Preview: TV tips on Wednesday

Melanie (Annett Sawallisch) is in her mid-30s and works for the Brandenburg police.

Preview: TV tips on Wednesday

Melanie (Annett Sawallisch) is in her mid-30s and works for the Brandenburg police. Their territory: the flat country between forests, lakes and canals north of Berlin. Melanie likes it when you like her, and when things get political she stays out. But that's not always easy when her best friend Lydia (Claudia Eisinger) of all people in her home village makes herself important with right-wing slogans and a street disappears overnight. Not just any street! It is the last stretch of bumpy cobblestones to the bathing area at the Kiessee, where building material for Wehrmacht bunkers was mined a long time ago. Forced laborers and concentration camp prisoners toiled here.

"You'll never figure that out!" is the show of unusual questions and crazy riddles. The surprising and entertaining quiz about special people and incredible facts. Two prominent guessing teams play against each other in ten rounds for victory and for a good cause. Creativity is required for the curious questions. Hartmut Engler, Alexandra Popp, Almuth Schult, Vanessa Mai, Smudo and Henry Maske will be there.

Now it's getting serious: after a romantic single date in front of a picturesque backdrop, the bachelor isn't waiting alone for the ladies on the next group date: his twin sister has come to check out the love candidates. The siblings decide together which woman will end the evening with David. On the next night of roses, some ladies turn the tables - and present David with a fait accompli.

Quizmaster Jörg Pilawa tests the knowledge of the Germans: how clever are the 100 candidates in the studio compared to the rest of Germany? In order to determine this, representative surveys are carried out in advance. Who manages to answer the very last question correctly, the answer to which only 1% of Germans know on average? The winner can look forward to up to 100,000 euros.

Georg Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink) gets the order from Torsten Schmitt to shadow his wife Elvira because of an alleged affair. In fact, Wilsberg observes Elvira entering a hotel with a man. An ordinary job, if it weren't for a killer checking into this hotel in Münster under a false name in order to murder Elvira. During a fake money transfer, he shoots Elvira, but his second victim, Elvira's partner, manages to escape. In front of the hotel, the killer was run over by Commissioner Overbeck (Roland Jankowsky) during a business trip and was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.