Preview: TV tips on Wednesday

The pub owner Carolin Wörner (Monika Wegener) was shot.

Preview: TV tips on Wednesday

The pub owner Carolin Wörner (Monika Wegener) was shot. During the investigation, the police officers Süher Özlügül (Sophie Dal) and Henk Cassens (Maxim Mehmet) get caught between the fronts of conservationists and farmers. Erik Thomsen (Mike Hoffmann), Carolin's friend and leader of the conservation group, is at odds with the farming alliance. On the one hand, biodiversity is to be protected by mowing bans, on the other hand, farmers fear financial losses as a result.

In this cooking show, professional and hobby chefs can show what they can conjure up with eggs, sugar, cream, quark and other tempting ingredients. A top-class jury tastes the creations by the spoonful and "blind": Frank Rosin, Alexander Herrmann, Tim Raue and Alexander Kumptner get the best talents into the team and coach them. Whether banana and pineapple cream with crunchy coconut flakes, white chocolate pudding with cherries or apple and blackberry crumble with vanilla sauce - desserts are the big stars on small spoons. The winner can look forward to prize money of 25,000 euros.

Everything could be so beautiful between Katrin (Nicolette Krebitz) and Philipp (Hary Prinz) if it weren't for the dear (patchwork) family! There is hardly any time for togetherness in the hectic everyday life. But while Katrin longs for peace and quiet, Philipp has completely different plans. He surprises Katrin with a marriage proposal. Katrin doesn't know whether to be delighted or appalled. The disappointment about her last marriage to Frank is still too deep in her bones. Then the unbridled patchwork chaos breaks out over them. Julia (Lisa Bitter), her ex-husband's new wife, moves in with her along with her children.

The Hunger Games are held in Panem every year. They are intended to remind the destitute population of the brutal suppression of an uprising by the rich capital, the Capitol. Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) are also among the candidates this year for the deadly hunt for which each district of Panem must provide two children. They fight for their lives - and set something unexpected in motion.

When a young employee of a start-up has an accident in front of Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink) and Ekki (Oliver Korittke) the question arises: was it an accident or was it murder? Leon Zöller had to avoid Wilsberg and Ekki on the street and crashed into parked cars. The fatal incident is puzzling as the victim has no visible injuries. And what about the pills in Zöller's glove compartment?