Dance show: "Let's Dance"-Out for Klitschko's ex-wife

Natalia Yegorova, singer and ex-wife of Vitali Klitschko, is no longer part of "Let's Dance".

Dance show: "Let's Dance"-Out for Klitschko's ex-wife

Natalia Yegorova, singer and ex-wife of Vitali Klitschko, is no longer part of "Let's Dance". You go with "head held high," said the 49-year-old shortly before the decision.

Juror Motsi Mabuse praised Yegorova's posture on Saturday night, but also said: "A little breathing from time to time would have helped." Yegorova, along with her dance partner Andrzej Cibis, had already been among the shaky candidates in the previous show.

19 points from the jury

In this show, she wanted to show herself as a "happy, open, warm person" so as not to end up in the "red light" again, Yegorova said before her performance - couples who have to worry about getting ahead are on "Let's Dance" illuminated red. At the end of her performance, she slipped away on the dance floor, but according to her own statements, she was not injured.

The 49-year-old and her dance partner were able to secure 19 jury points. A solid score and still six points more than the show's lowest rated couple, Chryssanthi Kavazi and professional dancer Vadim Garbuzov. But the 34-year-old Kavazi made up for the bad jury mark for the Cha-Cha-Cha with the public vote.

There were probably sympathy points for the actress ("GZSZ") because juror Joachim Llambi tackled her hard again, as in the previous week. "If you start out of tact, what can I do with it?" said Llambi - and only awarded a single point to Kavazi. She had previously explained, visibly excited, that she had not slept a night in the past week out of panic about not delivering again when dancing.

Juror Llambi: Dance looked like work

Tiktok celebrity Younes Zarou came across as more self-confident. He turned the Viennese waltz with professional dancer Malika Dzumaev into a kind of danced personal advertisement. "The dance reminds me of what I still lack in life: great love," the 25-year-old had previously said. It was almost logical that the dance looked like "work" for juror Llambi: after all, the search for a suitable partner can feel like a strenuous full-time job.

Llambi only had little to little to complain about with three celebrities, who were ultimately those with the most jury points. Mentalist Timon Krause (28) danced 25 points with a Charleston, actress Julia Beautx (23) received 27 points for her tango. Anna Ermakova (22), model and daughter of Boris Becker, even achieved 30 jury points with a Slowfox. More is not possible with "Let's Dance".

At the end, Krause demonstrated his skills. He guessed which random numbers the judges had each written on a piece of paper. Krause asked Mabuse, Llambi and Jorge Gonzalez to put their hands on his and count to ten out loud. The 28-year-old made it clear that it was not something "supernatural". He only learned to read signs such as body language and tension well.