3-year-old Aiym fighting for her life and seeks donor

Ayim Zhaxylykova is only three years, but has already experienced more pain and suffering than most adults in their entire life. Ayim comes from Kazakhstan, fro

3-year-old Aiym fighting for her life and seeks donor

Ayim Zhaxylykova is only three years, but has already experienced more pain and suffering than most adults in their entire life. Ayim comes from Kazakhstan, from the small town of Temirtau. It came as a completely healthy child to the world. Ayim is the third child in the young family.

In the summer of 2018, the Doctors diagnosed a tumour

In July of 2018, was diagnosed with Ayim is a malignant Tumor of the yolk SAC of the sacrococcygeal region (germ cell tumor). The girl had to be immediately operated on. After the Operation, and a re-diagnosis, the Doctors found that the Tumor could not be completely removed. The Rest of the tumor had to be destroyed with the help of chemotherapy. There are six chemo treatment block followed. Finally, in November of 2018, Ayim was allowed to return home, the disease is decreased. our Association of the family Aiym with the parents and the sister

A year later, the Tumor was back again

In the case of the planned investigation in April 2019 the cancer were detected cells – the malignant disease has returned. Two chemo treatments and 20 radiation treatments had to stand by the little girl.

Aiym it went very bad, 20 days in a row anesthesia and the fear that Aiym is no longer wakes up. It was like a war, you have to get up every day and goes into battle with the disease, with fear, with pain, with death. The mother had to devise every day for a new story to calm Aiym. Aiym has become very aggressive, she didn't want to play anymore and had no business, no fancy anything.

and Then hoped for the Doctors and the family that the cancer is defeated. In spite of all efforts, the disease came back in January of 2020, with a larger setback. Ayim had to be immediately operated on. However, the Kazakh Doctors were not able to perform the surgery, there was a lack of experience and technical possibilities. The attending physician has recommended that the German clinic Charité in Berlin is the best address.

The surgery in the Charité hospital at a cost of 35,000 euros. The family, whose income in mtl. 400 euros, the Operation was not able to pay is. The parents had to sell their apartment and move to the grandparents. However, this has not been sufficient, have helped friends and family. Donations for the Association hope for life

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a Successful surgery in April 2020

could take place The Operation in April 2020 at last. The surgery was successful. However, the Problem was not solved completely. In order to defeat the disease, must be performed in an expensive, painful, and very dangerous, high-dose chemotherapy. Complicates the treatment of Hepatitis C, which was caused by poor treatment in Kazakhstan.

The treatment is extremely complicated, dangerous and very expensive. The cost will be around 200,000 euros. For the parents who have already sold everything, an impossible sum. The state, for the two parents to serve as soldiers, will not help you, all the financial sources are exhausted. Ayim is not covered in Germany. The only hope is to defeat the good people who can help with a donation, the little girl, the evil disease.

Aiyms parents ask for help

"dear friends,

the treatment in Charite is the only hope for our small Aiym.

our daughter's life is priceless, to save this life - costs of 200,000 €. So much money we can earn in our whole life, we have already sold everything that we owned.

Especially in the pandemic-time in the it's not have many people easily, it ask for hard to help. We still beg for help, because we don't want to lose our daughter and may. From the bottom of my heart, we ask you to save our daughter, to give her the Chance to be healthy.

Aiym is an innocent little angel with wonderful eyes, a brave fighter, who can defeat the Evil enemy with your help.“ Five members of the young family foster child to be adopted including siblings, PCP five members of the young family adopted a foster child along with siblings

Date Of Update: 04 August 2020, 08:26

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