The choice culture of the Point : Porquerolles, Mississippi - The Point

Foundation Carmignac, an oasis of beauty The Foundation Carmignac, at Porquerolles in the Var. © Laurent Lecat The place was reopened on July 4, on the isla

The choice culture of the Point : Porquerolles, Mississippi - The Point

Foundation Carmignac, an oasis of beauty

The Foundation Carmignac, at Porquerolles in the Var. © Laurent Lecat

The place was reopened on July 4, on the island of Porquerolles (Var). You enter it like in a paradise, the sky saturated with blue, bright green of the gardens, and in the middle of the Villa Carmignac and his foundation, which presents the work of ten photographers are rewarded by the price Carmignac photojournalism (grant of € 50,000 to carry out a report of a six-month field with the support of the foundation that funds the then traveling exhibition and book monograph). We déchausse at the entrance in order to better feel the vibrations of the ground, but it is especially the vibrations of the world in what it has of more outrageous in terms of human rights and ecology that will mark the course very well designed on two levels. From this place of beauty, the experience is unsettling to go through the Chechnya of Davide Monteleone, the black and white portraits of Lashkars (Pachtounistan) Massimo Berruti, the harrowing images of slavery of migrants detained in Libya, buildings, and beings in Gaza demolished by the war, while casting an eye to the sublime views of the gardens. On the second floor, the planet is exposed in danger. Amazonia Tommaso Protti is a real trip, including shots of night twinkle as much of humanity's misery. And the exhibition continues outside the walls as the winner 2019, Finbarr O'reilly, has coordinated the online reporting collaborative with journalists and photographers congolese based in various cities of the Congo, Congo, in conversation, and on the fences surrounding a tennis court, a disused, at the heart of the park, you will discover impressive bursts of life. Clash of the worlds.

Until the 1st of November. Villa Carmignac. Porquerolles.

Jarv Is super

This is a small album (7 titles) but what power ! Jarvis Cocker, leader of Pulp, one of the biggest bands of the Britpop of the 1990s (their hit "Common People" has not taken a ride), the author, composer, singer, guitarist, Sheffield finally opened his solo with his new group Jarv Is. Born during a tour of the caverns English in 2017, these songs have been inspired by Leonard Cohen, the paintings of Patrick Caulfield, the books of David Lewis-Williams, Alan Watts, Carl Jung, the correspondence of John Lennon, his wanderings in Montmartre, in London, the childhood, the love... The guitars rock plus electronic beats live. At the age of 56, this rod glasses always look sharp and the gold of music in the head.

Beyond The Pale (released by Rough Trade, July 17).

Cinema – a Flash-back in the 1980s !

This Was 85, it will be thirty-five years, François Ozon was waiting for him. He was 18 years old at the time, and devours The Dance of the cuckoo of Aidan Chambers. Very quickly, he understands that this novel, which tells the romance of two young boys in a seaside town in the south of England, could well serve as a starting point to his first film. "For years, I dreamed it might be adapted by Gus Van Sant or by Bob Ryner. Someone makes a great teen movie in the us. But the movies do when they need to be done : it was for me, and it was now. "The history reviewed and revisited by Ozon, this is the one of Alex and David, two young people of Tréport who meet their raffiots while the first comes from capsizing. Over this summer of all possibilities, where the young people taste the fun, the feelings, where the child becomes an adult, Ozon we walk in his memories of the 1980s. His playlist ? "In Between Days" from The Cure, but also " Sailing ", Rod Stewart's, or even "Cruel Summer" of Bananarama. To accentuate the nostalgia, the film is shot entirely in super 16. Ozon distills here and there nods to his own films – the travesty that is found in A new friend, the morgue Under the sand, the cemetery Frantz... there's Salinger in the Ozon, there's Dolan, too, and even Pinoteau. Yes, Been 85 also makes a nice tribute to The Boom, the filmmaker counts among his favorite films. You said nostalgia ?

In the dining room.

Deadly harvest

"The Day of ashes" by Jean-Christophe Grangé. © Albin Michel/SP

The precautionary principle is not for him. In The Day of ashes, his fifteenth novel, Jean-Christophe Grangé wants us to "quiver with pleasure" and maintain his strange sympathy for the devil. Left for dead in The crimson Rivers, the commander Pierre Niémans raised to life here, assisted by the intrepid Ivana, who is going to help her investigate within a religious community planted in the middle of the vineyards of Alsace, at the time of the harvest. We find the body of a prestigious chef, a scapegoat, crushed under the rubble of a fresco of the chapel. Suicide, accident or murder ? In this community virgin from all sin, how blood can flow ? The ways of the Lord are impenetrable, except for our hero, that probe the invisible and lead us on paths across evil. Intrigue, fluid, suspense sharp, and cold sweats to the key, a Grangé in the odor of sanctity.

The Day of ashes (Albin Michel, 368 p., 21,90€).

Mississippi Burning, the burning thriller anti-racist Alan Parker of new room

" Mississippi Burning ", a film by Alan Parker. © Orion Pictures Corporation

On June 21, 1964, in the county of Neshoba (Mississippi), three activists for civil rights were shot down coldly by members of the Ku Klux Klan, their bodies buried near a dike of earth. Their disappearance sparked an investigation outside the norm of the FBI, which sent more than 150 officers to trace the victims and, at the end of 44 days, discover the horrific truth as well as the guilty. Twenty-five years later, the renowned british filmmaker Alan Parker (Midnight Express, Angel Heart,...) takes this sinister piece of american history to deliver, with Mississippi Burning (code name given to the operation of the FBI), a political thriller, as a thriller as shocking and upsetting in its last scenes. A humanist work to discover or rediscover emergency, more than ever on the scourge of hatred, shown here in all its violence and against whom Parker calls the union rather than separatism.

Mississippi Burning, Alan Parker (1989). In the dining room.

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