"Bauer sucht Frau": It only works beyond the RTL cameras

Bauer obviously find a woman even without RTL and Inka Bause (53).

"Bauer sucht Frau": It only works beyond the RTL cameras

Bauer obviously find a woman even without RTL and Inka Bause (53). At the barn festival in the first episodes, Theo (58) had spurned his two applicants - but found happiness off the camera. In the third to last episode of "Bauer sucht Frau" (Tuesday, 8:15 p.m. on RTL, also on RTL) there is a surprising reunion with Theo. He has found a like-minded partner in farmer Andrea (52), who is almost next door. She "tackles well" (Theo) and it also fits emotionally. The farmer even puts the word "love" in his mouth. His recipe for success: Andrea is "identical" to him.

Carola (54) does a good job with Martin (56), but things are not going well emotionally. She hasn't seen his "heart side" yet. That could change on a trip to the Allgäu mountains. In fact, Carola immediately "tingles", but only because of the dizzying view from the chairlift. The customer service representative is "in love with the scenery". But despite the romantic surroundings, Martin does not reveal his heart. "There is no warm feeling from him," concludes Carola resignedly.

At the other end of Germany, on the North Sea coast, there are no sparks either. Emely (25) has her "doubts" about whether things will work out with her farmer Tade (26). She takes him aside to "chat". She confesses that all she can imagine is friendship. The disappointed Tade has to get over that first, as they say in northern Germany.

Loretta (32) and Sascha (37) also agree on a friendship – albeit by mutual agreement. When Loretta asks about the "emotional state" both realize that it is not enough for love.

For Michael (28) and Jan (41), the farm week ends with a big bang. In the last episode, Jan showed last-minute panic because he would have had to give up his job and place of residence for Michael. Jan's tearful breakdown has "overwhelmed" the carefree Michael. At the party farmer, "the blinds went down". He doesn't want to hurt Jan, so he pulls the emergency brake all the way. Jan is shocked that Michael's "butterflies" are gone so quickly. The farmer offers Jan a friendship, but Jan doesn't want to hear about it at first.

At least one couple ends the farm week with a happy ending. Arne (31) and Antje (31) harmonize beautifully. Antje: "It's no longer possible without Arne". The recipe for success is the same as with Theo and his Andrea: common interests. She shares his passion for making cheese more and more. And he shows enthusiasm for her hobby, painting: they paint a piece of cheese together.

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