Hatred , 25 years after... and not a wrinkle ! - The Point

The suburb, the young, the cops... a source of inspiration to the end of the Twentieth century : Hegaxone, Malik Chibane, a trend of " touch not to my buddy "

Hatred , 25 years after... and not a wrinkle ! - The Point

The suburb, the young, the cops... a source of inspiration to the end of the Twentieth century : Hegaxone, Malik Chibane, a trend of " touch not to my buddy ", had also had its small success in 1993 and, two years after The Hate, in 1997, out Ma 6-T va crack, of Jean-François Richet, which marked him as the spirits. From the beginning of the last decade, the riots burned the suburbs : in 1990, Chanteloup-les-Vignes, in the Yvelines, sees oppose the two bands armed with iron bars and baseball bats. It is here that five years later, Mathieu Kassovitz will shoot her second feature film after Metis.

The rioting and violence that had rocked France for three days following the" case Makomé Me Bowolé " – a youth killed by a policeman (sentenced to eight years in prison) in 1993 in the 18th arrondissement of paris – led him to make this film. For Hatred, it leaves out the one he is writing.

The players Hubert Koundé (extreme g.), Saïd Taghmaoui (2nd g.) and Vincent Cassel (dr.) rejoice, with director Mathieu Kassovitz (in the center), obtaining the prix de la Mise en scene for the film " La Haine ", may 28, 1995 at the Cannes film Festival. © GERARD FOUET / AFP" Kasso " wanted to mark the anniversary of 25 years in the form of a book, which appeared in the editions Home CF Clementine of the Féronnière. The two materials are face to face and will respond to it : the images of Gilles Favier, the photographer whose director had enjoyed so much the work on the district of la Renaude, in Marseille, that he had asked her to do the same thing to Chanteloup-les-Vignes.

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And writings : the scenario and the texts of the authors. The graphic designer Vincent Perrottet, who has staged this book, has taken on the cover the leitmotif became a slogan in 1995 : "so far everything is going well... ", and wanted the images of Gilles Favier take it all away "the word" : black-and-white, a police badge caught in the splinters of a broken glass, and you're there. The city of Noah in 1994, portraits of the inhabitants, the angles of streets, fences with blocking in front, the face of Baudelaire painted on a high wall overlooking a car. Neither sentimentalism nor harshness. But loneliness, isolation, the grey.

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The scenario happens in this, as in offence, taking up space. This scenario that Kassovitz had dubbed the "Right to the city" thus concealing the fact that his film would be the title of The Hatred, which scared everyone, even his producer Christophe Rossignon. Never Kassovitz will only give up this desire. The scenario dialogue with the "documents" of Gilles Favier. "I first worked fifteen days in which to provide such documentation to Mathieu's, remembers it. And I wanted to stay and attend the filming not as a set photographer, but to achieve a kind of double mirror in between the film making and the reality of the city. It was exciting to see how the habit makes the monk sometimes : it was enough that young people, extras on the film, have donned the uniform of the CRS to which they adopt an authoritarian behaviour, cop to their friends. "

Mathieu Kassovitz on the set of "Hatred" in Chanteloup-les-Vignes in 1994. © Gilles Favier, courtesy galerie Clémentine de la FéronnièreGilles Favier is then a member of the Vu Agency. He has worked extensively with Christian Caujolle, the chief photo-Release, on these social movements. "Unlike the Renaude de Marseille, half african and half gypsy, to Chanteloup many of the families originated in black Africa. I was working there all day, and when things were not going well, the young man who accompanied me was the intermediary between the people of the city and me. What has changed since 1995 ? Not the background in any case, the violence, the rage, we find the same elements. But today I do not believe that this trio if ecumenical – a White jew, a Black christian, an arab muslim – is possible : the communitarianism have done away with the common area. But the fundamental difference, these are the images : the ones that everyone is doing with the smartphone. At the time, the pictures of riots or police tabassant a guy, we didn't see. Today, even the police is filming... Nothing can escape the eye and recording. "

Favier photograph the people, the RER to go to Chanteloup, the graffiti, the broken windows, the actors, Vinz (Vincent Cassel), and the gun of the cop that he lugs around all the time, but also the cow in a hallucination, the indications for the filming of Kassovitz... " The kids earned their stamp to the end of the week. The equivalent of 300, 400 euros... Some of them have tried their luck in cinema, but most have broken teeth. "

Vincent Cassel in "La Haine" (1995), Mathieu Kassovitz. © Gilles Favier, courtesy galerie Clémentine de la FéronnièreLe film won three césar and it will be for Mathieu Kassovitz, Gilles Favier, Vincent Cassel a " career accelerator ". For Rachid Djaïnini, too : the young of Chanteloup became a recognized writer, producer nominated for the César with The Tour de France " (with Depardieu) and participates in the film by Jean-Pascal Zadi simply black. It was he who had defended Gilles Favier when, on the plateau of the Circle of midnight, hosted by Laure Adler, the latter was heard to say : "you, You're not from the suburbs, you do not have the right to work in the suburbs "... A small taste of the debates on cultural appropriation as fashionable at this time...

Photograms of the film " La Haine ", by Gilles Favier. © Gilles Favier, courtesy galerie Clémentine de la FéronnièreLa Hate tells the story of the day three guys from the suburbs. The day will end badly. A man dies. That ? The film does not tell : "hate young guard, said Mathieu Kassovitz, because you hate it is to enter into reaction, not to accept without understanding, wanting justice, for oneself and for the other..." Then, 25 years ago, what has changed ?

Hate (1995) by Mathieu Kassovitz, released in cinemas on Wednesday 15 July.

© Editions Maison CF/SP Hatred, so far everything is going well, 25 years later, 116 photographs of Gilles Favier, the scenario full of Mathieu Kassovitz, texts Mathieu Kassovitz and Gilles Favier, the layout of Vincent Perrottet, 192 p., 39 €.

Signing at the bookstore The Comet, 29, rue des Recollets, Paris 10, 21 July, from 18: 30.

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