This is like torture: families from the Balkans suffer from the year long separation, the debt - to-German bureaucracy is

two years Ago, had Milica Živković and her husband, Željko, Serbia has finally had enough. Rather than continue with a poorly-paid Jobs due to strike, which oft

This is like torture: families from the Balkans suffer from the year long separation, the debt - to-German bureaucracy is

two years Ago, had Milica Živković and her husband, Željko, Serbia has finally had enough. Rather than continue with a poorly-paid Jobs due to strike, which often depend also of the grace and disgrace of the ruling party, met Željko truck. Since the beginning of 2019, he worked in the Bavarian city of Hof. There he rented a large apartment, and finally, the family should follow him soon after Germany.

the family has been waiting one and a half years to visa application

However, although Milica Živković leadership to submit in November 2018, when it was clear that her husband had found work in Germany, and two children, an appointment in the German Embassy in Belgrade has requested, your request to live as a family there you couldn't until today.

"I feel terrible," said Milica in June 2020 in the DW-interview. "When I would not wait in front of the door of Germany, but of the of the mad-house. The separation is torture for my husband, for the children and me."

The evidence of two medical certificates from the hospital centre of the südserbischer city of Niš. A psychologist writes, the seven-year-old son was impulsive and defiant - a reaction to the fact that his family was now separated. In the second finding a Doctor writes, the four-year-old daughter urinating uncontrollably because of the mental burden of Waiting for the move to Germany.

Massive jam: demand exceeds capacity of the visa offices

The long time of waiting for an appointment to apply for the family reunification for mother Milica is also an Odyssey through forums and Facebook groups, where people share with a similar Problem. Several Thousand people from the Western Balkans, working in Germany, live for years separated from their families - because the German bureaucracy issue work visas faster than those for family reunification.

Under two dozen cases, in which the electronic application for an appointment DW is present, were also those where both parents work in Germany. The children lived with the grandparents in the country of origin.

the stories of The victims are different - but they have one thing in common: All of them are desperate and angry at slow work of German authorities. "I'm going to start with the lottery - the odds of winning are similar to that of the German visa," writes a man in a Facebook group.

From the foreign office, it says on demand, despite personnel reinforcements, the demand in six Western Balkan countries exceeds in the capacity of the Visa - "not least as a result of the so-called Western Balkans-regulation."

the Western Balkans-control: Foreign office admits a mistake in a

To the Western Balkans-regulation may work for 2016, people from Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Northern Macedonia and Serbia in Germany - even without professional qualifications. After some Back and Forth, the Grand coalition in Berlin now intends to extend this special permission until 2023. A year in addition to qualified workers, up to 25,000 untrained workers from the Western Balkans should be allowed to come into the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Foreign office admits a mistake, makes many families to create out of Serbia: 2019 new categories for the family were introduced to yield of certain groups of workers. At the time, Embassy personnel, some people have advised against "unfortunate error" of them to re-register for an appointment. In fact, re-registered, applicants were much faster to events than those on the old waiting list.

This Corona came and put the German embassies in the Region for some months. But although the German economy will shrink in the pandemic year, not the interest of labour from the Balkans. What is with their families? Finally, in article 6 of the basic law: "marriage and family are under the special protection of the state."

"family reunification is not a priority"

"It is measured here clearly have double standards," said Gökay Akbulut, the migration policy spokeswoman for the party "The Left" in the Bundestag. To "while the families who live here, this importance of family is also Good, but this is not so for many of the families of Labour migrants."

Akbulut, even as a child to Germany with the parents immigrated, feels the times of the "guest worker" (Germany) and "contract workers" (DDR) reminds. "Until today, people from abroad come especially to us in order to work, so that the German shortage of skilled workers can be covered. Family reunification is not a priority."

Germany is said to be an attractive country of immigration, if any application for a visa of the same one "through the mills of the bureaucracy," says Filiz Polat, migration policy spokesperson of the Greens. "Labour migration should not be cherry-picking. It should not be the expectation that people use their work force and a restriction of the joint family life can be tolerated," said Polat in the DW-interview.

Finally a date, but the reactions are divided to fall out of

Milica Živković, who is still waiting for the shared family living in the yard, was able to visit her husband with the children is now well over a year just as a tourist. In June of 2020, as DW spoke for the first Time with her, she sounded hopeless.

at the end of July 2020, the proceeds of which came at the end of the message: next week, the mother of a family should be allowed to apply for finally the visa for herself and the two children. Milica remains skeptical: "It may also be only the beginning. Then the question arises, how long one waits after that, whether or not you might want to additional documents..."

Nevertheless, the young mother, now sounds more optimistic. And wanted to share the good news, of course, with your pity from the Facebook group. Some reacted surprised, even indignant, because you have to wait even longer as Milica Živković, and to have nothing of the message belongs to.

author: Nemanja Rujević up the cash after the holiday Has changed, the pandemic prices? PCP to review the finances after the holidays: Has changed the pandemic prices?

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