Must-have im Sommer: Oversize, Cropped

Hardly any other classic in the fashion world has lasted for so many decades and enjoys great popularity: the denim jacket.

Must-have im Sommer: Oversize, Cropped

Hardly any other classic in the fashion world has lasted for so many decades and enjoys great popularity: the denim jacket. Every year the denim piece surprises us with new variants and trends. In this article, the star takes a look at the latest trends and hottest styles of the season. But what actually makes the item of clothing so popular? And where does it originate?

The origin of the denim jacket can be traced back to the 19th century, when the first work trousers were made from robust denim material. The Levi Strauss company

However, the first denim jacket - as we know it today - was only made in 1905 by Levi Strauss

Trucker denim jackets have their origins in the work clothing of truck drivers. These jackets are characterized by their robust, durable and long-lasting construction designed to withstand the rigors of working conditions on the road. Trucker jean jackets are typically made from heavy cotton denim and have a loose fit that allows wearers to wear additional layers of clothing underneath. They often feature large buttons or snaps that are easy to close and allow for quick adjustment to changing temperatures or conditions. Trucker denim jackets are particularly popular among young adults and in the streetwear scene because they emphasize a cool, casual yet practical look.

The oversized denim jacket is a classic that never goes out of style. The casual fit and robust fabric make them a perfect companion for spring and autumn. The jackets are available in many different washes, from light to dark tones. So there is something for every taste. The oversized denim jacket trend is not only popular with women, but also with men. You can also wear the jacket in many different styles and enhance your outfit. The oversized denim jacket can be styled in many different ways: for example with skinny jeans, a skirt or trousers. A dress can also be enhanced with an oversized denim jacket. The look is then rounded off with accessories such as a statement necklace or sunglasses.

Denim jackets with a warm lining made of faux sherpa or lambskin not only look stylish, but are also practical and keep you warm on cool days. The soft and fluffy material gives the jacket a cozy look that is perfect for the cold winter months. It ensures a comfortable fit and makes the jacket an ideal companion for long walks outdoors.

The cropped denim jacket is a shorter version of the classic denim jacket style. The cropped length makes it a perfect companion for spring and summer. The cropped denim jacket trend is popular with many women. The jacket can be combined in many ways and enhances your outfit. Men can also wear the jacket and create a casual and cool look. It is a must-have for every fashion lover.

The denim jackets with different denim patches or fabrics are a real eye-catcher. The different patches and fabrics give the jacket an individual touch and make it unique. The patches can consist of different colors and washes and can be arranged in different sizes. They are available with colored patches, with eye-catching embroidery or with sewn-on applications. This makes them suitable for every taste and style. If you want to buy a denim jacket with different denim patches or fabrics, you should make sure that they are well made.

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