automotive or agriculture.

networks 5G are already ready to operate, and enabling speeds 20 times higher than the current 4G

Steve Koenig, vice president of market Research of the CTA, in a conference before the start of the fair on the technology trends that will define CES, has stressed that the 5G will enable the farm of the future: you need sensors on the ground and in the sky —thanks to the drones—, automated bots, and farmers controlling multiple data and screens. These last, according to Koenig, may thanks to predictive analysis to know how much they will harvest and manage each week's best resources.

Although we will still have to wait to see a massive deployment of this technology, more and more companies are experimenting with it. It is expected that companies such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Nokia or Ericsson will demonstrate at CES that these networks are already ready to operate, and enabling speeds 20 times higher than the current 4G —although in the future it is planned that they be up to 100 times greater— and universal coverage events attracting large crowds such as concerts or football matches. To all this is added the decrease of the latency to milliseconds. That is to say, the response time from that he gives a command to a device until the run.

Driving autonomous

Every year CES is a meeting point for the companies working in the car connected. Some of the vehicles featured in the last edition were the electric motorcycle of Harley-Davidson or the air taxi of Bell Helicopter. Also the car with legs in the wheels of the Hyundai. This vehicle allowed the users drive, walk or even climb any terrain.

10 auto manufacturers will be presenting their new products at the fair

In this edition, 10 auto manufacturers will be presenting their new products at the fair. Among them, Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Nissan or Toyota. It is expected that in the next few days will share technologies that improve the connectivity and safety of vehicles. Also means of transport to flying. “We will see more like these and will be electric,” said Koenig, as he showed a photograph of Bell Nexus, a vehicle flying presented in the last edition of the CES.

quantum Computing

IBM announced in January of 2019 at CES the first quantum computer for commercial use, Q System One. By then the career in the field of quantum computing had not done more to start. In it, participating companies such as Microsoft, Honeywell, Rigetti Computing, IonQ, Intel, NTT and Google.

This latest technology giant, which will also be present at the fair, published in October 2019 in the scientific journal Nature one of the major developments of the story in quantum computing. The company of Mountain View that he had achieved in just 200 seconds, an operation to calculate random numbers that the most powerful supercomputer in the world it would take at least 10,000 years. This finding would be the first empirical demonstration of the concept of supremacy quantum, which consists of perform a task on a quantum computer using fewer resources in a computer classic.

Even so, there is still a long road ahead. In the present quantum computers available to the researchers only serve to test algorithms on small problems. This is expected to change with time and that in the future the quantum computing revolutionises industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical.

Wizards of the speech

In 2019, it is revealed that companies like Amazon, Google or Apple had workers that listened to private conversations of users and their assistants voice. After the controversy, were forced to cancel the programs you listen to, and to be more transparent with their customers.

face recognition and voice detection have already begun to form part of the smart home

Despite the controversy, the sale of speakers, smart has not stopped growing. Only in the second quarter of 2019, sales of these devices grew by 96%, 30,2 million units, according to a report from the consulting firm Strategy Analytics. All indications are that this trend will continue. Statista expects the figure to rise 3,250 million attendees in 2019, at 5.110 million in 2021 and 8,000 million in 2023. It is expected that companies like Google, Amazon or Mercedes-Benz used CES to unveil the latest developments of their virtual assistants.

in Addition to the recognition of voice, Lesley Rohrbaugh, director of market research of the CTA, has explained that also give you a lot to talk about facial recognition and voice detection. These technologies have already begun to form part of the smart home. Rohrbaugh puts as an example the security systems of scanning of retina or refrigerators able to analyze what food you have in your interior.

Tvs and technology 8K

While the presentations of the major smartphones are reserved for the MWC in Barcelona, the tvs tend to be one of the highlights of the CES. The manufacturers show every year models more thin, with smaller frames that take up less space in the home. In 2019, LG introduced the first tv with OLED roll-up. In this way, it is intended to prevent the tv taking up space in the living room when not in use. Samsung, for its part, opted for that the user can configure to your liking the device and decide what is the size and shape that you want to take.

This year the major manufacturers present at CES with new devices 8K. In addition, some brands are going to take advantage of the fair to display transparent screens or televisions with just frames. It is the case of Samsung with the Q950, whose front is 99% screen.

virtual Reality, augmented and mixed

The fact extended is a concept that brings together augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality. In Spain, between 2016 and 2018 the business around these three techniques immersive have grown on 86,6%, according to the Report XR-2018, developed by The App Date, Oarsis and Fundación Telefónica. Waiting to perfect these technologies and its broad use, since there are different use cases. For example, already allow students to practice a heart operation without being in an operating room, or create a work of art without the need of paint on a canvas.

In this edition at CES, companies such as BrianCo, Hypervsn, Insta360, Teslasuit show their progress in this area, and new devices. It is expected that offer in addition to immersive experiences in all industries: from manufacturing to health care or agriculture.

Updated Date: 06 January 2020, 11:00

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