"Let's Dance": Natalia Yegorova slips and retires

The third regular dance show from "Let's Dance" (also on RTL) went on Friday evening on RTL without a motto.

"Let's Dance": Natalia Yegorova slips and retires

The third regular dance show from "Let's Dance" (also on RTL) went on Friday evening on RTL without a motto. Some of the prominent dancers who have not done so well so far have big plans. "I want people to see that I'm actually an open and honest person," explains Ukrainian singer Natalia Yegorova (49) in the clip. Juror Joachim Llambi (58), on the other hand, stands out as usual with one or the other harsh judgment. "The Slowfox has just been raped," YouTuber "Knossi" (36) hears from him.

Star chef Ali Güngörmüş (46) and professional dancer Christina Luft (33) will start with a Charleston to "9 to 5" by country legend Dolly Parton (77) in front of the enthusiastic audience. With 20 jury points, the two can improve noticeably compared to the previous weeks. "That was your best dance. That was great," gushes jury member Jorge Gonzalez (55), who adds that Güngörmüş "felt the music for the first time".

In the last "Let's Dance" show, TikToker Younes Zarou (25) gave a deep insight into his emotional life when he revealed that he had never had a girlfriend. This week, his sensitive dance partner Malika Dzumaev (32) gives him helpful tips on how to conquer a woman - and the 25-year-old actually seems to open his heart on the floor.

"I celebrate what you have shown here. Your improvement, especially that you open up emotionally," explains the visibly impressed Motsi Mabuse (41) after the Viennese waltz to "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran (32). Zarou and partner Dzumaev get a solid 17 points from the jury.

Even before the latest "Let's Dance" edition, Boris Becker's (55) daughter Anna Ermakova (22) was the big favorite for the overall victory. Her dance partner Valentin Lusin (36) has had to cope with a terrible blow in the past few days: his wife Renata Lusin (35) suffered a miscarriage. Nevertheless, the 36-year-old was on the floor on Friday evening – and danced a slow fox with his partner to “Oops I Did It Again” by Britney Spears (41).

The jury and the audience are enthusiastic about the brilliant performance of the dance couple - and even the strict juror Llambi rises appreciatively. "It was very good, sexy, modern, elegant, mega," enthuses his colleague Gonzalez, and juror Mabuse also agrees with the words: "It's Broadway, the best ever. More is not possible". Consequently, Ermakova and Lusin received the maximum number of 30 points from the jury - and sent touching greetings to Renata Lusin from the stage.

Natalia Yegorova had big plans for the show, and the jury didn't do too badly with her Tango to "A Evaristo Carriego" by Forever Tango with 19 points. But in her final pose, the prominent dancer slips – and especially the audience doesn't seem to have convinced her with professional dance partner Andrzej Cibis (35). So it's not enough to get ahead, and the 49-year-old has to leave the dance show.