Trouble with Twitter: Donald Trump injunction against Social media | policy plans

The short message service Twitter is attracting a Tweet from US President Donald Trump a fact check. Trump wants the consequences. Twitter has undergone a Tw

Trouble with Twitter: Donald Trump injunction against Social media | policy plans

The short message service Twitter is attracting a Tweet from US President Donald Trump a fact check. Trump wants the consequences.

Twitter has undergone a Tweet to the US President Donald Trump* a fact check, with a poor result. Trump had previously referred to a postal ballot as a "Manipulation". The response of the US President was not long in waiting.

Update from Thursday, 28.05.2020, 06.38 PM: To the anger of Donald Trump via the short messaging service Twitter the White house has announced a disposal of the US President to social media. A spokeswoman for the White house said on Wednesday night at Trumps return flight from Cape Canaveral to Washington to information from fellow journalists that, Trump will sign this Thursday a decree to social media. Details were not initially known.

Donald Trump had previously threatened to regulate social media or to close entirely, because you expressed conservative votes. It remained unclear on what legal basis the government could undertake such regulation. The background is that the short subject Twitter Trumps preferred platform on Wednesday for the first time, a Tweet from the President a fact check. Trump had claimed in his Twitter message that postal voting electoral fraud feed bar, what is the facts check, filed as misleading. Trump threw Twitter then, in the US presidential election in November, to interfere.

Twitter's highlighted Tweets from Donald Trump as a Fake News – US President threatens: "I'm not going to let that happen!"

Update from Wednesday, 27.05.2020, 14.00 PM: In conflict with the online service, Twitter has threatened U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday, with the closure of Online networks. Republican politicians would have the feeling of, "that Social-Media platforms to bring conservative voices to remain Silent," wrote Trump on Wednesday on Twitter. "We are going to regulate them strictly or close, before we will ever let that happen," said Trump.

Twitter had previously undergone a Tweet of Donald Trump absentee ballots, a fact check – for the first Time ever.

Twitter features Trump-Tweets as a Fake News

first message from Wednesday, 27.05.2020, 6.48 PM: Washington – Donald Trump tweets like*, is nothing New. More than 50,000 Tweets the President of the US has deposed the President in the last ten years. The short message service Twitter has been subjected to a post of the US President, Donald Trump for the first time, a fact check. Trump tweeted on Tuesday that the absentee ballot, an election fraud bar*.

Twitter sided with the tweets of Donald Trump then using a Link with the note: "Learn the facts about absentee voting". This Link leads to a Twitter page, in the Trumps assertion as "unfounded" is rejected. Twitter spokesman Nick Pacilio confirmed that it was the first Twitter-fact check of a Trump-Tweets.

Donald Trump: Twitter pulls tweets from Trump a fact check

The Twitter-fact check relies on the broadcaster CNN, the newspaper "Washington Post" and other unnamed experts – CNN and the "Washington Post" are designated critic Trumps. In the fact check, it means, among other things, Donald Trump claim, falsely, that the California letter ballot papers would be sent to all persons in the state, "regardless of who you are or how you got there". In fact, only registered voters absentee would receive the documents. Trump saying that postal voting would lead to "a rigged election".

Trumps answer was not long in coming. "Twitter is a mix now in the presidential election of 2020. You claim that my Statement about absentee ballots would be correct, based on the Fake News CNN and Amazon Washington Post . Twitter is trying to stifle freedom of expression, and I, as President, will not allow that to happen.“

Twitter: Donald Trump cuts off at the fact check bad

Twitter Donald trump the most important is the mouthpiece. The US President, more than 80 million people follow there. The short messages service is not repeatedly come under criticism, because he is going against false, misleading, or offensive Tweets Trumps.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic* the call is to an extension of the letter of choice for US presidential election* on the 3. November, according to become. Trump and his Republicans oppose it because they fear that the US Democrats could benefit from a postal ballot. Twitter spokesman Pacilio said it was the first fact check of Twitter. However, it should be the first Time that Trump had been subjected to the procedure. Pacilio left open the question of whether Tweets from the President would also be tested in the future, their truth content.

Marvin Ziegele with dpa

The Corona-crisis in the United States is far from over. People from Brazil will be refused entry, when Europeans are allowed back into the country, is unclear.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Updated Date: 28 May 2020, 01:33

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