King Charles III and his wife Camilla: It's on their TV

For many people, the day ends with a cozy evening in front of the television.

King Charles III and his wife Camilla: It's on their TV

For many people, the day ends with a cozy evening in front of the television. It doesn't look any different with the Royals either. King Charles III. (74) and his wife Camilla (75) have spoken publicly about their favorite programs, to which they are occasionally invited as guests. Just last Sunday, Camilla shone in an antiques show on the BBC, which she has been following with enthusiasm for ages. But baking and dance shows also often flicker across the TV screens for the couple.

Shows à la "Bares for Rares", in which antiques are scrutinized and presented by experts, seem to have particularly impressed Charles and Camilla. With a noble snuff box in her luggage, Camilla paid a visit to the BBC program "Antiques Roadshow" last weekend and was celebrated by the presenters and the audience. Since she saw the format herself "forever and ever" on Sunday evening, it was a "pleasure" for her to be part of the show herself, she explained during her performance.

Charles is also a lover of traditional handicrafts. In late 2022, BBC aired a special episode of The Repair Shop show repairing old items. The current king, then still the Prince of Wales, brought an 18th-century clock and a ceramic piece from the time of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (1819-1901) to spruce them up on the show to permit.

The dance show "Strictly Come Dancing" - the British counterpart to "Let's Dance" - provides variety in the royal TV program. Both Charles and Camilla are big fans of the format - so big that it was only rumored last year that a live episode would be filmed at Buckingham Palace. According to "The Sun", there were talks between the BBC and the royals at the time. Charles and Camilla reportedly even wanted to host the issue themselves and put a dance on the floor as well. The late Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) is said to have given her blessing for the project. However, these plans have not yet been implemented.

Baking shows also seem to be very popular with the royals. This was revealed by Charles and Camilla in 2018 at a reception at St James's Palace, which also hosted Selasi Gbormittah, best known as a contestant and semi-finalist on The Great British Bake Off show. According to "Hello!" magazine, he then revealed on Twitter that Charles and Camilla had told him that they were big fans of the format. "The Great British Bake Off" is the British counterpart to the German Sat.1 show "Das Große Backen".

By the way: Charles' son Prince William (40) and his wife Princess Kate (41) are said to be real series junkies. Both are big fans of "Homeland" and "Game of Thrones", as William revealed in 2017 in an interview with the BBC broadcaster Radio1.