Still water in the Test: Questionable ingredients - Eco-Test fall popular brands | consumer

Öko-Test has taken the silent water under the microscope. Most of the products can convince. However, popular brands by fall. Including also the mineral water o

Still water in the Test: Questionable ingredients - Eco-Test fall popular brands | consumer

Öko-Test has taken the silent water under the microscope. Most of the products can convince. However, popular brands by fall. Including also the mineral water of Evian.

Öko-Test* examines different silence water .Two popular brands due to fall in the Test .Most of the products can satisfy the product test.

Update from Friday, 26.06.2020, 18.31 PM: Öko-Test has tested 100 silent water, and, of all things, the two popular brands from the house of Danone - Evian and Volvic - have performed in the Test.

by Contrast, Danone fights in a statement, and accuses Öko-Test, the assessment criteria of the Eco-set to Test itself and arbitrarily be. For Evian, as well as Volvic, the company has commissioned the independent Fresenius Institute. The laboratory confirmed, according to Linda Schumacher, spokesperson for Danone, that Evian, as well as Volvic are sure the products will be strictly controlled and made to the highest quality standards.

Still water in a test conducted by Öko-Test: criticism of the test result

the independent SGS Institut Fresenius is critical to the Eco-Test-result: "The report and the assessment of Öko-Test to mineral water and as a consumer with a critical eye. Scientific evidence for the selected evaluation criteria are not mentioned. Neither the measurements themselves nor transparent justification of the assessment scheme are part of the report.“, mineral water expert, Sebastian Rau, Fresenius says.

Still water in a Test conducted by Öko-Test: 100 water checked - Two marks badly

first message of Thursday, 25.06.2020, 18 PM: Kassel - According to the law, bottled water from underground must come from contamination of the protected water resources and of the "original purity" to be. The consumer magazine Öko-Test has now investigated 100 silence water . Many varieties perform well, however, some popular brands fail because of an unacceptable ingredients.

The Test shows that the selection of the unloaded products. 41 water with the best grade "very good", a further 22 are "good". Among the recommended products in nine varieties, which are suitable for the preparation of infant food. These are some of the winner of the test:

Brandenburg source nature ("very good"), Fresh breeze Marius Mineral-source of natural ("very good") - concluded the source Naturelle ("very good")

Still water in a Test conducted by Öko-Test: Five products will fall by

However, include some products of questionable ingredients, such as degradation products of pesticides, sweeteners, nitrate, Vanadium, uranium, and boron. Five silent water to fall in Test - 32 cut off medium.

Still water from rain water flowing through rock layers up to the source. Pesticides can decompose on Fields to percolate, to degradation products and to some of the sources of encroachment. In 19 varieties of degradation products of pesticides were found.

+ Still water in the Test: most of The products can convince.©Andrea Warnecke

Still water in the Test: Popular brands id-Article-content fall-through

In the case of three markers could be detected in the laboratory sweeteners. Although not a health risk, these, nevertheless, the water according to the Eco-Test no more "originally pure".

Two popular brands received a grade of "unsatisfactory". The water of the brand Evian contains according to organic more uranium than allowed. Uranium can damage the kidneys and lungs and accumulate in the body.


Still water in the Test: contamination in two products

The water of Volvic to be contaminated with Vanadium, and an increased amount of nitrate containing. the Eco-Test explains that Vanadium occurs, for example, in volcanic rock and is suspected to be carcinogenic. It could also be harmful for reproductive cells. The are the loser in the Test:

Natural mineral water Evian Natural mineral water Volvic

Still water in the Test: Öko-Test, with an account

In the Test three more water with "the fall". Öko-Test is faulted for the increased uranium content. One of these products also contains Vanadium. In the"Förstina bubble Premium nature"has" Öko-Test", among other things, pesticide detected residue.

How Öko-Test reported, contains just water, too much boron - "mercury Still" from Bielefeld. Even if the substance occurs naturally in mineral water, this in animal studies, developmental and reproductive adverse effects shown.

Still water Test: No sick germs found

In the Test in any of water disease-causing germs, such as E. coli and faecal streptococci has been demonstrated. Although still waters are much more susceptible to germs than carbonated water.

criticism was also for one-way PET bottles. In the case of water from the returnable glass bottles, the balance sheet is deteriorating because of the heavy weight. Therefore, reference should be made to providers from the Region.

Further products in the Test

Only Recently have been of Oeko-Test 100 "medium" water tested. Several popular brands by fall smooth. So one of the mineral water from the home of Apollinaris.

in Test: a sun cream for children and babies travelling. Some popular brands fail. Including L'oreal. A drugstore own brand convinced to the contrary. (Karolin Schaefer) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Date Of Update: 29 June 2020, 02:33