Daughter of Johannes Wimmer would have been 3: "A very, very difficult day"

TV doctor Dr.

Daughter of Johannes Wimmer would have been 3: "A very, very difficult day"

TV doctor Dr. Johannes Wimmer (39) remembered his deceased daughter. The girl would have been three years old. In November 2020 she died of cancer at the age of only nine months. Wimmer shared emotional words with a picture of his child on Instagram. "If I close my eyes today, I see colorful balloons floating over a table decorated with flowers, on which stands a cake with lit candles waiting to be blown out (...)", he writes among other things. "It's such a beautiful image before my eyes that I don't want to open it again."

Wimmer adds in the post: "A child's birthday without celebrating the child's birthday that day is a very, very difficult day." On that day "this adorable, brave little girl would have been 3 years old and we miss our little daughter very much today".

He also wants his followers to think about "which person who is close to you also has this or a similar birthday every year and would be happy about a few warm words or a small heart in their messages". He also advises in his contribution to "consciously take time for each other every now and then". "Moments that we take for granted slip through our fingers like sand, but the conscious shared moments become special memories and nobody can take them away from you, even if everything suddenly turns out to be completely different than expected," says Wimmer, who ends writes in his message: "I'll close my eyes again and blow out the candles on the cake together with our little Maxi."

Wimmer's daughter suffered from a brain tumor. The Hamburg doctor was always open about his child's illness. In the summer of 2021, Wimmer became a father again. The TV star and his wife Clara welcomed a daughter on August 30. At the time, he showed a picture of the little ones on Instagram.