Cafe Krönauer in Erding: ice cream and cake, only to Take away | Erding

The Cafe Krönauer in the Long line in Erding is a tradition of the house. According to the Corona-crisis, there is the ice cream and cake in the street. Erdin

Cafe Krönauer in Erding: ice cream and cake, only to Take away | Erding

The Cafe Krönauer in the Long line in Erding is a tradition of the house. According to the Corona-crisis, there is the ice cream and cake in the street.

Erding –Who is not familiar with the Cafe Krönauer: a house with a long Tradition in the heart of the city. It started with a used ice machine out of wood. Otto Krönauer had acquired it in 1935. He thus laid the Foundation stone for a coffee house, which was built by his son Helmut in 1978 at its present location on the Long line. Now, his son Christoph Krönauer rides, since 1996, in the third Generation the responsibility, out of necessity new ways.

triggers is the Corona-crisis. Now Krönauer offers ice cream, coffee and cake specialities in the street. The coffee house, as it knew the Erdinger so far, and appreciated, there will no longer be so. "We are not in a position to operate it so that it makes economic sense," says the 58-year-old pastry chef, in the face of the Corona-requirements for the re-opening of the restaurant. The Lockdown has brought Christoph Krönauer to Think. "In the many weeks of this to go To the rest-coming comes the point where you're wondering how's more." In spite of all the financial losses is the father of three daughters sees a Chance to go different and new ways.

financial obligations

"I never thought of giving up. I want to bring the ship back on course and re-align. Customers can get coffee, cakes and ice cream more in the highest quality,“ promises Krönauer. The employees next to him in the pastry shop, he wants to take over. For a total of ten permanent employees, which he employed so far, had Krönauer logged in to the crisis short-time work. Because: "Although the house belongs to, we have high financial obligations."

once the Café had to overcome Krönauer difficult years. It was the beginning of the 1990s, the restaurant was in a state of change. For a long time had opened the Café from morning to midnight, only on Mondays was a day of rest. "The work days were getting longer and longer," says the 58-Year-old. In the summer of twelve to 16 hours was normal and the personnel expenses enormously. The revenue to cover periods of weak, began to sense flood, autumn and Christmas market to be present.

"The change has been slow, cost of power," says Krönauer. And the family have always to put. "The years are simply asking for their toll – health," he says. So he decided several years ago to close the Café in the evening from 19 clock.

pastry chef education in the best houses

Where Christoph Krönauer loves his profession, is, body and soul, master confectioner, and especially ice cream maker. His nickname is "Gelati" is no coincidence. Krönauer helped at home at the age of 14, to make cakes and ice cream. His training as a pastry chef, he started in 1978/79, in the confectionery Beer, one of the Top addresses in Munich. It's journeyman years at the lake of Constance, and in Bad Cannstatt followed.

in the Meantime, he settled in Rimini and Bologna to the ice cream maker continue to make. The visit of the MiG trade show in Longarone, always with his father, Helmut, was a cherished obligation appointment. Always father and son moved into a Hotel in the Val Zoldana, the valley of the ice cream maker.

Only the dream of an employment in Switzerland are not fulfilled for Christoph Krönauer after training – despite the best of products. He had presented among others in the famous Confiserie hanselmann in St. Moritz and at Lindt & Sprüngli in Zürich. "I had a lot of Commitments, but the competent labour office had no free quotas for foreigners", he regretted even today.

his father needed him at the ice cream store in Erding. There he has established since 1992, to the successor, four years later, he took over the whole responsibility. Also under his leadership, the Café Krönauer remained a coffee house in the classic sense, just with a new coat of paint. "I never wanted to modernize it so that this philosophy is lost," says the 58-Year-old in retrospect.

Even if the Café, with its long, drawn-out premises and the two outer surfaces of the Long line, and in the garden behind spatially, the model of the old coffee was not able to meet houses, in Austria or Italy: "We have tried to make the goods here. Each mass, each made of dough is even.“

contributed more than 40 years, pastry chef Andreas Galler. "This man has a huge share of our cake story," stresses Krönauer and raves of Galler's meticulous way of working. "He was a Pedant in the most positive sense." Of Gallen's also the saying comes from: "The cake edge must be exact: If a is Fliang hifliagt, de muaß se s'Gnack brecha."

thanks to the loyal customers

work at Krönauer so meticulously, promises to be the boss and would like to thank the staff and customers for their Loyalty. He hopes that this Faithful stand. "I had to make a decision now," says Krönauer. And: "I can comfort the customers: you get everything in the usual quality, but for home."

soon to be offered the road for sale daily. Also for Baptisms, weddings, other family or private parties you can rent to celebrate – if they are eventually allowed back in the premises. Krönauer: "We will see with the time what is possible. My thanks to my family and our long-standing customers.“

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