The choice culture of the Point : to dream in italy with Cézanne and dance to the country - The Point

Cézanne dream... to the left, "The lamentation of Christ" by Tintoretto, right "to murder," Paul Cézane © @Christian Baraja SLB Italy, Cézanne has dream

The choice culture of the Point : to dream in italy with Cézanne and dance to the country - The Point

Cézanne dream...

to the left, "The lamentation of Christ" by Tintoretto, right "to murder," Paul Cézane © @Christian Baraja SLB

Italy, Cézanne has dreamed of all his life (1839/1906) and yet, in the country of Dante, he will see nothing. Neither Rome, nor Venice, nor Naples, but he will discover the Boot during his long visits to the Louvre and other museums, or in the nature of aix. He will never surrender in this Arcadia of the painter, he was born not far away in Provence that he will make him as ideal. The Marmottan museum brings into comparison the works of Cézanne and Italian masters, such as Tintoretto (1518/1594) or the baroque Luca Giordano was born in Naples (1634/1705), or even the French Chick (1594/1665) and even dares to call Giorgio Morandi, post-Cézanne of course, being born in 1890.

The idea of these tables is to meet one another, placed side-by-side is often striking, mostly with The Tintoretto. To help understand how Cézanne has studied Italian art, the guides of the museum reveal the commonalities of composition, focus, light and dark. For example, the connection between The Murder as Cézanne wrote in 1870, and The Lamentation of Christ that Tintoretto finished around 1580 fact arise, among other things, the axis is the same between the left arm of the Christ and the left arm of the victim. The eye is a detective. And if the investigation bothers you, it remains the splendor of these masterpieces to discover in ideal conditions, because not more than 55 people are allowed in the rooms.

Until January 3, musée Marmottan, 2 rue Louis-Boilly, Paris 16e, reservations can be made only on the site

The Resident, a series to consume without a prescription

The Resident © Fox

the Second season of this series medical that takes place in a high-tech hospital in Atlanta, and borrows the codes outdated western with its good and its bad. At first sight, and unlike her characters of the surgeons who boast of sutures worthy of the " hands of God ", this production signed Fox is not in the lace. However, its issues are exacerbated and its pace make it an excellent remedy in cases of lack of entertainment.

In The Resident, it follows a team of young doctors faced with a corrupt administration. The hospital is not charity, but, on the contrary, has been surfing on inequalities to ensure its sustainability. It is cold in the back to hear the fate of the patients explicitly costed thousands of dollars (the coma being the jackpot, because the longer it lasts, the more the hospital earns). One of the major differences between The Resident and the wave of shows realistic inaugurated by Er is the fact that the border between good and evil is clearly defined. A series to consume without a prescription.

The Resident, on TF1.

I am not your negro : back to James Baldwin

James Baldwin in " I Am Not Your Negro, I am not your negro ", by Raoul Peck

"Why the Black aren't they too optimistic ?" asks the presenter to James Baldwin in this tv show that serves as a guide to the fascinating documentary by Raoul Peck. The timeliness, scope well beyond America scarred by racism, once again, gives the answer with the murder of George Floyd. Moreover, it is to escape this terror that the writer, Baldwin left the United States at the age of 24 years for a Paris bubbling and open to the intellectuals of the worlds black.

But in 1957 he returned to the homeland, where record "dangerous" by the FBI, he becomes the free spokesperson of the cause of Blacks in the United States. He sees his friends die one after the other, murdered, and then founded the project to tell the story of the tragic destinies of these activists for the struggle of civil rights : Medgar Evers, a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X. " I want these three lives collide and respond to each other. "From the thirty pages of this project, found on the death of Baldwin, Notes for Remember this House, the filmmaker, Raoul Peck, to which we must, in particular, a major film on Lumumba, performs brilliantly in images this unfinished project and see review now more than ever. As the work of Baldwin, to read and reread.

I Am Not Your Negro, I am not your negro, Arte TV until June 12. Rebroadcast on Arte on 16 June at 22: 15 pm

galleries party in Paris !

Applies to Pierre Guariche edition Stone Disderot, in 1952, in the galerie Pascal Cuisinier © dr

They have opened their doors and want to know. In the district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the art galleries are launching the operation #VisitonsNosGaleries to remember their importance in the cultural landscape of French and international. Painting, sculpture, design... their is available free and the works of art and applied art on display are of exceptional quality.

It is not necessary to be an expert to appreciate the beauty of the pieces. Already before this movement, the gallery owner Kamel Mennour had opened its space to children's drawings. And throughout the summer, under the banner " let us Remain united ", galerie Perrotin invites twenty-six galleries to exhibit a selection of their artists in its space in Saint-Claude. And finally, the gallery " Showers ", will be open Sunday 14 (14 hours/18 hours) : it presents an exceptional photographer Ray K. Metzker.

saddle up with Orville Peck

A cow-boy advance, not in the streets of Brooklyn. Under his wide-brimmed hat, impossible to see his face, covered by a leather mask with long fringes. His jacket embroidered sleeveless discovers tattooed arms, a belt with medallion. Most surprising : this scene took place in the last year. Under the assumed name of Orville Peck, this enigmatic jumper is the new star of the country in the United States. His voice is delightfully serious and dark, and his melodies drama will not leave anyone indifferent.

little Is known of him except that he is 32 years old, he is gay and that he grew up in Africa, in North America and Europe with his father, a sound engineer specialized in the glam-rock and his mother an artist. His first album Pony, released in 2019, is a masterpiece of the Wild West modern. His new EP, " Show Pony ", due out on June 12, in Columbia. It will include a duet with Shania Twain. Yihaaa !

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