After spitting to me: the inhabitants of göttingen Corona-house reports of fierce hostility

If Germany has looked at the beginning of the Corona-crisis averted on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and later, as the Prime Minister, the rudder acquisition

After spitting to me: the inhabitants of göttingen Corona-house reports of fierce hostility

If Germany has looked at the beginning of the Corona-crisis averted on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and later, as the Prime Minister, the rudder acquisitions, Markus Söder (CSU), Armin Laschet (CDU) or Bodo Ramelow (die Linke), all eyes have now turned to the local authorities and people such as Petra Broistedt: The councillor of the town of Göttingen, which is otherwise Silent on housing, which makes social ticket or a wider cultural offer, now as the head of the crisis unit of göttingen Supreme Corona-crisis Manager. "I have had many a sleepless night in the last time, it is a huge challenge," says the trained social worker.

Because the University town is for several days, a Corona-Hotspot in Germany, for a long time, the infected numbers will shoot up. Göttingen scraped thin by the number of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week. The 50 is torn, it must drive the local authorities back down. Photo: DW/O. Pieper sleepless nights: Corona-crisis Manager Petra Broistedt is responsible for culture, social Affairs and the health Department

Petra Broistedt wants to prevent a complete Lockdown, with all our strength, to power schools, daycare facilities, and a swimming pool, prohibits team sports and all the residents of a nursing home on COVID-19 test. "As a mother, which is also in need of childcare, does not fall to me easily," says Broistedt, "but I hope we get a handle on the Situation."

If Göttingen is heading more in the direction of Lockdown, but depends mainly of the further development in the Iduna-center. The concrete block on the outskirts of the city centre, which once served as a gloomy backdrop for the crime series Tatort, is considered to be origin of the massive Corona outbreak. Broistedt was in the garage and made a Beeline to a mobile test centre, high-pull, to avoid further contagions on the way to the clinics. Physicians and medical students tested in Three-minute intervals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, over 400 residents of the complex to the Virus.

"we Currently have 60 Infected in the Iduna-center," explains Broistedt, "all of the Infected and the persons to contact in the first degree to go for two weeks in the quarantine." A complete quarantine of the building, as some in Göttingen demand, want to know the councillor, nothing. "We can't very well fence and barbed wire around it. This is not a prison," says Broistedt.

Iduna-centre in Göttingen now, "Corona house"

Heiko, the centre has lived for years in the Iduna, feels in the last few days, but as a prisoner - in all cases, stamped as a Criminal, his full name, he does not want to call. Because he would like all the inhabitants of the only "Corona house" referred to a complex responsible for the outbreak, all schools in Göttingen were closed on Sunday evening for another week, he says. "I will be seen on the street wrong, the people blaspheme in passing. Some of them have spit on my already behind." Photo: DW/O. Pieper, "We the residents of Iduna-centre did not deserve that way about us

will be moved" to The Iduna center, named after the insurance had the house at the beginning of the 1970s building, was half a century ago, is still object of prestige, housing for the well-heeled academics with swimming pool and shopping centre as well as a popular postcard motive of Göttingen. Today it is regarded as a social focal point, as a home for many Suspended. The two bridges, the house combined the high-decades ago with the city and the University were demolished - more than a symbolic act.

The connection between a lively University city with over 30,000 students and a picturesque pedestrian street, as well as the high-rise building with 407 apartments is already capped for ages. People like Heiko to pay the price: "I wish from the goddess like to keep it simple for you to stop, to condemn the inhabitants of the Iduna-center so sharp." Photo: DW/O. Pieper, The göttingen's pedestrian area - in the lower Saxony University town of the concern is going on a Lockdown.

search for people responsible for the Corona-outbreak

Even harder than Heiko, it hits the families, the end of the 1990s, had fled from Kosovo and today in the Iduna-centre for life. In addition to the so-called "patient Zero" from the high-house to a number of times against the quarantine rules, and against the public Prosecutor's office determined, fixed suspected, the local health Department private celebrate the Muslim sugar as the starting point of the Corona-outbreak - including a meeting of more than 30 men in a göttingen hookah Bar, without having to switch to the Smoking of the pipe of the mouth piece. In the Wake of these celebrations, a total of 175 Corona, and it is given-Infected.

What follows is a heated debate, in much the porcelain is smashed, and where, in the end, only losers: In social networks, the AfD poisoned against the "obviously brazen and ignorant behavior of the big Arab families", the rights of a Hetzer to jump into the social networks with racist hostility on the train. Media be aware of the subject, positioned with a large contingent in front of the Iduna-centre and be pelted by the residents, who feel misrepresented, with vegetables. Photo: DW/O. Pieper, In Göttingen there were protests against racism - after the violent death of George Floyd in the United States

The families from Kosovo complaining of a stigma and contradict in a reply vehemently, that there have been big celebrations. They criticise the fact that members of the family of test stations had been sent away, and point out that the "Patient Zero" had a different nationality and they had informed the health Department several times unsuccessfully on his quarantine violations.

Disturbed relationship of trust with the city

"The resentment, the are here already, always are. And now they are blooming again," says Meinhart Ramaswamy. The district Deputy of the pirates taking care of for years to göttingen family from Kosovo. He fears that the rift between city and police on the one hand, and the inhabitants of the Iduna-centre by the Corona-breaking crisis. And, therefore, initiatives such as the youth help Göttingen, which takes care of the high-rise to families and children from the former Yugoslavia, to be torpedoed.

The relationship was dominated for years by mistrust: burdened by pending the asylum procedure, insecure residence and work conditions, and deportations in Kosovo. "It was in the past, so that the police is taken very rigorously," says Ramaswamy. Photo: DW/O. Pieper Meinhart Ramaswamy: On the dentist who was in Ischgl, has not been reported.

On the other hand, the communication with the first Generation, which came out 20 years ago to Göttingen was not difficult: The authorities are pushing due to a lack of knowledge of the language - what, particularly in times of Corona fatal consequences.

"We have had here in Göttingen, a dentist, is in Ischgl, Ski and then 500 patients treated. Nobody has reported" criticized Meinhart Ramaswamy, the unequal coverage in the media. Also in the demonstrations against the Corona-measures, or even at the boat party on Berlin's landwehrkanal canal, it would have been able to get an outbreak. The conclusion of the local politician: "A house where many people live on a very small space, and is comparatively renovated bad, is the ground for such an outbreak."

author: Oliver Pieper

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