"We Have a Ghost": That's behind the new horror fun

The new horror comedy "We Have a Ghost" will be available on Netflix from February 24th.

"We Have a Ghost": That's behind the new horror fun

The new horror comedy "We Have a Ghost" will be available on Netflix from February 24th. Kevin's (Jahi Di'Allo Winston, 19) family moves into a new house. But their new four walls are not as normal as they seem. At school, Kevin learns that his home is said to be haunted. And in fact, a little later he captures the ghost Ernest (David Harbour, 47) with the camera. Kevin and Ernest become friends and at the same time the video with the ghost goes viral on the internet. The unequal team not only attracts the attention of YouTube users, but also arouses the interest of the CIA.

Christopher B. Landon (47) directed "We Have a Ghost" and ventured into slightly different terrain. The filmmaker was previously responsible as a screenwriter for absolute horror classics such as the "Paranormal Activity" series or thrillers like "Disturbia". For the horror series "Happy Death Day" he was active as a director. Although he remains true to the supernaturalism track with "We Have a Ghost", he creates something warm-hearted for the whole family.

"We Have a Ghost" is based on a ghost story called "Ernest" published by the US lifestyle magazine "Vice" in 2017. In it, Frank Presley, the father of the family (played by Anthony Mackie, 44, in the film), caught the ghost on video and harassed it from then on. In order to generate more and more clicks on the web, he annoys the ghost, wants it to do tricks. His son Kevin, on the other hand, is taking it easy on his relationship with Ernest and is slowly getting to know him better. He makes Ernest feel like he can be trusted. Meanwhile, Frank tries to cash in on these heartwarming interactions as well...

Ernest appears to be a good spirit with no interest in haunting the living. However, when he meets Kevin and his family, he is more or less forced to interact with humans. However, this is not easy for him: Ernest cannot speak. As Kevin also finds out, the goofy ghost doesn't remember his past either. "[David and I] talked about how beneath all that grief and memory loss are the roots of a man who was very loving, a little bit mischievous and sophisticated," director Landon said in an interview with Empire magazine .

Jennifer Coolidge (61) always makes a legendary appearance, wherever she appears. Most recently, she inspired Jennifer Lopez' (53) wedding comedy "Shotgun Wedding". She recently even received a Golden Globe for her performance in the acclaimed series The White Lotus. Now the 'American Pie' star can be seen in 'We Have a Ghost'. Not much is known about her role, but the film's trailer suggests that Coolidge is playing a TV medium that doesn't handle contact with a real spirit very well.

The ghost cannot remember or communicate its past. That's why he gets a new name: Ernest. In the "Vice" story, Frank calls the ghost Ernest because it reminds him of the actor Ernest Borgnine (1917-2012). In the 1950s he received an Oscar for his performance in the film "Marty". However, it is questionable whether David Harbor will match Borgnine visually.